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The 2011 Garmin-Cervélo team training camp at the Cayman Islands (exclusive video)

Added: thursday 16 December 2010 at 23:11:00
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    The 2011 Garmin-Cervélo team training camp at the Cayman Islands (exclusive video)December is the usual period when the different professional cycling teams go on training camp, sometimes in very exotic destinations. The future 2011 Garmin-Cervélo team (born from the merger between Garmin-Transitions and Cervélo TestTeam) has spent a few days at the Cayman Islands at the end of November / early December.

    In addition to the daily summary of the activities as published by the team and by the Cayman Islands Cycling Association, the team just published a video with the key moments of this training camp, as a sneak preview for the readers of its newsletter and now also as a sneak preview for the readers of www.velowire.com!

    The training camp at the Cayman Islands

    The training camp took place at the end of November / early December and brought together for the very first time all riders of the future Garmin-Cervélo team for 2011.

    The first day of the training camp already started with a key moment which can be seen in the video: the visit of the Sandbar where the riders got to swim with the local stingrays! In the video, we clearly see that some riders weren't really happy with this opportunity to be in the middle of these fishes but apparently Peter Stetina visits them from time to time and thus didn't hesitate for long before picking up one of them and giving it a kiss! Too bad we don't see that in the video ...
    Once they got used to it they continued with a more comfortable visit of the treasuries of the sea by snorkeling the barrier reef.

    The Cayman IslandsThe next day, the riders were asked to get their new Cervélo bikes adjusted. For the riders coming from the Cervélo TestTeam there was not much new under the sun but for the riders of the Garmin-Transitions team this was a real change. Indeed, so far the American team was equipped by Felt.
    After this more formal part which was necessary to make sure they'll all be correctly equipped next year, the more funny team building activities continued with a beach volleyball game and a kayak trip.

    The third day started with a more classical bike ride, followed by a treasure hunt based on a map and clues. The rest of the day again looked like holidays for children with very wealthy parents, with a visit of the Atlantis Submarine (a submarine which allows to discover the submarine life), swimming with dolphins or even a helicopter flight!

    After these unique experiences, the alarm rang early the next morning because the 2011 Garmin-Cervélo riders where expected to get ready for a bike ride with local amateur riders. The start of the rider was quite quiet but the pro riders were soon together ahead of the others in the second part of the ride while only some of them stayed with the participants in this Ride with the Pros to have a chat! They probably decided to save some energy for the deep-sea diving activity in the afternoon!

    All these funny moments can be seen in the video below, taken with a small HD camera, flipvideo:

    The shirt of the 2011 Garmin-Cervélo teamAs usual we can see the riders with their old team jerseys. Indeed, they still have a contract with their 2010 team until the 1st of January. During the bike ride we thus saw Thor Hushovd for example, proudly wearing his Cervélo World Champion shirt.

    As a reminder, Castelli recently announced that the Italian brand will provide the team kit for the Garmin-Cervélo team. Since than, the team provided a sneak peek which you can find on the left side.
    This new jersey looks pretty similar to the Cervélo TestTeam jersey, knowing that the big Cervélo brand on a red background has been replaced by Garmin's name on a white background. The typical Garmin-Transitions argyle has been moved to the bottom of the sleeves which also mention the name of the company behind the team, Slipstream Sports.

    >> Check out the photos of the training camp on the team's Flickr account.

    source photos: background illustration of this article: Ray Bodden ; photo Cayman Islands: Todd Wickersty ; photo jersey: Slipstream Sports

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 4 comments!
  1. http://www.cyclisme-roltiss-over.com/article-equipe-garmin-cervelo-2011-aux-iles-caimans-exclusif-video-63183229.html

    et aussi en construction :


    | Roland TISSIER | friday 17 December 2010 at 8:04:41

  2. Thank you for using my photo of the pier in West Bay, Grand Cayman, for your article. I have read it and it is very informative. Again, I am happy you liked the photograph and thank you for attributing it.


    | Rayburn Bodden | thursday 30 December 2010 at 17:32:48

  3. Hi Ray!

    Thank YOU for the photo :-) and thanks for your comment here!

    No worries for attributing it. I always do so and would love to see one day everyone using photos (and other contents) to attribute them correctly. Too often I see my own photos at different places around the Internet (or even in newspaper) without proper attribution or notification of the use. That's why I personally always guarantee I attribute my sources correctly.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

    | Thomas Vergouwen | monday 03 January 2011 at 23:53:51

  4. see you soon
    grt wim

    | wim van schil | monday 20 May 2013 at 21:18:12

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