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Last Friday, Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis, solutions crédits) was rewarded with a prize as the winner of the Coupe de France PMU 2015 (a calendar which gathers 16 one day races in France). After 2012 with Samuel Dumoulin, who also won it in 2013 for the AG2R La Mondiale team, and Julien Simon last year - this prize thus remains in the Cofidis team.

During the prize award ceremony night organised by the French National Cycling League at the Hippodrome of Vincennes (in collaboration with the PMU as a sponsor), velowire.com created some videos, of the prize award ceremony itself and an interview with Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis, solutions crédits), but also quite some photos of the main actors of the Coupe de France PMU 2015. You'll discover all of them in this article!


The prize award ceremony of the Coupe de France PMU 2015

The even started with the prize award ceremony of the Coupe de France PMU 2015, with:
  • Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis, solutions crédits) as the best young rider, with 178 points far ahead of Maxime Renault (Auber 93), who got stuck at 74 points!
  • the Bretagne-Séché Environnement team (139 points) as the best team, with 13 points more than Auber 93; the team from Brittany already won this prize last year and in 2012
  • and the following top 5 for the general classification of the Coupe de France PMU 2015:

    1/ Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis, solutions crédits) - 178 points
    2/ Baptiste Planckaert (Roubaix Lille Métropole) - 172 points
    3/ Pierrick Fédrigo (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) - 151 points
    4/ Samuel Dumoulin (AG2R La Mondiale) - 103 points
    5/ Julien Loubet (Team Marseille 13-KTM) - 91 points

Of course you can see this prize award ceremony in video on velowire.com!

After the prize award ceremony, several horse races took place at the hippodrome, all under the names of the different races of the Coupe de France PMU. The last race, the sulkies race, allowed the riders and some other actors of the Coupe de France PMU to discovered the world of the trot, accompanied by a professional driver. Nacer Bouhanni almost also won this race but on the finish line he was beaten by Marc Madiot (the president of the French National Cycling League) and his driver Emmanuel Devenne.

The interview with Nacer Bouhanni

Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis, solutions crédits) is not only the winner of the general classification of the Coupe de France PMU 2015 and its best young rider but also the winner of the UCI Europe Tour 2015. In this interview we take a look back at his 2015 season:


The Coupe de France PMU 2015 prize award ceremony in photos

Hereunder you can discover a photo selection of this event:

>> take a look at the photos of the Coupe de France PMU 2015's prize award ceremony

The races of the Coupe de France PMU 2016

For now there haven't been any oficial announcements about the different races which will make up the Coupe de France PMU 2016, but if we assume the races will be the same as this year, here's how the calendar of the Coupe de France PMU 2016 would look like:

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  1. Bonjour,

    Info importante, pour tous les amoureux du cyclisme en Pays de la Loire, la course Cholet Pays de la Loire ne serait pas organisée en 2016.......http://www.courrierdelouest.fr/actualite/cholet-la-course-cholet-pays-de-loire-va-etre-annulee-03-12-2015-247516
    Alors info ou intox ??? Je pense que nous ne devons pas être loin de la vérité....le Président du Comité d'Organisation avait déjà des doutes, à la fin de l'arrivée 2015.....
    Dommage, dommage, si c'est le cas.....et comment vont réagir les organisateurs de la Classic L.A. qui se déroulaient le samedi avant Cholet...et pour lequel, beaucoup d'équipes doublaient lors de ce week-end cycliste en Pays de la Loire....

    | stephcanaris | Friday 04 December 2015 om 10h47

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