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In the Tweets of the week this week: huge iPhones, lost bikes, trouble between team mates using the same room and a size problem for Cavendish ... among others!


Peter Sagan is a good marketeer

Ted King (Team Liquigas-Cannondale) can count on the help of his team mate, Peter Sagan, who never misses an opportunity to promote his friend's web site, as we can read in Ted King's tweet this week.
Ted King - tweet of the week

Trouble between team mates sharing the same room

It's not always easy to share a room with your team mate. Well, that is at least what we think when reading Robert Gesink's (Rabobank) anecdote. I suggest we get some money together to buy them a flashlight! At least we can't deny Carlos Barredo has a good sense of humour!
Robert Gesink - tweet of the week

Jesse Sergent, upcoming acrobat

You must definitely have heard of the new trend: planking - behaving like a plank - which is currently buzzing around on Facebook! Jesse Sergent (Team Radioshack) is just hoping the UCI won't forbid it ... When seeing the nice images this can give, this would indeed be too bad!
Jesse Sergent - tweet of the week

A huge iPhone

As a professional cyclist you get to see quite a lot surprising situations! This week, Fabian Cancellara (Team Leopard-Trek) showed his surprise on Twitter after having seen a huge iPhone on the luggage claim in the airport. How can someone forget such a big thing?! ;-)
Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week


Koen de Kort: professional pilot

Fabian Cancellara arrived correctly at his destination where he was waiting for his luggage. If you have less good luck and your flight gets cancelled, you can still count on the Dutch rider Koen de Kort of the Skil-Shimano team to bring you to your destination ...
Koen de Kort - tweet of the week

Fans everywhere

Fortunately riders often see fans standing on the side of the road to encourage them! If they weren't there the stages would seem to be even longer than they are. At least Ben King (Team Radioshack) recognized this helps him when he saw he got support from his #crazyshirtlessbrother. « Again » as he says!
Ben King - tweet of the week

Gustav Larsson (Saxo-Bank), as far as possible!

« Quand on veut on peut » (if you want to, you can) - Even though riders promise to do the best they can, there are always some obstacles even they can't go over ;-).
Gustav Larsson - tweet of the week

A bike please

It looks like Ted King had some trouble with getting his bike back after a flight this week. Not really funny for a professional cyclist as Ted says when he informs United Airlines of the loss of his bike and what that means for his work as a pro cyclist.
Ted King - tweet of the week


Looking for motivation

Does anyone know where Alex Dowsett (Team Sky) has hidden his motivation? He doesn't seem to have lost it, he just simply doesn't know where he put it anymore ... Let's hope he'll find it back very soon!
Alex Dowsett - tweet of the week

Jonathan Vaughters not happy

Happy with his Team Garmin-Cervélo's results in the several time trials they participated in lately (especially with David Millar in the Giro), Jonathan Vaughters regrets however that « the evil Bradley Wiggins » took one from them in the Bayern Rundfart. You can't always get what you want!
Jonathan Vaughters - tweet of the week

Mark Cavendish, am I too small?

Everyone already knew that the rider from the Isle of Man is not very big but if he chooses a girlfriend who's bigger than him, this can lead to some trouble! We saw that in his tweet last Sunday where he regrets the fact that he had to readjust the seat of his car after his girlfriend used it. Mark, we understand it when you say this does no good to your ego!
Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week

Mark Cavendish - tweet of the week


Kenny de Haes (Omega Pharma-Lotto) participated in the Tour of Belgium 2011 in the team with overall winner Philippe Gilbert. Apparently, De Haes is a bit superstitious because the morning of the forelast stage, the Belgian rider said he would go 10 times through the frame of his bike, thus hoping he would be able to drink champagne that night!
Kenny de Haes - tweet of the week


Kenny van Hummel sees everything

Kenny van Hummel (Skil-Shimano) seems to notice everything when he says that his Chinese team mate put his T-shirt inside out ...
Kenny van Hummel - tweet of the week

This same Kenny van Hummel is not faster than his shadow ... indeed, as Stephan van der Zwan of Wielerland.nl mentions, the Belgian commentators of the website of the Tour of Belgium 2011 wrote that Van Hummel had some difficulties in getting under the time of ... Van Hummel during the prologue of this Belgian race! Too bad he wasn't able to beat himself ...
Stephan van der Zwan - tweet of the week

That's that, those were the Tweets of the week!

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this article was written by Marylène Evrard and Thomas Vergouwen

door Thomas Vergouwen
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