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In the Belgian classics season, we've come to Ghent-Wevelgem 2024, which takes place this Sunday, with a combination of distance (253.1 km), a few cobbles (relatively few for a Belgian classic), plugstreets (a kind of white road) and a passage through hill country!

With outgoing winner Christophe Laporte - who crossed the line with Wout van Aert last year, absent due to illness, and Mathieu van der Poel already in fine form - as seen again in this week's E3 Saxo Classic, one wonders with whom the most Belgian of the Dutch will be vying for victory at Ghent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields in 2024!


The Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 route on Open Street Maps

From the start in Ypres, the course heads east towards Kortrijk, before returning to Moorslede. It's here that we've chosen to alternate dark blue for purple on the map, because for a short stretch, the riders will take the same route as on the outward journey, but this time in the opposite direction. The race then heads up the coast on a fairly flat, but potentially windy, course as far as Veurne and Adinkerke, before returning close to Ypres to head for the hill country.

Here we first find the Scherpenberg & Baneberg duo, followed by a first ascent of another duo, the Monteberg and the Kemmelberg by its less difficult side (Belvedère), before heading via Kemmel and Messines to the 3 plugstreets, Hill 63, Christmas Truce and The Catacombs.

Returning to the hill country, we finish the purple section of the map, to continue on the orange section, with the Monteberg and Kemmelberg (Belvedère) duo again, but this time the riders turn left at Kemmel, to go back for the other duo, that of Scherpenberg & Baneberg.

Crossing over to the last section, the red part on the map, they find the Kemmelberg on the final climb, but this time by its more difficult side (Ossuaire).

Via Ypres and Menen they then head for the finish in the Vanackerestraat in Wevelgem. As usual, the distance between the last climb and the finish is just under 35 kilometers, leaving plenty of time for sprinters to come back and fight for victory, but the race has also seen small-group finishes before, as with Wout van Aert and Christophe Laporte last year!

Below you'll find the timetable, Open Street Maps and profile for Ghent-Wevelgem 2024. Click on the images to open them.
The profile of Gent-Wevelgem 2024 The time- and route schedule of Gent-Wevelgem 2024 The Gent-Wevelgem 2024 race route

The Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 route in Google Earth

If you'd prefer to see the Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 route in Google Earth, for example to be able to take a virtual flyover of the route, I invite you to download it in Google Earth by clicking on the following link:

>> Download the Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 route in Google Earth (KML file)


The list of starters for Ghent-Wevelgem 2024

As mentioned in the introduction, Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Deceuninck) will be the race's top favorite, but he will still be up against names such as Olav Kooij (Team Visma | Lease a Bike) and Tim Merlier (Soudal Quick-Step) for example. The winner of Ghent-Wevelgem 2024 will be known at the end of the afternoon (the finish is scheduled between 4.20 and 4.52pm)

>> Starters list for Ghent-Wevelgem 2024

The results of Gent-Wevelgem 2024

>> Go to the Gand-Wevelgem 2024 entry in the UCI cycling calendar to find the race result!

door Thomas Vergouwen
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