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Little Red Riding Hood disappeared from the Efteling!!

Added: wednesday 04 October 2006 at 23:25:06
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    Little Red Riding Hood disappeared from the Efteling!!The NOS News at 8.00PM today in The Netherlands had shocking news ... the police in Kaatsheuvel in Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands is looking for a missing girl ...

    They explained, that De Efteling (one of the most famous Dutch attraction parks) is missing Little Red Riding Hood (Roodkapje in Dutch) in the Fairy Tale Forest! While she's normally waiting at the entrance of her grandmother's house she's no longer there since Wednesday morning October 4th!!

    The Efteling has reported the "crime" at the local police office and its director Olaf Vugts said today: "Since it's animal day today we can make jokes about that she might have been eaten by the big bad wolf (another attraction in the Fairy Tale Forest, p.t.com) or that she went reading books with the gnomes since the Children's reading week (a Dutch event where children are being introduced to reading books or motivated to read more books, p.t.com), but actually we are really sad she disappeared. We think she has been removed after the park closed since it's hardly possible to do such a thing during opening hours."

    Even though The Efteling thinks it's a joke, the Little Red Riding Hood has been removed violently from its socle and her wooden shoe remained on the socle ... so the statue has at least been damaged ... and there also seems to be some blackmailing in the game for The Efteling to get back the statue.

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 1 comments!
  1. Ha die Thomas! Na al je reacties op ons reis-blog zal ik eerst maar eens een berichtje op jouw blog plaatsen! Bedankt voor je vrolijke commentaar en ik ben benieuwd naar je toekomstige Blog-entries! Groeten @vvin (Edwin:-)

    | Edwin | thursday 05 October 2006 at 19:03:04

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