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The tweets of the week: a bug in the copying machine

Added: saturday 11 June 2011 at 16:17:00
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    The tweets of the week: a bug in the copying machineYou're currently reading a very late edition of the Tweets of the week, for last week. An edition which is thus rich that I didn't want to keep you from reading it.

    From the bug in the copying machine, eating habits of the riders and the weather which bothers them, we also discover the new washing bags for the Rabobank team and the big comeback of Alex Dowsett.

    When the search for audience becomes indecent

    You might know what I think of the website Cyclism'Actu which is almost a 100% copy of articles stolen elsewhere, in most of the cases without mentioning the source.

    The way the so-called "journalists" of Cyclism'Actu behave is unacceptable and they don't even realise that their way of working is completely incorrect (a discussion with one of them on Twitter confirmed this).

    When the website produces contents itself, apparently they don't realise what the impact can be of the choice of a title. Or they're doing on purpose to come up with sensational titles only to get more audience ... Indeed, as the real Belgian journalist Greg Ienco mentioned, the word péripétie ("event") is completely inappropriate when talking about the fatal fall of the young rider Wouter Weylandt (Team Leopard-Trek).
    Greg Ienco - tweet of the week

    The weather, not always the best friend of cyclists

    The problem which cyclists often have is that our sport is done outside and thus submitted to weather variations. For professional cyclists, that's not always a good thing because training sessions and races are not planned based on the weather!

    Manuel Quinziato (BMC Racing Team) is so bothered by the weather that he starts thinking whether he might actually be the problem when he arrives in Madrid and the weather's not good in the Spanish city ...
    Manuel Quinziato - tweet of the week

    The young newly pro Will Clarke of Team Leopard-Trek has the same problems, especially when he just cleaned his bike!
    Will Clarke - tweet of the week

    For Ted King (Team Liquigas-Cannondale) the problem is actually the other way around: for him the temperatures are this high that he prefers to mention them in Celcius instead of Fahrenheit! As a reminder, the temperature in °C is the same as in (°F − 32) × 5⁄9.
    Ted King - tweet of the week

    The eating habits of the riders

    All riders pay attention to their eating habits. Indeed, whether that's to be in good shape or not to have a drop of sugar level, you better pay attention to what you're eating, both while on training and in races ...

    The proof in tweets with George Hincapie (BMC Racing Team) who recognises the race days at what the breakfast looks like ...
    George Hincapie - tweet of the week

    Apparently that's not the case for everyone because Tejay van Garderen (Team HTC-Highroad) can apparently eat whatever he wants ...
    Tejay van Garderen - tweet of the week

    Ted King discovers that it's only during cycling races that the queue for oatmeal is that long at 6.30AM already!
    Ted King - tweet of the week

    Let's hope it won't change colours in the machine!

    In the Rabobank team, all riders and staff members recently received new washing bags. What's particular with these is that they are decorated with a photo and the name of the owner. This will probably ease the job for the one who has to find out who the clothes belong to!

    However, when they're washed too hot, Paul Martens might loose his colour! Seems to me there's an opportunity for a detergent brand, don't you think?!
    Paul Martens - tweet of the week

    Carlos Barredo and Erik Dekker also showed their washing bags so we get an idea of what they look like.
    Carlos Barredo - tweet of the week

    Erik Dekker - tweet of the week

    Talking about washing machines ... Cadel Evans (BMC Racing Team) forgot that a BlackBerry doesn't support machine wash! Fortunately it didn't loose it's colour in the machine ...
    Cadel Evans - tweet of the week

    I miss your fragrance!

    Steven Cozza admits to his girlfriend, and at the same time to all his followers on Twitter, that he misses her and to compensate for that ... he emptied her perfume bottle. Is it she ... or her smell which he misses?!
    Steven Cozza - tweet of the week

    When one's tired ...

