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Before the start of the last stage of Paris-Nice 2011 this morning, Jérémy Roy looked back on his week in this Race to the sun which finished in the rain. Coming back from an injury, his week globally went fine even though he did know some difficulties ...


Jérémy Roy's week in Paris-Nice 2011

Early this week you were in the breakaway (see photo) while you fell just before in the Boucles de Sud Ardèche. Were you perfectly OK again?
Jérémy Roy : I indeed wasn't sure to start here but finally I could get back on my bike and thus decided to start in Paris-Nice. Jérémy RoyIt was a nice surprise early this week to be in the right breakaway and finish second, but I still suffer a bit from the results of my fall: it still hurts on my hip when I'm pedalling and on one of my ribs and on one dorsal vertebra. This gives me some difficulties to breath as usual.

So this continued to bother you this week?
Jérémy Roy : Yes, sometimes on the bike: I try not to think of it but sometimes it just turns up in my back and when I have to catch my breath it sometimes bothers me, but anyway it's not that bad ... it's not dramatical but it still bothers me a little, especially during the night when sometimes suddenly my back hurts while I sleep and that's not really funny!

You finished 29th in the time trial. You said that was disappointing?
Jérémy Roy : Yes, I'd like to really progress in the time trials, that's one of my goals for the stage races. But the level of participation is quite high here in Paris-Nice and the result is thus correct. But I hoped and I had wished for a top 20 position.

We're in the Race to the sun here even though you wouldn't say so when you see the rain coming down. Yesterday was a heavy stage, you ended all the way back, was it that heavy with the wind and the rain?
Jérémy Roy : Yes there was a strong wind and the rain started falling during the stage. We reached 1,200 meters high at one point and it was only 2 degrees there. In the descent which followed it was thus quite cold as well and the road was slippery which led to the peloton falling apart in small groups. I felt good at the start of the stage but towards the end I was getting out of energy and I thus slowed down a bit. I finished the stage quietly in a group down the back.

You thus took less risks, did the slippery roads have any impact on you?
Jérémy Roy : No, I didn't take any risks so I didn't slip or fall either.

Today's the last stage, again with rain and most probably slippery roads. How will this stage look like for you?
Jérémy Roy : A short stage is always nervous and fast, so in order to get a good result I would have to be in a good location in the climb and the following descent. I don't really know how I recovered from yesterday, my legs do hurt a bit. Paris-Nice is always an exhausting week, it's one of the most difficult stage races. It's always nervous or difficult in terms of the parcours, so I don't really know what my day will look like. I'll see and adjust accordingly once we started.

The bad weather finally seemed to have been stronger than Jérémy Roy: the FDJ rider abandoned during this last stage.

Listen to the interview in a podcast!

You can listen to this interview with Jérémy Roy in the following podcast:
I unfortunately haven't been able to do any editing on this, so I apologise for the bad quality of this podcast ...

door Thomas Vergouwen
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