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The Classic de l'Indre 2014 race route on Google Maps / Google Earth

Added: wednesday 20 August 2014 at 22:51:00
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    The Classic de l'Indre 2014 race route on Google Maps / Google EarthYou have recently discovered the Vuelta a España 2014 race route on Google Maps/Google Earth, but closer to velowire.com's home, in France, the 13th race (out of 16) of the Coupe de France PMU which will take place this Sunday. The race in question is of course the Classic de l'Indre 2014, the 11th edition of the race around Châteauroux, south-east of Châteauroux this year to be more precise.

    For the third year in row, the organisor of the race asked velowire.com to develop the Google Maps version of the race, a map which represents the race route, including additional icons which reveil photos of the different sprints and other interesting spots on the race route when you click on them. Since the official presentation of the race route this map has thus been online on the official web site of the Classic de l'Indre.

    The Classic de l'Indre 2014 race route on Google Maps

    As I explained in the past few years already, the race route of the Classic de l'Indre is different every year. In 2011, the race took place north-east of the city of Châteauroux while in 2012 the riders went off to discover the south-east region of the city. In 2013 they went straight south from Châteauroux and this year they again go south-east of the city where the race will take place (the first half of the race route is pretty similar to the one in 2012).

    Despite the changing race route, the final circuit is the same every year ... and since 2004 and the first edition of the race it thus finishes in a sprint (except for 2006 when Nicolas Vogondy finished 2 seconds ahead of his first competitor).

    In the 203.8 kilomters of the race this Sunday, we'll probably see a breakaway go off, even though the victory will probably be decided in a sprint. Except if the fact that the number of laps on the circuit was reduced to 3 would have an influence on the final part of the race!

    After the start in Châteauroux, the kilometer 0 will be in Ardentes. The riders will than go via Jeu-les-Bois, Lys-Saint-Georges, Fougeroles and Saint-Denis-de-Jouhet to Chassignoles where they'll battle at kilometer 38.1 for the "Prime du Conseil Général de l'Indre".
    They'll continue going south via Crevant and Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre where they'll find the 1st sprint "Challenge Citroën" at Chez Piot and the race will continue to the first sprint "Opticiens Mutualistes" in Sazeray.
    That's where they'll start going back up north, via Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre where they'll find two yellow flags (the flags which indicate a danger in a cycling race), which are exceptionally indicated on the map below. Indeed, the first one is for the narrow crossing under the Porte du Marché while the second one is for an original part of the race route, crossing under the "Halle de Sainte-Sévère". Just afterwards, they'll battle for the second sprint of the "Challenge Citroën" before they go off north-east where they'll find the feeding zone in Feusines. Via Urciers they'll go up north towards Vicq-Exemplet, where their trip continues west via the sprint "Opticiens Mutualistes" in Verneuil-sur-Igneraie.

    Returning to Lys-Saint-Georges (where they came through on the way down south), they'll find the 3th sprint "Challenge Citroën". Via Jeu-les-Bois they'll get on the road which goes straight north towards Châteauroux, via the 3rd sprint "Opticiens Mutualistes" in Le Poinçonnet.

    They'll still have to cross the finish line 4 times (instead of 6) since they'll do the final circuit of 7.4 kilometers 3 times after having crossed the finish line for the first time. At the second crossing of the finish line, the city Châteauroux will award a prize to the rider who crosses the line first.

    Hereunder you'll find the itinerary, the profile and the race route on Google Maps for the Classic de l'Indre 2014. In order to allow you to better understand the map, especially since the race route going down crosses the one going up, different colours have been used for the track of the race: the black part is the neutral part, the red part is the route going down south and the green part is the route going back up north. Click on each of the images to open them.
    The itinerary of the Classic de l'Indre 2014 The profile of the Classic de l'Indre 2014 The map with the race route of the Classic de l'Indre 2014 on Google Maps

    Classic de l'Indre 2014

    [X] Close

    Classic de l'Indre 2014

    [X] Close

    Click on the different icons on the map to see the corresponding photo!

    The Classic de l'Indre 2014 race route in Google Earth

    Would you prefer to see the race route in Google Earth and for example do a virtual fly-over of the race route? That's possible! Indeed, you can download the following KML file below in order to open it in Google Earth.

    >> Download the Classic de l'Indre 2014 race route in Google Earth

    The Classic de l'Indre 2014 race route in Google Earth

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 2 comments!
  1. Bien présenté. MERCI.
    Peut-on connaître rapidement la liste des engagés ?

    "P 22"

    | Pierre CROLAIS | thursday 21 August 2014 at 13:39:02

  2. @Pierre, la liste des engagés est disponible sur le site officiel de la course.

    | Thomas Vergouwen | thursday 21 August 2014 at 13:45:03

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