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The most important Tweets van de week (of last week in this case) were about nervosity in Paris-Nice, Thomas De Gendt's sausages and voice activated gear shifting with Ted King and Taylor Phinney. And of course Jani Brajkovic and his attack on the AFLD which generated a small buzz in the world of cycling about drug controls.

Much later than usual you'll find here the most interesting, funny and shocking Tweets ... I promise next week the Tweets will be published early in the week!!


Jani Brajkovic complains about the AFLD

Jani Brajkovic (Team Radioshack) Tweet in which he complained about the fact to have had the 4th drug control during Paris-Nice 2011 while his team mate Andreas Klöden already had 7, generated some buzz in the world of cycling! He ended his message by indicating that the vampires simply say: we're AFLD, we can do whatever we want.
Jani Brajkovic - tweet of the week
Of course we didn't have to wait very long for people to comment this Tweet and attacking Brajkovic on the fact that as a professional cyclist he should get used to drug tests and should know they're useful.

Brajkovic however seemed to complain more about the fact that for Klöden the number of tests equaled one test a day since the start of the race and ... about the fact that the AFLD employees were arrogant and disrespectful towards the riders!
Jani Brajkovic - tweet of the week
Once again ... we see that 140 characters on Twitter can lead to some misunderstanding!

Stef Clement also talked about his experience with doping tests this week. The doping agent who came to test him would have asked whether he agreed on the fact that to win the Tour de France one has to dope ... Would that be a new way of the UCI to promote doping?? Fortunately, Clement probably doesn't have the plan to try to win the Tour de France in the upcoming years!
Stef Clement - tweet of the week

Paris-Nice: nervosity, a boycott on sausages, recovery before the time trial and bad weather conditions

Paris-Nice 2011 of course also led to several other discussions on Twitter.

First of all with the nervosity in the second stage: Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) and Tejay van Garderen (HTC-Highroad) suggested to limit the coffee consumption while Brent Bookwalter (BMC Racing Team) decided to give Paris-Nice a new nickname. KK in his Tweet is of course his team mate Karsten Kroon who showed upfront in a very long lasting breakaway a few days later.
Geraint Thomas - tweet of the week

Tejay van Garderen - tweet of the week

Brent Bookwalter - tweet of the week
After his stage victory in the first stage of Paris-Nice 2011, Thomas De Gendt (Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team) declared to the press he had lost 4 kilo in 6 weeks since the Tour Down Under and that he managed to do so thanks to his decision not to eat any sausages and salami anymore. The Belgian rider admitted this was his weak point: I love to eat everything a professional cyclist shouldn't eat.

Other riders who discovered thanks to De Gendt that it's thus quite easy to win a stage, decided to see what they could do with this idea ...

The first one was Robert Gesink (Rabobank) who discovered thanks to Haussler (who stopped drinking beer) and De Gendt that cycling isn't that difficult.
Robert Gesink - tweet of the week
of Craig Lewis (HTC-Highroad) also decided to no longer eat any sausages ...
Craig Lewis - tweet of the week
Jeff Louder however admitted not to eat any sausages. He thus didn't seem to be able to get anything positive from Thomas De Gendt's declaration, but the rider of the BMC Racing Team seems to have found the solution anyway: start eating sausages to be able to ... stop eating them afterwards! Louder decided to submit this idea to his Twitter followers anyway, probably to check whether it could work.
Jeff Louder - tweet of the week
This 69th edition of Paris-Nice was a bit different than usual with an individual time trial towards the end of the week. This change was that important for Roman Kreuziger that he did things the other way around: he did his recovery of his time trial before he even started it (this Tweet was published at 12.08) ... he probably meant to talk about his discovery and warm-up on the time trial course instead of getting some rest!
Roman Kreuziger - tweet of the week
As you might have seen on TV or on this website, the last stages of Paris-Nice were quite rainy. This rainy that we even started to wonder whether Nice is really located in the south of France and why the nickname of this race is the Race to the sun!

The riders of course also noticed that and talked about it on Twitter. Tejay van Garderen summarises the whole situation in two sentences ...
Tejay van Garderen - tweet of the week
At the same time, the Tirreno Adriatico 2011 took place in in Italy. Some of the stages over there were quite miserable as well and one of the riders who participated in this race, Mark Renshaw (HTC-Highroad), talked about this on Twitter. First of all with a photo which ... says all. Completed with a short comment indicating he couldn't find anything positive today about that day ...
Mark Renshaw - tweet of the week

Mark Renshaw - tweet of the week
Fabian Cancellara (Team Leopard-Trek) also published a message on Twitter about this race on the same day. Instead of the weather it was more the fact that the stage was 240 kilometers long going up and down which bothered Spartacus:
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week


The voice activated gear shifting project of Ted King and Taylor Phinney

Ted King (Liquigas-Cannondale) mentioned in several messages on Twitter having found, together with the U23 World Champion, Taylor Phinney (BMC Racing Team), their income for after the end of their professional cycling career: voice activated gears shifting would be the winning innovation!

Ted King loses one of his followers during these Tweets and thus thinks that must have been a spiteful employee at Shimano. Finally, he however announces he would no longer be working on this idea. Maybe the two young riders understood that if all riders start to yell at their voice activated gear shifting mechanism, this could have a bad impact on surrounding riders?
Ted King - tweet of the week

Ted King - tweet of the week

Ted King - tweet of the week

Ted King - tweet of the week

Ted King - tweet of the week
Any idea what could be their new idea? So far the King of Style hasn't announced it yet ...

Yellow's such a beautiful color...

As a pro cyclist you of course have to take care of your image. It would be a pity to find out there's a photo out on the Internet which doesn't show your best looks!

Matt Brammeier (HTC-Highroad), the Irish road champion, takes this pretty far. When he discovers the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2011's race route seems to look perfect for him, he decides to pack his yellow Oakleys, just in case ... Fortunately for him, his team mate Craig Lewis is there to warn him a bit before the race that the leader's jersey of the general classification of this race is white and green (just like Brammeier's Irish champion jersey). This race will start on Monday.
Matt Brammeier - tweet of the week

Craig Lewis - tweet of the week

That's that, those were the Tweets of last week!

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