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Product test: CUCU Barcelona cycling jersey

Added: sunday 09 November 2014 at 20:01:00
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    Product test: CUCU Barcelona cycling jerseyFrom time to time, velowire.com tests and presents you a new product or an original and interesting product which is already available on the market, in the product test section of the website*. This is also the case today with the "Tourmalet" cycling jersey by CUCU Barcelona.

    In this article you'll discover this cycling jersey with a nice retro design which is part of a series of other jerseys dedicated to the Hautacam or the Plateau de Beille.

    The "Tourmalet" cycling jersey by CUCU Barcelona

    CUCU Barcelona is a newcomer on the relatively saturated market of cycling wear. The Tourmalet jerseyThe Spanish company thus made the right choice in taking the design of its jersey as the distinctive factor and the result is pretty good as you can see with the complete collection and particularly with the "Tourmalet" jersey. This jersey shows from the top to the bottom a white part with the CUCU brand written on it, a red part with "Tourmalet" and its altitude "2.115 m" and a bleu part down to the bottom of the jersey. The bleu and red colours come back on the sleeves and the collar of the jersey and together makes the whole coherent and good looking (see the photo on the right), especially because the colours are not too flashy.

    The back of the Tourmalet jerseyOn the back of it we find the same colours continuing from the front and at the bottom, on the blue part, we find three pockets of the same elastic fabric as the rest of the jersey (100% polyester), of which the middle one is larger than the two others and of which the one on the right is red and again has the "CUCU" brand on it, this time written in the vertical direction. While the bleu part is higher than the pockets, we regret that these are not a bit deeper. Indeed, while an energy bar already tops a little bit out of it, my mobile phone really comes out too much and I would be afraid to lose it when it hops up when I ride on the irregular Parisian roads!

    The comfort of use

    Once the enthusiasm about the design starts to calm down a bit, we can have a more detailed look to the comfort of use of this jersey.

    The fabric
    The jersey with the Tourmalet inscription

    The jersey is made of 100% polyester, a fabric which is comfortable to wear and which is often used for cycling jerseys. It however seems to be a bit more dense than on some jerseys which I'm used to wear and I noticed that this jersey becomes some sort of a spunge which concentrates sweat instead of evacuating it.

    Furthermore, on the elastic strip at the bottom of the jersey, the silicon strip on the inside doesn't seem to be enough to keep the jersey in place. After a ride of about one hundred kilometers, the jersey moved up a bit, while the jersey I use otherwise (OK, I must admit that's a jersey I got from a pro rider, so it's an official one, not even a replica) stays in place correctly.

    The zipper
    The zipper is almost completely hiddenThe jersey by CUCU Barcelona has a zipper of about three quarters of the height of the jersey. Too bad that it doesn't have a complete zipper, since this is much easier in the everyday use! That's not the only inconvenient thing with this zipper however: it seems to be a retro as the look of the jersey. Indeed, it's very thin and looks like the zippers we knew on cycling jerseys about ten years ago. The advantage is that it's hardly visible but the biggest inconvenience is that its really hard to use. When you want to open the jersey with one single hand (which can turn out to be quite useful if you prefer to keep your handlebar in your other hand), that turns out to be quite difficult and the only way to do it seems to be to grab the jersey with the other hand to open it easily. We could expect a better user experience for a jersey at this price point (72€ at the moment of writing of this article).

    The plus
    For me, the plus of this jersey, in addition to the retro design with its nice colours, is the small "cap" on top of the zipper, which hides it completely and make this jersey very nice to view (see photo below).


    This jersey by CUCU Barcelona clearly distinguishes itself by its design, just like its little brothers in the range of jerseys, but the Spanish company should do some further efforts on the fabric and the zipper (we're not far from a good result!) to justify the price of this jersey.

    We'll see whether a new generation of jerseys by the Spanish brand answers these expectations.

    The jersey on photo

    Hereunder you'll find some additional photos of the Tourmalet jersey by CUCU Barcelona:
    The Tourmalet jersey by CUCU Barcelona The Tourmalet jersey by CUCU Barcelona The Tourmalet jersey by CUCU Barcelona The Tourmalet jersey by CUCU Barcelona The Tourmalet jersey by CUCU Barcelona

    * do you have a product or service to be tested? Please don't hesitate to send your proposal to info@velowire.com and maybe your product will soon be presented in the product test section of the website!

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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