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only 220 days to go until the start of the Tour de France 2016, in the mean time check out the 2015 UCI cycling calendar!

2015-2016 UCI cycling calendar

  • www.velowire.com offers you this interactive version of the 2015-2016 UCI calendar of cycling races. In contrast to the official version offered by the UCI, this interactive cycling calendar offers different entries: per UCI calendar, per country, per date (use the calendar on the right hand side), per class and free search with a search engine. From now on you'll know where to find the date and all other details of all UCI cycling races!

    The adresses of the cycling races' websites have all been checked in this version and the missing addresses have been added.

    Ongoing races

    There are currently no ongoing cycling races.

    Coming up soon

    Sharjah International Cycling Tour from 28-11-2015 United Arab Emirates Asia Tour
    Jelajah Malaysia from 09-12-2015 Malaisya Asia Tour
    Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Costa Rica from 14-12-2015 Costa Rica Africa Tour
    Challenge des phosphates-Grand prix de Khouribga on 17-12-2015 Morocco Africa Tour
    Challenge des phosphates-Grand prix de Ben Guerir on 18-12-2015 Morocco Africa Tour
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  • Recent cycling races

    For most races the results are available in the detailed view. Click on the name of a race to obtain it.

    Tour du Rwanda until 22-11-2015 Rwanda Africa Tour
    Tour of Fuzhou until 16-11-2015 China Asia Tour
    Tour of Yancheng Costal Wetlands until 11-11-2015 China Asia Tour
    Tour du Faso until 08-11-2015 Burkina Faso Africa Tour
    Tour of Taihu Lake until 08-11-2015 China Asia Tour
    Tour de Okinawa on 08-11-2015 Japan Asia Tour
    Tour of Borneo until 04-11-2015 Malaisya Asia Tour
    Vuelta a Guatemala until 01-11-2015 Guatemala America Tour