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RAIT 2011 : Sylvain Georges - a good descender on his way to the top!

Added: saturday 14 May 2011 at 18:53:00
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    RAIT 2011 : Sylvain Georges - a good descender on his way to the top!The third stage of the Rhône Alpes Isère Tour 2011 took place under the rain between Chaponnay and Saint-Maurice l'Exil today. The final circuit was removed from the stage because of the rain and the race route was thus shortened to 145.9 kilometers.

    Sylvain Georges manages to get rid of all his competitors thanks to his perfect skills in the descent and to win the stage while taking back the yellow jersey as well!

    The summary of the 3rd stage of the Rhône Alpes Isère Tour 2011

    After several unsuccessful attempts, a group of 8 riders was formed with Jérémy Roy (FDJ), continuously attacking in this Rhône Alpes Isère Tour 2011. This time, the rider from FDJ is accompanied by Christophe Laborie (Saur-Sojasun), Sébastien Duret (Bretagne-Schuller), Tony Hurel (Team Europcar), Jérôme Mainard (CR4C Roanne), David Rösch (Team Atlas Personal), Thomas Vedel Kvist (Glud & Marstrand-LRO) and Jérémy RoyAurélien Ribet (AVC Aix) who also got into the lead in the two previous stages.

    On the top of the Côte de Jardin, Jérémy Roy arrives first on top, ahead of Sébastien Duret and Aurélien Ribet. About ten kilometers further, the second rider arrives first on top of the Côte de Monstéroux-Milieu while Jérémy Roy takes the second place there.

    The team of the yellow jersey, Wallonie-Bruxelles-Crédit Agricole, is than complete in front of the peloton to control the gap pour contrôler l'écart qui se stabilise autour de 2 minutes.
    Quand l'équipe continentale de Rabobank vient à leur aide, l'écart diminue alors progressivement pendant que Jérémy Roy prenne encore des points pour le classement de meilleur grimpeur en passant en premier à la Côte de Talencieux.

    Thibaut PinotIn the first climb of the first category, the Côte de Burdignes, this leading group is however taken back by the peloton while Thibaut Pinot attacks to go find some more points to comfort his purple jersey of the King of the Mountains classification. When Sylvain Georges (BigMat-Auber 93) starts a pursuit behind the FDJ rider, the latter realises quickly that he won't be able to take the stage victory. Indeed, with his experience in motor sport, the BigMat-Auber 93 rider learned how to manage his weight on his bike in the descent and to negociate the turns as well as possible. Accompanied by Lasse Bochmann (Glud & Marstrand-LRO) and David Rosch (Team Atlas Personal), he gets back to Pinot before they arrive on top, but leaves him the first place on the summit.

    David Rosch is no longer able to follow the group in the first climb of the day, the Col de l'Oeillon, while Thibaut Pinot gives all he has to get rid of the other riders in the leading group. On the top he has a 15 seconds lead but Sylvain Georges again gets back on the rider who's wearing the purple jersey of the King of the Mountains jersey. In the rest of the descent, the rider from the Puy de Dome manages to get away from Pinot and he thus continues to the finish.

    The rider who was wearing the yellow jersey and who won yesterday's stage, Gaëtan Bille, also started the pursuit to try and defend his jersey. However, when he fell in the descent he lost quite a lot time and the Belgian rider was finally taken back by the peloton.

    Sylvain GeorgesSylvain Georges thus arrives alone in Saint-Maurice l'Exil, in the rain, where he celebrates his stage victory properly while he hadn't been able to do when he won Thursday's stage.
    Thibaut Pinot finished 2nd behind him at 36 seconds, ahead of Lasse Bochmann who finished at 1'05". Gaëtan Bille finished 18th at 2'41" and thus loses the yellow jersey and the rider who told us last Thursday that he was never lucky with those kind of jerseys thus takes back his precious jersey!

    In the general classification he's now ahead of Thibaut Pinot for 49 seconds. Lasse Bochmann is 3rd at 1'28" while Gaëtan Bille drops back to the 4th place at 2'45". Perrig Quemeneur completes the top 5 at 3'06".

    Tomorrow the last stage will probably confirm us that Sylvain Georges really managed this race strategically correctly ... except for a last minute surprise he should now be able to have the chance to keep this jersey!

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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