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The Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme and its 5 years project ... project you say?!

Added: thursday 17 March 2011 at 22:36:00
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    The Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme and its 5 years project ... project you say?!Don't you know the Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme in France? That's good, you'll be able to get to know this organisation and its project for the upcoming 5 years. You do know this organisation? Continue reading anyway! You'll discover a lot more about this project ... which is only about to be defined ...

    The Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme recently published its project (PDF file, 3.67 MB) - or should we say draft of a project? - for the upcoming fice years on its website. In this project you can discover 4 big themes for which several "proposals" have been made concerning for example the Coupe de France, the French stage race and the LNC's communication. But before we dive into this project, let's first have a closer look at this organisation and its goals.

    An actor in French professional cycling

    The Ligue Nationale de Cyclisme , formerly known as the Ligue du Cyclisme Professionnel Français, has become independent of the Fédération Française de Cyclisme (FFC) in 2008 and has made the management of French professional cycling its goal. On their website we can read that the LNC « has been created to defend the general interest of cycling » by:
    • - protecting the physical integrity of professional riders
      - guaranteeing equity and ethics in the sport, both in individual and collective areas
      - defending the values of and the promotion of cycling
      - guaranteeing the official approval or ministerial delegation of which benefits the FFC.
    The LNC was among others the organisation which initiated the Coupe de France and created the legal and financial control over the teams.

    A project which still needs to become mature

    From now on the LNC « will assume its autonomy and create its own identity for the sake of professional French cycling ». That's the reason behind the creation of a new project. Initiall, when reading the first pages of the PDF, one can expect very precize and concrete proposals. But when you arrive at the last page of the PDF you'll discover that the project is really extremely vague. And there's a simple reason for that: this is only the very start of this project. « The PDF which has been published on our website is the result of a long period of reflection. In the last general meeting we decided to identify 4 main themes which we want to work on. This project for sure looks a bit vague but that's because we're still working on our ideas », according to the responsible of the LNC, Arnaud Platel.

    A new setup for the Coupe de France?

    This thus makes it more difficult to get to know more about this project! But Arnaud Platel could give us some information on several points anyway. For example about the rejuvenation of the Coupe de France [Axe n°1: « Consolider nos produits et en développer de nouveaux »]. Platel explains: « Our goal is to make sure the general public gets to know the Coupe de France, for those people who watch the Tour de France. We want to sell this coupe in a better way, make it more visible and continue to develop it! ». And this development could well be linked to a change of the structure. This year, compared to the 2010 edition, three extra races are planned, which brings the total number of races to 15 (most probably 14 since the Trophée des Grimpeurs won't take place). But in 2012 something really new could appear: « Concerning a possible change in the setup of the Coupe de France we have discussed adding stage races. But so far that's only been a suggestion » according to Arnaud Platel.

    A project for stage races

    The LNC regrets that the French teams cannot participate in all races of the calendar [Axe n°1]. To solve this problem, several solutions exist: « We have several ideas for example to restructure the calendar to make sure there won't be several races on the same day » according to the responsible of the LNC. He added to this: « Since the French teams are rarely invited abroad, we also think about setting up new races ». And about the development of new partnerships which are also important to « optimise the communication » [Axe n°2] by for example developing a visual identity, especially in the media.

    A gala night in November in Vincennes

    But even though the « project » seems to be pretty vague, there's one point which - in contrast to some other problems - seems to be pretty much settled already: the gala night!

    « Our goal is to organise a gala night with our sponsor which targets VIP attendees » indicates Arnaud Platel. And since this event should be up and running at the end of the year, the LNC is already working on it: « We would like to create an evening together with our sponsor PMU. This event is planned for 4 November, in Vincennes ... It's a horse bet race day that day, so there will be many people! », according to an overly enthusiastic responsible of the LNC. During this gala night the different riders of the Coupe de France will receive their congratulations while being watched by the sponsors. Other people interested in this collection of races can still attend the official ceremony during the last race.

    A project which gives food for discussion?

    And you? What do you think of this project (PDF file, 3.67 MB)? Do you have faith in the development of professional cycling in France for the next 5 years? Or do you think the LNC doesn't correctly fulfill its role? Now's your chance to debate by publishing your comment below!

    this article was written by Thomas Djezzane

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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