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Everyone's backing Maxime Bouet with the 'Supporters de Max'!

Added: tuesday 26 June 2012 at 01:04:00
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    Everyone's backing Maxime Bouet with the 'Supporters de Max'!You most probably have heard of Maxime Bouet (AG2R La Mondiale), the young French rider who -at 25 years old- will already start in his 4th Tour de France this Saturday in Liège (see here the Tour de France 2012 race route).

    But do you also know the "Supporters de Max", two young guys who are completely fan of the long blond rider of the team from Chambéry? If you don't know, you'll get to know them in this article and if you did already know them, this article can be seen as an invitation to join them during the Tour de France 2012 to support Max on the roads of the Tour!

    The Supporters de Max

    It's a story of two young guys, Valentin Jacquemet and Alexandre Maingot, who knew each other from when they were kids but who lost contact in the mean time. Maxime BouetThanks to Maxime Bouet and his participation in the 6 Days of Grenoble, they found each other again and more or less thanks to the pure hasard started making humoristic movies around their idol, Maxime Bouet, in July 2010!

    The guys became friends with the rider from Belley in the Ain and nowadays we find this duo of super-fans at races -mainly in Rhône-Alpes- where Maxime participates. The movies which Alexandre and Valentin produce are always completely improvised and made with a big chunk of humour and these videos are thus worth watching and laughing about, while they also offer an opportunity to support Maxime Bouet and present the rider to people who don't know him yet and Alexandre and Valentin can also use it to show how much they like Max.

    During the prologue of the Critérium du Dauphiné 2012 in Grenoble I went to see them to find out a bit more about the origin of supportersdemax.com and to aks the rider himself what he thinks of this.

    In this movie we'll find some big classics of the Supporters de Max including the reason why they chose Maxime Bouet (Yaroslav Popovych was too long and didn't fit on the corresponding cycling shirts ... and it was also too difficult to pronounce!), "on se fait la bise, comme sur les grands plateaux" and a bonus a shoulder dance ...

    Rendez-vous during the Tour de France 2012

    Maxime Bouet has been selected to participate for the 4th time in the Tour de France and the Supporters de Max would thus love to have you with them during the Tour de France 2012!

    After having organised a mini advertising caravan for Maxime Bouet during the Tour de France 2010, they set up a real flash mob in 2011, on the race route of the last time trial around Grenoble the day before the finish in Paris. Never before one rider got so much support over a distance of a few hundred meters ... what are the Supporters de Max prepraring this year for the Tour? We'll get to know more about that soon on supportersdemax.com.

    Hereunder you can watch the movie of the flash mob during the Tour de France 2011:

    Thez archives of the Supporters de Max

    And to see all movies of the Supporters de Max, you can go to the archives of supportersdemax.com.

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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