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2019 UCI cycling calendar

  • www.velowire.com offers you this interactive version of the 2019 UCI calendar of cycling races. In contrast to the official version offered by the UCI, this interactive cycling calendar offers different entries: per UCI calendar, per country, per date (use the calendar on the right hand side), per class and free search with a search engine. From now on you'll know where to find the date and all other details of all UCI cycling races!

    The adresses of the cycling races' websites have all been checked in this version and the missing addresses have been added.

    Ongoing races

    Tour de France until 28-07-2019 France UCI WorldTour
    Tour of Qinghai Lake until 27-07-2019 China Asia Tour

    Coming up soon

    V4 Special Series Debrecen - Ibrany on 20-07-2019 Hungary Europe Tour
    Tokyo 2020 Test Event on 21-07-2019 Japan Asia Tour
    Adriatica Ionica Race / Sulle Rotte della Serenissima from 23-07-2019 Italy Europe Tour
    60 Dookola Mazowsza from 24-07-2019 Poland Europe Tour
    Prueba Villafranca-Ordiziako Klasika on 25-07-2019 Spain Europe Tour
    Grand Prix Cerami on 25-07-2019 Belgium Europe Tour
    Tour of Kosovo from 26-07-2019 Kosovo Europe Tour
    VOO-Tour de Wallonie from 27-07-2019 Belgium Europe Tour
    Grand Prix de la ville de Pérenchies on 28-07-2019 France Europe Tour
    Circuito de Getxo "Memorial Ricardo Otxoa" on 31-07-2019 Spain Europe Tour
    Tour Alsace from 31-07-2019 France Europe Tour
    Volta a Portugal Santander from 31-07-2019 Portugal Europe Tour
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  • Recent cycling races

    For most races the results are available in the detailed view. Click on the name of a race to obtain it.

    Vuelta Ciclista a Miranda until 14-07-2019 Venezuela America Tour
    GP Internacional Torres Vedras - Trofeu Joaquim Agostinho until 14-07-2019 Portugal Europe Tour
    Entre Brenne et Montmorillonnais on 14-07-2019 France Europe Tour
    Giro del Medio Brenta on 14-07-2019 Italy Europe Tour
    Chrono Kristin Armstrong on 12-07-2019 United States of America America Tour
    Int. Österreich-Rundfahrt-Tour of Austria until 12-07-2019 Austria Europe Tour
    White Spot / Delta Road Race on 07-07-2019 Canada America Tour
    Sibiu Cycling Tour until 07-07-2019 Romania Europe Tour
    Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques until 06-07-2019 Poland Europe Tour