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This week was not really surprisingly for most riders dominated by Paris-Roubaix. The Tweets of the week are thus also mostly dedicated to the Hell of the North.

You'll see that some riders try to decompress by doing something completely different, like for example Fabian Cancellara (Team Leopard-Trek) who tests what the life of a bus driver is like, or Ted King (Liquigas-Cannondale) who has a no stress approach to one of the toughest races in the world, and Manuel Quinziato (BMC Racing Team) who's not really used to the French weather forecast ... and many more!


Paris-Roubaix? Why not?

Some riders are anxious to start in the Hell of the North while others (like Mark Cavendish for example!) get all excited of it, but than again others ... don't feel anything special at all! One thing is sure, Ted King won't get stressed of it and we can see that in his tweet (and in his big smile at the start last Sunday?).
Ted King - tweet of the week

Yes, I must admit Compiègne is probably more difficult to pronounce. Fortunately we saw on Sunday that he did understand that the start was over there!

An unexpected career switch

Who thought that Fabian Cancellara was stressed? He would be the last to admit it (at least at a few days before the race, during the recon rides of the race route). And we discovered his state of mind when he tested how it is to be the driver of the Team Leopard-Trek bus. Would Fabian already be thinking about what to do after his cycling career?
Leopard-Trek - tweet of the week

What will be the weather?

The whole season, one of the big question among the riders is of course the weather. And for important races like Paris-Roubaix where the weather is an important parameter it becomes even more important. Manuel Quinziato however seems to have some trouble with the French weather forecast, more precisely with the days of the week!
Manuel Quinziato - tweet of the week

Fortunately Levi Leipheimer (Team Radioshack) was there to put the days back in order!
Levi Leipheimer - tweet of the week

Manuel Quinziato - tweet of the week

Lucky to be a cyclist!

Paris-Roubaix is one of those races which are most impressive for children and which make them love the sport of cycling or say interesting things about it! The riders' faces full of dust and looking tired when entering the Vélodrome, the spectators yelling the names of the riders ... Those kind of things were however not what led Robbie McEwen's son to the reason he's jealous of the riders!
Robbie McEwen - tweet of the week


Make shift with what you have!

It's not always easy to get life organised in the team bus. Even though the buses are equiped to make the trip as easy as possible for the riders, they'll have to do with the space they have and try to get organised by using what they have! That's what the riders do with Team Radioshack, the team which is the current leader of the UCI WorldTour, as shown by Jesse Sergent and Sam Bewley.
Jesse Sergent - tweet of the week

Sam Bewley - tweet of the week

Not everyone likes pink!

Winning a classification in a stage race and wearing the leader's jersey is of course interesting for any rider. Well, if you like the colour of the jersey ... Apparently, that's not the case for Simon Geschke (Skil-Shimano), winner of the (pink) leader's jersey of the King of the Mountains classification in the Circuit de la Sarthe. Come on Simon, in a pink jersey one's sun tan looks even better ;-)!
Simon Geschke - tweet of the week

When Brent Bookwalter learns to walk ...

A rider who starts walking sometimes gives some funny sights! Brent Bookwalter discovers what it's like to walk and is surprised about the slow speed you reach by doing so ...
Brent Bookwalter - tweet of the week

That's that, those were the Tweets of the week!

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this article was written by Marylène Evrard and Thomas Vergouwen

door Thomas Vergouwen
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