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You might have noticed that there hasn't been a new edition of the Tweets of the week last week. This one thus looks back on the past two weeks!

This week in the Tweets of the week, Fabian Cancellara (Team Leopard-Trek) is the main actor with his new web site, the cost of the team bus and his Tour of Flanders 2011. Robert Gesink (Rabobank) now tweets in English while Tejay van Garderen (HTC-Highroad) has to restyle his appartment.
Koen de Kort (Skil-Shimano) said to be a bit disappointed there was no one at the start of the Grand Prix E3 in Belgium while Alex Dowsett (Team Sky) celebrates Mother's day and Manuel Quinziato asks other things to his mother and Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team) explains the life of a cyclist.


Fabian Cancellara and his new web site ... and the bus which was too expensive!

Fabian Cancellara (Team Leopard-Trek) was probably quite proud to announce the launch of his new web site early last week. His promotion of the new web site was not really a success however because the Swiss rider had to publish no less than three Tweets before he gave the right address:

First of all he thought that the address ended in .com, but at the time he published this Tweet, this address didn't work yet ...
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week

he continued with the Swiss version but unfortunately added in a dash too much ... and there again, that address didn't work yet when Spartacus published this Tweet ...
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week

And finally we got to see the right address!
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week

It's important to note that the agency the rider works with has bought and activated the other two domain names in the mean time, but Fabian might have thought at that time that he wouldn't have the money to pay them ... indeed, he was to discover the cost of a full gas tank for the Team Leopard-Trek bus!
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week

The Swiss rider continued with a quite busy period, especially being the grand favourite for the Tour of Flanders 2011. The pression was this big that even Chad Beyer of the BMC Racing Team got nervous, even though he didn't even participate in this race!
Chad Beyer - tweet of the week

At the same time, others were looking to answer the question how to beat Spartacus! Gerard Vroomen, the Dutch founder of Cervélo (who studied at the same school as I did), for example:
Gerard Vroomen - tweet of the week

In the Tour of Flanders 2011, Fabian Cancellara finally ended 3rd, behind Nick Nuyens and Sylvain Chavanel. Disappointed by his third place, the Swiss rider showed his human side which some people thought inexistent. This Tweet with the lucky angel he had in his pocket was part of that ... he didn't need much more in the end indeed ...
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week

Hey! Where is everyone?

It was not yet the Tour of Flanders but in the Grand Prix E3, Koen de Kort (Skil-Shimano) was surprised by the lack of public waiting for the riders at the start of the race ... and than again, that was not even the start in Bruges one week later!
Koen de Kort - tweet of the week

English please!

Robert Gesink (Rabobank) tweeted in Dutch so far. Not a problem for me but among his almost 29,000 followers there were probably some people who didn't really understood a lot of it ... When he decided to switch to English, of course some other people started complaining and this is what Robert answered them ...
Robert Gesink - tweet of the week

Mother's day

In England, Mother's day was on Sunday 3 April this year. As you might have seen in a previous edition of the Tweets of the week, Alex Dowsett (Team Sky) has a pretty close link with his mother. It was thus not really surprising that she ask him what he was up to for Mother's day! His answer might not have pleased her though ...
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

The next day we discovered that she indeed ... didn't like it ...
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

At the same time, Manuel Quinziato (BMC Racing Team) was doing completely other things with his mother: a training session which was ... quite productive!
Manuel Quinziato - tweet of the week


The life of a cyclist seen by Jeff Louder

Have you ever wondered what the life of a professional cyclist looks like? Don't ask me any longer to ask the next rider I'll interview ... Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team) already answered the question! But what did they do let's say 15 years ago???
Jeff Louder - tweet of the week

Maybe they did something similar to what some riders of Team Sky are busy with currently: finding a new use for compression clothing. According to Peter Kennaugh it's perfect to rob a bank!
Peter Kennaugh - tweet of the week

Tejay van Garderen (Team HTC-Highroad) has other things to do: following a beet obsession, he has to redo the whole decoration of his appartment!
Tejay van Garderen - tweet of the week

That's that, those were the Tweets of the week!

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door Thomas Vergouwen
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