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The Tweets of the week: when Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O'Grady fight for a blanket!

Added: tuesday 22 March 2011 at 22:59:00
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    The Tweets of the week: when Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O'Grady fight for a blanket!Yet another edition of the Tweets of the week since the previous edition was slightly delayed. This week we discovered how Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O'Grady (Team Leopard-Trek) fight for a blanket and the young Andrew Talansky (Garmin-Cervélo) who gives his look at Pat McQuaid's letter. Kenny van Hummel (Skil-Shimano) almost got a new camera while Cédric Vasseur and Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) talk about the longuest race of the UCI WorldTour.
    Ben King (Team Radioshack) thinks he's dreaming when he sees his name in the results of Nokere Koerse!

    Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O'Grady are worse than a married couple

    As you probably know, the riders of each of the teams get to share one room for two during cycling races. This was also the case for the Tirreno-Adriatico for Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O'Grady de Team Leopard-Trek.

    This usually doesn't lead to any trouble but apparently Cancellara and O'Grady fought for a blanket last week ... Would that be the reason why Cancellara won the final individual time trial of the Tirreno-Adriatico? Would the Swiss rider have wanted to return to the hotel as fast as possible to take back the blanket?!
    Fabian Cancellara - tweet of the week

    Andrew Talansky answers Pat McQuaid's letter

    In the never ending story on the radio ban, it was Pat McQuaid's turn to speak up in an open letter to the riders. In this letter, the UCI President attacked the riders who openly expressed themselves about this ban like Jens Voigt (Team Leopard-Trek) for example who particularly insisted on security aspects, the potential impact on sponsors and the idea that it would bring more excitement to races. McQuaid also mentions his suspicion about riders being influenced by their teams which would have a higher interest of creating an independent cycling league.

    The young Andrew Talansky (Garmin-Cervélo) decides to answer this letter and he doesn't mince his words ... first of all he says to be surprised about the fact that McQuaid who is so far out of touch with this sport has the job he has before continuing on security arguments by wondering whether McQuaid will call the family of a rider to announce his death due to a decision which had for single goal to add some suspense ... He finishes his answers by indicating that Dictators all fall eventually and that perhaps Pat McQuaid's time is coming!
    Andrew Talansky - tweet of the week

    Andrew Talansky - tweet of the week

    Andrew Talansky - tweet of the week
    We could see this as something quite dangerous for a young rider who's only just at the start of his career ... but at least he's a rider who dares to stand up and talk about this topic.

    Kenny van Hummel gets a new photo camera

    At the finish of the Handzame Classic, where he finished second, Kenny van Hummel (Skil-Shimano) seemed to have won a new photo camera when crossing the finish line.

    Indeed, Karl Vannieuwkerke showed a picture where we could see Van Hummel with a photo camera hanging on his handlebars ... while he was falling! The Belgian commentator working for Sporza wondered whether the Dutch rider got to keep the photo camera.
    Karl Vannieuwkerke - tweet of the week

    The rider of the Skil-Shimano team indicated a few minutes later on his own Twitter account being very happy with his second place in his first real sprint but being pissed at the photographer who caused his fall. Yet again we see that when people say that one should pay attention (and not hang over the barriers!) while taking pictures during cycling races, this is not just cheap talk!
    Kenny van Hummel - tweet of the week

    Answereing Vannieuwkerke's question, Van Hummel said: when I stood up the camera was no longer there! It thus seems to be quite normal that the rider is pissed!
    Kenny van Hummel - tweet of the week

    Milan-San Remo, the longest WorldTour race

    Milan-San Remo took place last Saturday. With its 298 kilometers, the race was the longest of the UCI WorldTour. Won by Matthew Goss (HTC-Highroad) in 6 hours, 51 minutes and 10 seconds, this race was at the origin of two Tweets which mentioned its distance: Cédric Vasseur, former rider and former president of the CPA which represents the riders, and current RTBF consultant, mentioned a sign which can be quite disappointing and which could be a nice souvenir of this race, while Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) talks about the two feeding zones ...
    Cédric Vasseur - tweet of the week

    Geraint Thomas - tweet of the week

    When two Ben King's get messed up

    When two brothers are part of the peloton, this sometimes alreay leads to confusions. When two riders, one American and the other one Australian, have exactly the same name it's almost sure this will lead to confusion!

    Ben King of Team Radioshack was thus quite surprised this week on Twitter when he discovered he had been sleep riding his bike ... Indeed, according to CyclingNews.com, the American rider woulde have finished 138th at Nokere-Koerse while he didn't even participate in this race. Indeed, this place was taken by an Australian rider, member of Team Type 1-Sanofi Aventis, who has exactly the same name. This will probably not be the last time someone messes up with these two riders ... up until today, CyclingNews.com hasn't corrected its mistake!
    Ben King - tweet of the week

    That's that, those were the Tweets of last week!

    Did you know you can follow www.velowire.com on Twitter?

    Did you see any Tweets which could be part of the Tweets of the week? Please send them to tweetsoftheweek@thover.com and you might see them in the next edition of the Tweets of the week!

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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