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The Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route on Google Maps/Google Earth and the time- and route schedule

Added: tuesday 16 April 2013 at 0:29:00
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    The Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route on Google Maps/Google Earth and the time- and route scheduleAfter the Amstel Gold Race which was won by Roman Kreuziger last Sunday, the Ardennes classics continue this Wednesday with the Flèche Wallonne. The Belgian classic will for the first time in its history start in Binche instead of Charleroi as usual.

    The route to get to the finish on top of the Mur de Huy has thus been modified but the two laps around Huy are also different. In this article you'll find all details of the Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route, 78th edition of this classic, with the race route on Google Maps, the profile of the race and the time- and route schedule.

    The description of the Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route

    As indicated, the race will start in Binche, where usually the Binche-Tournai-Binche race starts and finishes.

    After the start on the Grand Place, the peloton will follow the Rue Saint-Paul, Rue de Robiano, Rue de Merbès, Avenue Wanderpepen, Rue Georges Dehavay, Route de Charleroi and then the Chaussée de Mons and the Chaussée de Thuin in Anderlues where the race will really start after 9 kilometers from the fictive start, for 205 kilometers up to the 3rd climb of the Mur de Huy.

    It all starts with a 96.5 kilometer long first part towards the first climb of the Mur de Huy. From Anderlues the peloton will first descend south and south-east via Walcourt. They will then follow a long straight line up to Bioul where they get back up north via Profondeville up to Dave.
    They'll turn right there and start the climb of the first hill which is part of the hills classification, the Côte de Naninne (2.6 km @ 3.6%). After having topped this first climb the trip continues north-east via the Côte de Groynne (2 km @ 3.5%) up to Huy. They'll leave the N66 there to get on the famous Mur de Huy (1.3 km at no less than 9.3%). This first part of the race route has been drawn in orange on the map below.

    After this first crossing of the finish line, the riders will get on a first circuit around the finish city, 65.75 km long and shown in dark blue on the map. Until Pont-de-Bonne this circuit follows the same routes as the first circuit on the race route last year but the riders will turn right and then left here to get onto the Côte d'Ereffe (2.1 km @ 5.9%).

    In Haillot the race route again turns right up until just under Andenne. In a hairpin bend, the riders will turn left to climb the Côte de Peu d'Eau (2.7 km @ 3.9%). In contrast to last year the race route will not continue up to the Côte de Haut-Bois but will turn before that and climb the Côte de Bellaire (1 km @ 6.8%). After this climb the riders will, after having turned right, be back on the race route which will bring them to Huy.
    They briefly leave this route just after Andenne to go find the climbs of the Côte de Bohisseau (1.3 km @ 7.6%) and the Côte de Bousalle (1.7 km @ 4.9%). These two climbs are followed by a short part of the race route which was already taken to get on the Mur de Huy for the first time, up unto the top of the Mur de Huy.

    The dark red part on the map is the second lap around Huy, 31.5 kilometers long. This circuit contains the Côte d'Amay (1.5 km @ 6.7%) and the Côte de Villers-le-Bouillet (1.2 km @ 7.5%) climbs and will be rounded up with the 3rd and last climb of the Mur de Huy which will, as usual, be the decisive climb of the Flèche Wallonne 2013!

    The Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route on Google Maps

    Hereunder you'll find the race route on Google Maps, the race profile and the time- and route schedule (with the times at which the race will visit the different towns and cities on the race route) of the Flèche Wallonne 2013. Click on each of the images to open them:

    The time- and route schedule of the Flèche Wallonne 2013 The profile of the Flèche Wallonne 2013 The map with the race route of the Flèche Wallonne 2013 on Google Maps

    Flèche Wallonne 2013

    [X] Close

    Flèche Wallonne 2013

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    The Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route in Google Earth

    Do you prefer to see the Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route in Google Earth so you can for example do a virtual fly-over of the race route? Download the KML file below:

    > Download the Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route in Google Earth

    The Flèche Wallonne 2013 race route

    TV broadcasting of the Flèche Wallonne 2013

    If you're lucky enough to be in front of a television this Wednesday afternoon, you can follow the race live
    - in France, on Eurosport from 3PM till 5.15PM or on France 3 from 4.10PM till 5.20PM
    - in Belgium, on RTBF between 2.55PM and 5.15PM and on VRT (Sporza) with the same broadcast times
    - on Eurosport in the different European countries, from 3PM till 5.15PM
    - on TV2/TV2 Sport in Norway, DKTV2 in Denmark, on Teledeporte in Spain, on RAI in Italy, on RTL in Luxembourg, on a public channel with NOS in The Netherlands, on RSI/RTS in Switzerland, on J Sports in Japan, Eurosport in different Asian countries and finally Aljazeera Sport in the Middle-East

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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  1. Bonsoir demain est le grand jour pour la première classique ardennaise 2013 que je vais voir pour supporter notre grand champion du monde philippe gilbert en espérant qu'il termine premier et pas comme l'an passé ou il avait terminer troisième avec les bons résultat qu'il a fait dans les classiques je croit bien que cette fois ci pour les classiques ardennaises c'est bien parti allez phil montre nous ce que tu est capable de faire au mur de huy demain

    | derčse jean-claude | tuesday 16 April 2013 at 21:36:27

  2. Phil is the best

    | Eloi Pollenus | wednesday 17 April 2013 at 8:08:33

  3. impeccable votre site

    | francis | sunday 21 April 2013 at 8:57:15

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