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The Tweets of the week: cycling is the only real sport

Added: tuesday 15 November 2011 at 23:09:00
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    The Tweets of the week: cycling is the only real sportIn the Tweets of the week this week, we discover thanks to Chris Froome (Team Sky) that cycling is the one and only real sport, while Robert Gesink knows the places where to take his friends to and Michele Acquarone shows some compassion with the riders of the Giro. We also see that Filippo Pozzato is like a fish in the water during his holidays ... and many more!

    Chris Froome: cycling is not a game

    Halfway through the week, Chris Froome, the South-African rider of Team Sky who usually describes his incredible adventures to his team mates, published a citation of Jean de Gribaldy, a former French rider (of the '40/'50s).
    Chris Froome - tweet of the week

    Chris Froome - tweet of the week

    Indeed, according to De Gribaldy in the book Carnets de route, Cyclisme is, just like boxing not a game, it's a sport. Tough, hard and unpitying and it requires great sacrifices. One plays football, or tennis, or hockey but one doesn't play at cycling, and even less at boxing (the parts of the citation which are stroke through were part of the original citation but not of the one published by Chris Froome).

    Well, yes, ... he was quite right: cycling is a real sport!

    Robert Gesink loves to show off

    When Robert Gesink (Rabobank) goes for a training ride with Dennis van Winden he doesn't choose the roads to follow by chance. Indeed, as we discovered in a Tweet of the winner of this year's Tour of Oman, he showed him the Robert Gesinkbult (the climb of Robert Gesink) in the city where he lives!
    Robert Gesink - tweet of the week

    Charly Wegelius: an important role in the Finnish cycling maffia

    Charly Wegelius, one of the future directeurs sportifs of Team Garmin-Cervélo, apparently plays an important role in the Finnish cycling maffia ...
    Charly Wegelius - tweet of the week

    This same Charly Wegelius apparently wasn't really motived to go out for a run ...
    Charly Wegelius - tweet of the week

    Zdenek Stybar in millions of pieces

    No, no, don't worry, Zdenek Stybar didn't fell very badly during his last cyclocross ... No, he simply presented a present he got: a photo of him in mosaic, composed - as he showed in his second Tweet - of millions of small pieces!
    Zdenek Stybar - tweet of the week

    Zdenek Stybar - tweet of the week

    Greg Henderson: Siri leads to relation problems and an inferiority complex in the gym

    Greg Henderson (Team Sky) shared two simple facts out of the life of a resting rider on Twitter ...
    - first of all with Siri who generates jealousy ...
    Greg Henderson - tweet of the week

    - but also about his inferiority complex when he realizes that in the gym it takes him more time to remove the weights of the previous user than doing his own exercise ...
    Greg Henderson - tweet of the week

    Jetse Bol is afraid of the end of the world ...

    According to Jetse Bol (in 2012 neo pro at Rabobank) the Maya people have announced the end of the world for the 21st of December 2012 ... Something he doesn't really appreciate since he just signed a pro contract for 2 years!
    Jetse Bol - tweet of the week

    Michele Acquarone feels some compassion for the riders

    After the presentation of the Giro d'Italia 2012 everyone already said that Michele Acquarone, the new director of the Giro d'Italia, managed to create a race route which was more human than those created by his predecessor Angelo Zomegnan. The relatively young Giro director recently participated in the New York City Marathon (NYCM) and said just after that that it was the toughest thing of his life ... his way to apologize for the Giro 2011, which was judged too difficult!
    Michele Acquarone - tweet of the week

    Michiel Elijzen: someone there?

    Michiel Elijzen, who starts to become a regular actor of the Tweets of the week, recently deconnected from Twitter for a few days ... but he came back better than ever! A few days ago he made us believe that his phone was now being used by an aboriginal who ate Michiel ...
    Michiel Elijzen - tweet of the week

    A few days later however we got the confirmation that this was not true ... Indeed, in his very own way he described that difficult moment when a girl is smiling at you, you answer with a nice smile to realize only seconds later that she's actually laughing at you because of the ice which is attached to your chin!
    Michiel Elijzen - tweet of the week

    Some bathroom problems for Alex Dowsett

    Another usual actor in the Tweets of the week is Alex Dowsett of Team Sky. He already had a small dispute with his sister over the shampoo he could use last week, apparently this week he used her electric toothbrush ...
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    In a bathroom - the story doesn't say whether that was the same bathroom or not - Alex discovered this week a sign advertising to see Santa in 3D. We can only agree with Alex that this clearly is a regression ... when we were young we have at least been able to meet Santa for real!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    His sister explained us a few days later that the life of a professional cyclist is not always as easy as we could think ... Indeed, when Alex gets introduced to a Chinese lady Lois (his sister) works with ...
    Lois Dowsett - tweet of the week

    11/11/11, nothing special!

    A few days ago was quite a special day ... indeed, towards the end of the morning, our watches indicated "11/11/11 11:11:11"! Nothing special for Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team) however ... he'll freak out only when it's 13/13/13. The good news for Jeff is that this will most probably ... never happen!
    Jeff Louder - tweet of the week

    Taylor Phinney: National Health glasses

    When his team mate Taylor Phinney visits an optician, he decides to test the National Health glasses model ... Looks quite good on him, right? But it seems to be there's a problem with his left eye ...
    Taylor Phinney - tweet of the week
    In an answer to the comments he received on this Tweet, the American rider, former U23 World Champion, decided to reassure people saying that he has a perfect vision!
    Taylor Phinney - tweet of the week

    Filippo Pozzato: like a fish in the water!

    Last week I already mentioned some of the rider's activities during the off season in the Tweets of the week ... It continues this week ... Filippo Pozzato, recent "newcomer" on Twitter wanted to proof that his profile is authentic and thus decided to share a photo of the last day of his holidays and, if we believe the tattoos, he apparently was like a fish in the water during these holidays!
    Filippo Pozzato - tweet of the week

    Fränk Schleck becomes a rockstar!

    Other riders go, as usual every year (and apparently this will continue because it has been announced that this "race" will take place for at least 3 additional years), to the Amstel Curaçao Race (one of the Antilles islands which is part of the kingdom of The Netherlands) and we thus usually see some original photos of the riders swimming with dolphins or getting ready for deep sea diving. Renaat Schotte, one of the commentators for Sporza in Belgium, showed us that it doesn't end there ... Apparently, Fränk Schleck (Team Leopard-Trek) played a rock star during one of the party nights before the criterium ...
    wielerman - tweet of the week

    That's that, those were the Tweets of the week!

    Did you know you can follow www.velowire.com on Twitter?

    Did you see any Tweets which could be part of the Tweets of the week? Please send them to tweetsoftheweek@thover.com and you might see them in the next edition of the Tweets of the week!

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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