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Team presentation Gerolsteiner cycling team 2008

Added: wednesday 16 January 2008 at 0:03:00
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    Team presentation Gerolsteiner cycling team 2008After Cofidis, Rabobank, Caisse d'Epargne, Milram, Bouygues Telecom, Saunier Duval-Scott, Liquigas, Euskaltel-Euskadi, ... today it was Gerolsteiner's turn to present the cycling team for 2008 for the German mineral water brand.

    Gerolsteiner already announced in September that - as agreed in the contract between the mineral water supplier and the cycling team - 2008 will be the last cycling season in which Gerolsteiner will be visible in the pack. Gerolsteiner's main reason for this is the extension of the product range and the fact that cycling no longer touches the whole potential customer base of the brand.
    2008: the last year in which we'll see this Gerolsteiner shirt - © Thomas VergouwenHowever, Gerolsteiner keeps its promisses and continues until the end of 2008 with a full support of the Team Gerolsteiner and the team for 2008 could thus be presented today. Gerolsteiner, still one of the youngest teams, hired three new riders while four riders left the team.

    Among the new riders we find two neo-pros: the Italian Francesco De Bonis (25) and the Swiss Mathias Frank (21), and a rider coming from T-Mobile / Team High Road: the German Stefan Schreck (29).

    The other riders which stayed with the team are:
    Fabian Wegmann & Peter Wrolich at the team presentation for the Tour de France 2007 in London - © Thomas Vergouwen- Robert Förster (German, 27/01/1978)
    - Markus Fothen (German, 09/09/1981)
    - Thomas Fothen (German, 06/04/1983)
    - Johannes Fröhlinger (German, 09/06/1985)
    - Oscar Gatto (Italian, 01/01/1985)
    - Heinrich Haussler (German, 25/02/1984)
    - Tim Klinger (German, 22/09/1984)
    - Bernhard Kohl (Austrian, 04/01/1982)
    - Sven Krauß (German, 06/01/1983)
    - Sebastian Lang (German, 15/09/1979)
    - Andrea Moletta (Italian, 23/02/1979)
    - Volker Ordowski (German, 09/11/1973)
    - Davide Rebellin (Italian, 09/08/1971)
    - Matthias Russ (German, 14/11/1983)
    - Ronny Scholz (German, 24/04/1978)
    - Stefan Schumacher (German, 21/07/1981)
    - Tom Stamsnijder (Dutch, 15/05/1985)
    - Fabian Wegmann (German, 20/06/1980; German champion road 2007)
    - Carlo Westphal (German, 25/11/1985)
    - Peter Wrolich (Austrian, 30/05/1974)
    - Oliver Zaugg (Swiss, 09/05/1981)
    - Markus Zberg (Swiss, 27/06/1974)

    Hans-Michael Holczer, the team manager, especially focused on the successes in 2007 (despite a big number of young riders who joined the team at the start of the 2007 season) and on the fact that Team Gerolsteiner joined the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible (MPCC) and will continue in 2008 to defend the values of a doping-free cycling.

    Finally, he said that Team Gerolsteiner now really is a German team and is recognised as such in the cycling world. Granted: with no less than 15 German riders out of 25 we can definitely speak of a German team ...

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 2 comments!
  1. Ik vind het schitterend dat gerolsteiner nog blijft, vooral omdat een streekgenoot t.w. tom Stamsnijder, ook een twentenaar, deel van deze ploeg uitmaakt.
    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    Henk Scholten

    | Henk Scholten | thursday 17 January 2008 at 16:21:55

  2. Des rumeurs persistantes font état d'un nouveau partenariat entre Sportfive et l'équipe de Hans michael Holzer. Sportfive est spécialisée dans l'acquisition de droits sportifs en Allemagne, la société a recement été rachetée par le groupe Français Lagardere.

    | Etienne | sunday 29 June 2008 at 19:23:16

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