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You're a cycling fan? Chances are that you've already been looking around the Internet to find the dates of the next Tour de France or maybe for the next edition of the Tour Down Under! Or maybe you've been wandering whether anyone provides a list of UCI cycling races in the United States or in the UK?

You most probably know at least one online cycling calendar, but do you already know the interactive UCI cycling calendar?


Le calendrier cycliste UCI 2011

During the 2010 World Championships in Australia the UCI announced the 2011 UCI cycling calendar.
As usual the calendar was published on the UCI web site as a collection of simple tables for each of the calendars, the UCI World Tour 2011, the UCI Africa Tour 2011, the UCI America Tour 2011, the UCI Asia Tour 2011, the very rich UCI Europe Tour 2011 and finally the much shorter UCI Oceania Tour 2011. Especially for the UCI Europe Tour 2011, which is composed of no less than 312 races (and still, that was when for example the 2011 Tour du Haut Var, which should take place on 19 and 20 February 2011, was still missing), this way of presenting the information quickly makes it difficult to find the information you're looking for.

That's why I've decided to offer you the interactive UCI cycling calendar (in its 2011 version for the time being, but of course I plan to keep it up to date in the years to come!).

Some of the functions of the interactive cycling calendar ...

But what kind of information can you find in the interactive UCI cycling calendar which you can't find in the official version? Some additional information but most importantly it's much easier to use ...

First of all, on the home page of the interactive UCI cycling calendar you'll directly find the list of currently ongoing races, the races to come (races which start up till 2 weeks later ... or the 5 next races if less than 5 races will take place in the 2 upcoming weeks), the races which just finished (in the past two weeks) and finally ... a multi criteria search engine and a search engine based on keyword search (which allows to search among the names of the races).

The multi criteria search engine
This search engine allows you to find all races which correspond to a combination of one or more criteria which you define among calendar, country, class or the date on which a race will take place (the day of the race for one day races or one of the race days for a stage race).

You can for example find all races which take place in France and which have been ranked in the 2.HC class, but also all races which take place in Belgium.

And to simplify your basic search requests, you'll find direct links to the different calendars and different countries directly in the right hand column. The multi criteria search engine is also available on each of the pages in the right hand column so you can use it from whichever page of this new section of my web site. The date selection has not been included in this direct access version of the search engine since there's limited space available in this column!

However, the right hand column also contains a calendar which allows you to directly see the races which take place on a particular day you can choose (the stage races which are ongoing on that date and the one day races which take place that day).

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter and the reminder service
Finally, at the top of the right hand column you'll find two logo's which will probably look familiar to you: when you click on them you'll directly be able to share no matter which page of the interactive calendar on Facebook or on Twitter! You can also share the access to the interactive cycling calendar directly from the home page or for example the list of all races in a specific country which you can find by clicking on a country name or flag in the right hand column or even the detail page of a specific race ...

And if you want to be sure you won't miss out on any of your prefered races, you can subscribe to the reminder service which allows you to receive a reminder in between 1 and 7 days before the start of the races which correspond to your criteria. Indeed, you can choose to receive a reminder for all races or only for the race which correspond to the calendar, country and class information you've chosen and you can also choose the day on which you want to receive it.

The detail page of a race ... and the results!

From the tables which show the races on the different pages of the interactive UCI cycling calendar, you can access the detail page of a specific race by clicking on the corresponding line.

On this detail page, you'll find all detailed information about the race such as its date(s), in how many days it will start, in which country, which calendar and which class the race has been registered, a link to the officialy web site if available (in this version the links have all been verified and you thus won't take the risk to access pages which are not related to the race your looking for), etcetera. For the stage races you'll find, as soon as possible the information about the stages of the race and for each race for which the results are available, you'll also find them directly on the detail page.

That's for example how you've recently discovered the results of the Vuelta a Bolivia 2010, Tour d'Indonesia 2010 or more recently the Vuelta al Ecuador and the Tour of Rwanda.

Something's missing? You want to suggest anything new?

This interactive UCI cycling calendar has been developed with its users, like you and me, in mind. That's why it has been developed as user friendly as possible and should respond to most of your needs.
You note anything which is not completely satisfying for your use or your specific situation or you think something's missing anyway? Or you simply have some suggestions to improve the calendar even more? Please don't hesitate to leave your comments below to communicate this kind of information to me (you could also contact me directly by using my contact details available on the home page of this website) if you prefer!


The interactive UCI cycling calendar on your web site?

You're responsible for a web site which is related to cycling? Of the web site of a UCI cycling race? Or simply of any other web site on which such a calendar could be useful?
Please note that this calendar is available as a White Label product so you can integrate it in your web site, if you want to even with your own colours! If you want more information about this, please check out the page the interactive UCI cycling calendar as a White Label product! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to explore this possibility together with me ...

door Thomas Vergouwen
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There are 2 comments!

    | Roland TISSIER | Friday 3 December 2010 om 09h55

  2. Een duidelijke uitleg bij deze prima kalender. Gek eigenlijk dat ze bij de UCI zelf niet op zo'n idee zijn gekomen.
    Voor informatie over wielerwedstrijden ga ik de site van de Internationale Wielerunie niet meer raadplegen. Het alternatief is er nu!!!
    Goed gedaan Thomas.

    | Tonn Vergouwen | Friday 3 December 2010 om 11h37

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