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The Tweets of the week took a long break, no less than 2 months to be precise ... I've been quite busy with other things and have thus not been able to collect them and publish them here during this period. Today they're back with photos judged too sexy of Mark Cavendish, what the riders do during the after season, foreign riders who arrive in European teams and the vampires of the UCI ...


Too sexy photos of Mark Cavendish?

We're currently in the after season and that's thus the period during which most of the riders go on holidays and take some time off their bike. One of them is Mark Cavendish who was on holidays with his girlfriend Peta Todd and her son (by the way, they also announced during these holidays that Mark will become a daddy because Peta is pregnant again) and when Peta leaves him alone for a moment, the young future dad publishes a photo of his legs, saying that even beach shorts are too tight for his thighs.
Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week
When Peta Todd comes back she's surprised to see those kind of photos after having left him for only 5 minutes. Fortunately she doesn't take it badly because she added that she thought she was the one ... supposed to be doing that!
Peta Todd - tweet of the week

The off season pleases

Taylor Phinney also takes some rest. On Twitter he directly addresses some words to the off season ...
Taylor Phinney - tweet of the week

Alex Dowsett: shopping with his mother and his sister's shampoo

Alex Dowsett, when he's not playing with his new car (a Jaguar of course, no surprise with Team Sky), also occupies his time in another way at the end of the season. First of all he does some shopping with his mother. They usually only need half a word, but apparently she doesn't appreciate his suggestions for artwork to buy ...
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week
When he comes back home, he finds some notes on his sister's shampoo in the bathroom. Indeed, Alex apparently uses the shampoo of his sister, particular shampoo's for different uses and apparently quite expensive which, according to his sister, won't benefit Alex in any way. The notes on each of these shampoo's thus indicate him which one is to used by him ... the less expensive!
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week
First, he seems to follow this advice but ... a few days later he surprises his sister: the notes are still there but they have been moved around making the most expensive shampoo the one he should use ... Of course she doesn't really agree with that ...
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week
Yet a few days later, Alex participated in Revolution UK, a track race, and apparently that hurts ...
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

The side effect of the UCI points ...

Since last year, one of the selection criteria for the UCI WorldTour is the number of UCI points UCI obtained by the riders who form the team in the upcoming year. The 15 first placed teams automatically get the UCI ProTeam status and all teams thus want to obtain the highest number of points possible.

The side effect of this system is that the European teams no longer hesitate to recruit foreign riders they would never have recruited otherwise, to benefit of their points they have obtained in the UCI Asia Tour for example!

In the Belgian team in which Michiel Elijzen is now directeur sportif (Lotto-Ridley next year) this was the case with the Iranian Mehdi Sohrabi. It's thus not really surprising that Michiel's friends not necessarily know the origin of Sohrabi! They said to him: Hey, next year you'll have an Iraqi! He thus answered: He's Iranian ... Yeah, well, Irak, Iran, that's all the same, it's still Africa right?
Michiel Elijzen - tweet of the week
The same Michiel Elijzen gets insprired by the movie with Forrest Gump a few days later when he sees a spider!
Michiel Elijzen - tweet of the week


A bike which gets older

Iljo Keisse apparantly didn't really put his bike aside in the off season but he does have a problem with it ... It gets older and gets wrinkles!
Iljo Keisse - tweet of the week

The power of colour!

In the Tour de France 2008, the yellow Mavic shoes arrived in the pro peloton. Since than, they've become widely adopted and everyone now knows the typical colour of these cycling shoes.

Simon MacMichael, who writes for the web site and who I recently had the pleasure to meet in Paris on 18 October just before the presentation of the Tour de France 2012, shows us that the marketing effect is huge!
Simon MacMichael - tweet of the week

Halloween: the vampires of the UCI

On the day of Halloween, several American riders, back in the United States for their off season break, said on Twitter that they received a UCI doping check. Apparently, the vampires of the UCI have a big sense of humour!
SC Cycling - tweet of the week

That's that, those were the Tweets of the week!

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  1. Décidément Twitter est partout. A quand des tweet pendant qu'ils roulent. Je les vois bien sortir leur tél portable devant leur directeur sportif :)

    | Julien @ activits pour enfants | Sunday 06 November 2011 om 11h47

  2. J'adore l'araignée ... bouark!

    | Mrmoving | Sunday 06 November 2011 om 21h54

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