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The Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route on Google Maps/Google Earth

Added: tuesday 15 March 2016 at 22:14:00
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    The Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route on Google Maps/Google EarthThe Primavera will take place this Saturday already! The 107th edition of Milan-Sanremo (or Milano-Sanremo in Italian of course) will take place on Saturday again this year and not on Sunday like the last three years.

    Translating "primavera" from Italian to English we obtain "spring" and looking at the weather conditions for this Saturday we see that this pretty much corresponds to what spring should look like (not like last year). So the weather conditions are pretty good but there will still be around 300 kilometers to rider (291 to be precise) ...

    So will it end in a sprint or not? We'll see on Saturday who will be the winner of the 2016 edition of Milan-Sanremo, after John Degenkolb last year, who will not be present following the accident of the Giant-Alpecin stage on training in Calpe.

    In this article you'll find all the details about the 2016 Milan-Sanremo race route on Maps, the time- and route schedule of the race and its profile showing the different climbs especially in the second half of the race. Finally, you'll find a KML file which allows you to explore the 2016 Milan-Sanremo race route in Google Earth and for example do a virtual fly-over of the race route!

    The 2016 Milan-Sanremo race route on Google Maps

    The 2016 Milan-Sanremo race route is pretty much the same as last year, the three only changes are at the start and on the way to the kilometer 0, at Tortona for the road around the city and a new road being taken in Voltri. Like last year, the finish will still be in the Via Roma in Sanremo where the race returned in 2015!

    The start of the most prestigious Italian classic will be on the Piazza Castello in Milan. Following a track through the city over the Via De Amicis, the Via Bazzi and the Via della Chiesa Rossa, they get at the kilometer 0 south of the city at 7.6 kilometers from the start location.

    From there, the race wll go off to Binasco where it will turn towards Pavia and Casteggio. Direction south-west from there, towards Voghera and Tortona and then Nova Ligure. From Basaluzzo, the riders descend south towards Ovada and the feeding zone in Campo Ligure.

    The race then gets harder, with the climb of the Passo del Turchino. This will be followed by a flatter part on the sea side and the riders get via Arenzano, Varazze, Savona and Finale Ligure to the second feeding zone, in Ceriale, where the riders again get some forces before they attack the last part of the race, usually more animated.

    Indeed, on their road, the peloton will then find three capi following up on each other, the Capo Mele, Capo Cervo and Capo Berta, before they get on the more well known climbs of the Cipressa and the Poggio. On the top of the last mentioned climb, they'll only have 5.5 kilometers left before they get to the finish in Sanremo where we'll see whether the race ends in a sprint from a reduced peloton or a battle between a few riders or a solo breakaway ... Who will follow up on Oscar Freire (2010), Matthew Goss (2011), Simon Gerrans (2012), Gerald Ciolek (2013), Alexander Kristoff (2014) and John Degenkolb (2015)? We'll see on Saturday around 5.10PM.

    Hereunder you'll find the itinerary of the race, the race route on Google Maps and the profile of Milan-Sanremo 2015. Click on the different images to open them.
    The time- and route schedule of Milan-Sanremo 2016 The profile of Milan-Sanremo 2016 The map with the Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route on Google Maps

    Milan-Sanremo 2016

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    Milan-Sanremo 2016

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    The Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route in Google Earth

    If you prefer to see the Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route in Google Earth and for example do a virtual fly-over of this race route, you can download it in Google Earth by clicking on the following link:

    >> Download the Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route in Google Earth (KML file)

    The Milan-Sanremo 2016 race route map

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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