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Tomorrow, the 76th edition of the Flèche Wallonne will take place. The race which has a 194 kilometer long race route between Charleroi and Huy will see its previous winner, Philippe Gilbert (BMC Racing Team), come to the start and he will thus wear number 1.
Looking at the classifications of the previous editions, the conclusion must be that Joaquin Rodriguez (Katusha Team) is most probably his main competitor. However, let's not forget the Schleck brothers, Alejandro Valverde, Robert Gesink or for example the winner of the recent Amstel Gold Race, Enrico Gasparotto.

In this article you'll find the Flèche Wallonne 2012 race route on Google Maps / Google Earth, the profile of the race and the time- and route schedule.

The Flèche Wallonne 2012 race route on Google Maps

The Flèche Wallonne race route will be the same as last year's until the final part. Indeed, where the big circuit remains almost unchanged (92.5 km), the small circuit (31 km) will change and will go north of Huy rather than south on the inside of the big circuit. The riders will still climb the final climb of this race, the Mur de Huy (1.3 km @ 9.3%), three times but thanks to the change in the race route of the short circuit, there will be two climbs which will be closer to the Mur in the final kilometers of the race. Not sure however that this will change anything in the interest of the race route preceding the final climb of the Mur where the race will probably be decided like in previous years.

In addition to the Mur de Huy, which will be climbed 3 times, there will still be 7 other climbs on the programme: the Côte de Peu d'Eau (2.7 km @ 3.9%), the Côte de Haut-Bois (1.6 km @ 4.8%), the Côte de Groynne (2 km @ 3.5%), the Côte de Bohisseau (1.3 km @ 7.6%), the Côte de Bousalle (1.7 km @ 4.9%), the new Côte d'Amay (1.2 km @ 7.5%) and another new one, the Côte de Villers-le-Bouillet (1.2 km @ 7.5%).

The start will still be in front of the Stade du Pays in Charleroi in the Boulevard Zoé Drion. Just like last year, the advertising caravan will not do the whole race since it will only start at the Mur de Huy.

Hereunder you'll find the race route on Google Maps, the profile and the time- and route schedule of the Flèche Wallonne 2012. Click on the images to find out all the details of this Ardennes classic:

The time- and route schedule of the Flèche Wallonne 2012 The profile of the Flèche Wallonne 2012 The map with the race route of the Flèche Wallonne 2012 on Google Maps

Flèche Wallonne 2012

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Flèche Wallonne 2012

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The Flèche Wallonne 2012 race route in Google Earth

Do you prefer to view the race route in Google Earth, for example to be able to do a virtual fly-over of the race route? In order to do so, download the KML file below:

> Download the Flèche Wallonne 2012 race route in Google Earth

TV broadcasting of the Flèche Wallonne 2012

If you are in the luxurious position to be in front of your TV on a Wednesday afternoon, you can watch the race live:
- in France, on Eurosport between 2PM and 4.30PM or on France 3 between 3PM and 4.35PM
- in Belgium, on RTBF between 2.05PM and 4.35PM and on VRT (Sporza)
- on Eurosport in several European countries (59 countries), from 2PM till 4.30PM
- on TV2 Zebra in Norway, on DKTV2 in Denmark, on Teledeporte in Spain, on RAI in Italy, on RTL in Luxembourg, on a public channel with the NOS in The Netherlands, on RSI/RTS in Switzerland, on SBS in Australia, on J Sports in Japan, on Sky in New-Zealand, SuperSport in several African countries (45 countries) and Eurosport in different Asian countries (16 countries) and finally on Dubai Sport in the Middle-East (25 countries)

door Thomas Vergouwen
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There are 5 comments!
  1. Wat betreft de concurrentie denk ik niet dat Gesink potten zal kunnen breken. Ik reken meer op Bouke Mollema!

    | Tonn Vergouwen | tuesday 17 April 2012 om 21h38

  2. It looks as if Philippe Gilbert is getting back to form. So is Peter Sagan. Fleche Wallone should be a great race.

    | curleyman | tuesday 17 April 2012 om 23h49

  3. On devrait retrouver les mêmes coureurs que dimanche à l'Amstel.
    Sagan-Freire sont les plus costauds et doivent gagner en gérant différemment leurs forces.

    | Gilbert LE LOUPP | Wednesday 18 April 2012 om 00h18

  4. http://www.les-actus-du-cyclisme.fr/article-le-parcours-de-la-fleche-wallonne-2012-sur-google-maps-google-earth-le-profil-et-l-itineraire-horai-103614697.html

    | Roland TISSIER | Wednesday 18 April 2012 om 08h54

  5. Curleyman spotted it : Philippe Gilbert will do what he did last year: win the race. Mur de Huy is Philippes cup of tea !

    | Kongolo | Wednesday 18 April 2012 om 11h21

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