    Andreas Klöden (Team Radioshack) congratulates Fabian Cancellara with his victory in the prologue of the Tour of Luxembourg. He wasn't able to equal this performance but he shows that he's at least learning the Fabianese (the English variant Cancellara uses in his tweets). Indeed, he didn't have bad legs but ... bed legs?!
    Andreas Klöden - tweet of the week

    Bernard Eisel bothers others even when he's asleep!

    We already mentioned several times the problem of sharing a room with one of your team mates during cycling races. Mark Cavendish (Team HTC-Highroad) recently shared his with his team mate Bernard Eisel and apparently Cav thinks that the German rider really likes to prevent him from falling asleep!
    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    If Cav cannot fall asleep, it's not really surprising that his bike supplier, Specialized, is wondering whether he's capable of doing what we see in the short video they buzzed around recently:
    Specialized - tweet of the week

    Manuel 007

    At BMC Racing Team, several riders tested new time trial bikes. Those were of course for the time being only prototypes of new BMC bikes and Manuel Quinziato thus gets excited and feels he's like ... 007!
    Manuel Quinziato - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett and Davide Appollonio

    There's almost no single edition of the Tweets of the week in which we don't find Alex Dowsett. The young rider from Team Sky has the gift of publishing funny tweets and the chance is thus quite high for those to end up in the Tweets of the week. This was again this week, and not with one but with several tweets!

    First of all with a sprint finish where his team Ian Stannard guided him quite a lot when he was leading the train for his team towards the finish line. Stannard didn't say "left leg", "right leg", "left leg", "right leg" like when rowing but it was not far!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    His other team mate Davide Appollonio who joined Team Sky coming from Cervélo TestTeam at the inter-season also has quite a lot of humour as I already saw when I interviewed after his victory in the last stage of the Tour du Limousin 2010, but what's most funny with him is his Italian accent which animates conversations in English with him. Alex Dowsett also discovered that and shares some highlights with us!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    The next day, the story with Dowsett and Apo continues. Apo explains him the philosophy behind Italian cycling ... Apparently Apo was cool already cause he took a nice victory in a sprint in the Tour of Luxembourg last week!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    When Miss TomTom becomes a #bitch

    I could have written Garmin instead of TomTom in the title but I would surprised Mark Cavendish (Team HTC-Highroad) is using a product of a competing team ... Do you think Mark knows that almost all HTC products are quite good in GPS as well and with Google Maps you can turn them in a good navigation system as well?

    Anyway, what's bothering him is that it seems like the voice of the GPS is having fun when you get in a traffic jam ... Yep, and the same goes for when it says "make a U turn when possible", right?!
    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week
    Alex Dowsett discovers the UCI WorldTour (well, he still calls it ProTour, but that's not a problem, he'll probably discover one day that it's no longer called like that!) and that changes his idea of what a hard day on the bike looks like ...
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    A new article in the UCI rules?

    The UCI rules are quite complicated ... you'll just have to read my article about two way race radios in the Critérium International in Corsica to see what I'm talking about ...

    Alex Dowsett however thinks he understood all of them when he answers Jesse Sergent's (Team Radioshack) tweet in which he explains he has a problem with his feet ...
    Jesse Sergent - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    Charles Wegelius now knows his problem!

    For many riders, Jens Voigt must be a reference in motivation. After his shut up legs he recently gave an interview in which we find some more interesting statements. One of them intrigues Charles Wegelius (UnitedHealthcare) ...
    Charles Wegelius - tweet of the week

    What's the use of Twitter?

    Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team) redefines the use of Twitter for us. His conclusion is probably the right one: Twitter is useful to kill some time. Apparently 40% of smartphone users seem to take their phone to the toilet to tweet ...
    Jeff Louder - tweet of the week

    Jeff Louder - tweet of the week

    Jeff Louder - tweet of the week

    When the new American Champion discover Camping

    Matthew Busche, the very recent new Champion of the United States is currently in France and he discovers Canal+ Magazine with a photo of the movie Camping on the cover ... he wonders how that ended up on the cover and compares Frank Dubosc to David Hasselhoff !
    Matthew Busche - tweet of the week

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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