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paris.thover.com becomes velowire.com!

Added: saturday 25 June 2011 at 16:24:36
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    paris.thover.com becomes velowire.com!As you might have seen, paris.thover.com adopted a new name ... and a slightly different look which together fit better the contents of the website!

    velowire.com will continue to inform you about the latest news on professional cycling, rumours for example about the race route of the upcoming Tour de France (in September 2011 they'll be back!), and of course with Google Maps/Google Earth maps of the most important cyling races (those for the Tour de France 2011 will be online soon!).

    Change your bookmarks and look for velowire.com now instead of paris.thover.com!

    Why this name change?

    For a while I've been thinking that the name of the site no longer fitted its contents and I was thus thinking to change it since a few months already.

    Several reasons however made me decide to postpone this project every time. The name paris.thover.com has become quite well known and many people were talking about paris.thover.com as if the name perfectly fitted the site. When I presented the site to people who didn't know it yet (yes, they still do exist!), I had to write down the name every time though because the name was not easy to remember. Therefore, I decided it was time for a more adapted name which would be easier to remember.

    I didn't expect that meeting someone during this year's Paris-Roubaix would finally lead to this change, but David, who will most probably recognise himself, was one of those people who got to know my website becaude I presented it to him and since I explained that I thought the name no longer really fitted the website and that I was thus planning to change it, he offered me to take over a domain name he's no longer using. velowire.com was born and got constructed bit by bit up to the result you're currently looking at!

    But what was paris.thover.com standing for?

    I already hear you think: "yeah OK, but why have you used this strange name paris.thover.com for such a long time than?" You're completely right to ask that question!

    paris.thover.comThe answer is actually quite simple: for historical reasons.

    In case you didn't see the link yet, I'll start with the explanation of the name thover.com. As you'll see, thover is nothing else than the contraction of the first 3 letters of Thomas and the first 3 letters of Vergouwen, my name. While I was still a student back in the '90s I created a company which was using this name and which developed and hosted web sites for other companies.

    When I came to France in 2001, and more precisely to Paris, for an internship, I thought it was a good idea to inform my family and friends in The Netherlands about my adventures here and paris.thover.com was born. Quickly I set up a blog and photo albums through which everyone was able to follow what I was doing in Paris.

    Little by little these were more and more filled with photos and articles I published after having been to several cycling racees. Rather quickly I completely concentrated on the world of cycling and the website thus took it's current form a few years ago already. But that was still under the original name, paris.thover.com.

    So what does velowire.com mean?

    Today, at 7 days before the start of the Tour de France 2011, velowire.com is born and you might be wondering what that means ... both what the name means but maybe also what other changes will come.

    To start with the name, in velowire.com you find the two words vélo and wire. The fact that this is a contraction of a French and an English word is not really a surprise. As you know the website is available in 3 languages and that has always been so since the start of it: French, English and Dutch. The name thus had to be easy to recognise, to pronounce and to remember in these 3 languages and I think the combination of these two words answer all these needs.

    The word vélo means bike in French and thus stands for the main topic of this web site ... The word wire stands for the link with the news. The name change indeed shouldn't really change anything to the contents of the website (although I'll continue to try to add new and interesting elements to the site, sometimes with the help of other authors!). As usual I really don't feel the need to provide you with an exhaustive list of cycling news, but the topics you'll find here are in most cases pretty much news related anyway. Small details and things you don't find anywhere else will remain my number one priority to make sure you'll find lots of original content here and not any contents which has simply been copy-pasted from another website which you could as easily visit yourself directly!

    You know other people who love pro cycling? Let them know about velowire.com: you now no longer have an excuse of a complicated name you wouldn't be able to communicate. Just remember the name velowire.com!

    During the Tour de France 2011 I'll try to publish more articles on velowire.com than ever before during the Tour de France in the past few years and in August I'll be at different cycling races in France. I'd thus suggest you to come back regularly this summer to discover all new content!

    And in order not to miss anything on velowire.com, you can:

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    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 6 comments!
  1. In de laatste kopzin moet niet niets zijn! Leuk artikel; ik zal je volgen

    | wil | saturday 25 June 2011 at 16:54:31

  2. Succes Thomas met de nieuwe naam. Inderdaad makkelijker dan Thover etc. en genieten straks bij de Tour. Ik denk dat ik de etappe 16 kom bekijken. Ik ben dan waarschijnlijk in de buurt van de Mont Ventoux.

    | Peter Tetteroo | saturday 25 June 2011 at 17:16:56

  3. bien ce nouveau site... en effet, identique au précédent, quelques modifications de couleurs, top...

    | Nicolas | saturday 25 June 2011 at 17:52:20

  4. Bravo Thomas pour ce changement de nom, qui reflète tout à fait ton énorme travail de "journaliste amateur" sur la petite reine. Amateur!!!! au non car digne d'un professionnel qui recherche la véracité de ses futures infos avant de nous les servir sur un "Plateau" et en primeur très souvent.Te connaissant depuis 2006 sur ton site, depuis 2008 sur les étapes du tour et aussi collègue prof, je souhaite longue vie à ton nouveau site et à bientôt sur le tour 2011 à Chateauroux .merci encore pour ton travail fabuleux.

    | Gillou le Samerien | saturday 25 June 2011 at 19:43:35

  5. GENIAL !!! Oui un nom plus proche du cyclisme ,alors longue vie a VELOWIRE .a+ THOMAS

    | liserois | monday 27 June 2011 at 7:21:34

  6. Als vrouw zijnde en een ontzettende fietsliefhebster van alle grote en kleine fietswedstrijden, ben ik blij je eindelijk weer gevonden te hebben. Je nieuwe site meteen in m'n favorieten opgeslagen.
    Geweldig werk wat je doet, hoop je nog jaren te mogen volgen.

    | Marianne | thursday 30 June 2011 at 16:09:40

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