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The Tour de France 2015 time trial in Utrecht on video!

Added: tuesday 23 June 2015 at 18:58:00
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    The Tour de France 2015 time trial in Utrecht on video!Are you impatiently waiting for the start of the Tour de France 2015 on 4 July? In that case you most probably know that it'll start with an individual time trial of 13.8 kilometers in the city of the Grand Départ, Utrecht in The Netherlands.

    If you don't know Utrecht, or if you'd like to know all the details of the race route the riders of the Tour will follow on Saturday 4 July, you've came to the right page! Indeed, in this article you'll find the race route of this time trial on video and ... in case you're in The Netherlands for the Tour (or if you're using Kinomap Trainer!), you can even do this almost completely flat track yourself, in my wheel!

    The time trial race route in Utrecht double filmed!

    A few weeks ago I went to Utrecht, to climb on my bike at 6AM! Uhm, yes, in order to show you the race route in the best possible conditions, I had to do it in low traffic conditions and on a Sunday morning at that time of the day the light, weather and traffic conditions were all united to film such a race route. Not sure however the conditions were that good for my fitness as well ;-).

    What's important however is that the mission succeeded with almost no single car on the track and almost all traffic lights flashing orange :). You can thus discover the race route in almost the same conditions as the riders of the Tour de France 2015 in 11 days in the video below! (you'll just have to imagine a few millions of people on the side of the road). For a total immersion this video shows a double image: the main image is my view from the bike, while the picture-in-picture is filmed from a following car and thus shows me on my bike :).

    (in order to go full screen, double click on the video)

    Participate in the time trial competition in Utrecht!

    The time trial in Utrecht with WahooThe Hoog Catharijne shopping center will be transformed into a small French mountain village at the occasion of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2015, from the 1st of July 10AM till Sunday 5 July 6PM. In this village, one can find several funny activities, including a time trial competition which will start on the 1st of July at 1PM and which will go on while the village is open.

    If you are in Utrecht in The Netherlands for the Tour, you should not miss this occasion to participate in the time trial competition based on these images (the images filmed from the following car will be used for this).

    The principle is quite simple: in the Hoog Catharijne shopping center, a halve circle is formed by 9 Specialized bikes mounted on a Wahoo KICKR hometrainer (see my product test) and each participant will see on his/her screen the images of the race route, his/her speed, his/her localisation on the race route, etc., while a big screen in the center will show the statistics of all participants, thus allowing to compare to the others.

    There are many Specialized prizes up for win and the overall winner will go off with a Wahoo KICKR!

    Will you be the one who does the fastest time on this race route? If you'd like to participate (costs: €7,50, knowing that you'll be offered a Grand Départ water bottle which costs 6€ and that you'll have a great time participating, all that with a chance to win some nice prizes!), check out montcatherine.nl (the block at the bottom left) for more information or go directly to this page to register.

    Of course you can also use Kinomap Trainer to train on this race route, but in that case you don't participate in the time trial competition.

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 4 comments!
  1. Ik volg met plezier deze site en ik heb veel respect voor de gedegen manier waarop de artikelen tot stand komen. Wat een goed idee om het tijdritparcours zo te filmen en dat ook te gebruiken voor een wedstrijd met home-trainers. Ik volg deze site omdat ik ondermeer op facebook een Culi Tour de Françe quiz organiseer ( dit jaar de derde editie ) en daarbij langs de route van de Tour speur naar allerlei zaken die met eten en drinken te maken hebben (kazen, wijnen, gerechten, de Franse manier van eten. Van te voren verken ik een aantal plekken. Daarbij is jullie site dus ook enorm behulpzaam. Met dank dus.

    | Hubert Haenen | tuesday 23 June 2015 at 20:00:15

  2. Leuk hoor, we gaan er zeker kijken!!

    | Wil Vergouwen | tuesday 23 June 2015 at 20:11:55

  3. Thank you so much, nice morning travel in Utrecht!

    | Sergey | saturday 27 June 2015 at 13:06:15

  4. I went for a visit today :)

    The video of the time trial by @velowire_com in Hoog Catharijne

    | Thomas Vergouwen | friday 03 July 2015 at 19:20:00

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