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The tweets of the week: give Mark Cavendish some water!

Added: tuesday 21 June 2011 at 0:37:00
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    The tweets of the week: give Mark Cavendish some water!As usual in June everyone was looking at the Critérium du Dauphiné, test- and training race for many riders looking forward to the Tour de France. In the Tweets of the week we thus find the Dauphiné, but also water probls for Mark Cavendish, congratulations (or not) for Bradley Wiggins, rain which disappoints David Zabriskie, and many other topics ...

    Mark Cavendish needs water

    When you're away from home for a long time this can lead to some surprising situation for a professional rider! That's what Mark Cavendish (Team HTC-Highroad) noticed when he came back home, in Italy, and discovered his water supply was cut off! It's in those situations that you realise that this precious liquid is quite important in our lifes!

    Every day, Mark shared with us what the lack of water led to that day:
    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    And when he finally got water again ... he was even willing to send all the other elements on a rest day ... he only needed H2O!
    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    In the mean time, the British rider also decided to have a look at the roadbook of the Tour of Switzerland. He thus discovered there wouldn't be any sprint finishes where he could test his shape for the Tour. No worries Mark, you'll probably get some other occasions!
    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    In the mean time he could go have an haircut!
    Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

    Bradley Wiggins tells what he thinks!

    The English rider thanked his fans on Twitter for their support after his overall win of the Critérium du Dauphiné last week. But apparently he did not only get positive messages, as we can see in his Tweet. Well said!
    Bradley Wiggins - tweet of the week

    Earlier this week, the British rider was looking for a press officer to manage his time in the Dauphiné. You see, wearing the yellow(bleu) jersey does not only have its advantages!
    Bradley Wiggins - tweet of the week


    David Zabriskie (Team Garmin-Cervélo) seems to have found the solution for any dryness: after a rainy day in the Dauphiné he suggests world leaders to organise a bike race!
    David Zabriskie - tweet of the week


    In the Dauphiné, Manuel Quinziato (BMC Racing Team) seems to have some difficulties with some stages and especially with the one between La Motte-Servolex and Macôn, which started with a 7 kilometer climb which the Italian rider didn't really !
    Manuel Quinziato - tweet of the week

    Jérémy Roy: an escape from behind

    Jérémy Roy had some difficulties in the Critérium du Dauphiné two weeks ago. We would read that in his Tweet on the 10th of June, after the stage finish in Les Gets, where Christophe Kern won the stage. Escaping from behind, an original way to finish a stage!
    Jérémy Roy - tweet of the week

    The rider of the FDJ team also gave his opinion on the cow incident during the stage between Les Gets and Le Collet d'Allevard. The cows got afraid of the helicopters filming the race. Do you think ASO will take his comments into account?
    Jérémy Roy - tweet of the week

    Jérémy Roy - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett's father as a directeur sportif

    Alex Dowsett (Team Sky) has a season ticket on the Tweets of the week just like Jérémy Roy has a season ticket on escaping (from the head of the peloton!) since the start of this season ... In the previous editions we already saw that he cares a lot about his mother's comments but his father also seems to play an important role for him. In the London Nocturne Series his father decides to be his Marcus (Ljungqvist, directeur sportif for Team Sky) for once ... and his strategy clearly shows he's a real Dowsett. And apparently Alex decided to apply this strategy and won the race by attacking early!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    IG Markets, sponsor of Team Sky and of the Nocturne Series of course discovered this Tweet and admitted to apply the same strategy in ... the folding bike race!
    IG Markets - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett's team mate, John-Lee Augustyn, seems to have recognised his father in Alex' father!
    John-Lee Augustyn - tweet of the week

    The club of injured riders!

    While the other riders were on their bikes, Ted King (Liquigas-Cannondale) and Craig Lewis (Team HTC-Highroad) found each other in the virtual club of injured riders!
    Ted King - tweet of the week

    Craig Lewis - tweet of the week

    What Craig probably didn't know .. is that Ted King could well have been part of Team Leopard-Trek!
    Ted King - tweet of the week

    A bit expensive storage unit!

    Any cyclist is often away from home while participating in the different cycling races in the world. And that's why the apartment which they rent or buy somewhere else as their home base for their training in between races is a bit expensive for what it's used for ... as a storage unit! Jeff Louder (BMC Racing Team) realised this when he ... spent only 4 days at home before the [[Tour de Suisse].
    Jeff Louder - tweet of the week

    I like those lions!

    When Bradley Wiggins takes the yellow bleu leader's jersey of the Critérium du Dauphiné he can start a nice lion collection at the front of the bus ... Chris Slark, the bus driver dressed them up all differently!
    Chris Slark - tweet of the week

    A dog who loves shaved legs!

    When Sam Bewley (Team Radioshack) meets Jack Bobridge's (Team Garmin-Cervélo) dog, he feels necessary to inform the Australian rider that his dog has a problem ... with his eyes maybe?
    Sam Bewley - tweet of the week

    Alex Dowsett doesn't always listen to his mother!

    We already saw the role Alex Dowsett's (Team Sky) father played this week, but we didn't mention his mother yet. Not surprising by the way when we see that Alex apparently not only listens to his mother ... and especially when it's about his Twitter addiction ... we won't be complaining about it of course!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    We saw that already the next day when Alex discovered the room he shared with Russell Downing. When you put the two single beds so close together you could well take a double bed indeed!
    Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

    This Tweet was the start of a short discussion which could have been published under the title "who's snoring loudest with Team Sky?":
    Peter Kennaugh - tweet of the week

    Russell Downing - tweet of the week

    The Vuelta sponsored by Wall's?

    When I first saw the trophee for the winner of the Vuelta a España this year, I thought we would soon see a press release announcing Wall's (or Frigo as they call it in Spain) had become a sponsor of the Tour of Spain. Liz Hatch more sees it as a kindergarten art project or an ash tray!
    Liz Hatch - tweet of the week

    Wear your helmet!

    Joost Posthuma's (Team Leopard-Trek) son already discovered the use of the helmet at his very young age!
    Joost Posthuma - tweet of the week

    Richie Porte's popularity crosses the borders

    The Australian rider Richie Porte (Team Saxo Bank-Sungard) became known to the general public especially during the Giro d'Italia 2010. Simon Gerrans (Team Sky) discovered that this success (Porte wore the pink jersey for several days and ended the race with the white jersey for best young rider) led the Italians to name a city after him!
    Simon Gerrans - tweet of the week

    That's that, those were the Tweets of the week!

    Did you know you can follow www.velowire.com on Twitter?

    Did you see any Tweets which could be part of the Tweets of the week? Please send them to tweetsoftheweek@thover.com and you might see them in the next edition of the Tweets of the week!

    this article was written by Marylène Evrard and Thomas Vergouwen

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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