Friday 19 July 2013 at 23h23

As the last climb in the Alps, the Mont Semnoz will tomorrow be the decisive climb in the forelast stage of the Tour de France 2013.

In the series of videos of the most important climbs in the Alps of this Tour de France, you can now discover this unique climb which will allow to determine who's the best climber of this Tour the day before the final finish in Paris, at night.

After the start in Annecy, the riders will climb the Côte du Puget of the 2nd category at km 12.5 (5.4 km @ 5.9%), the Col de Leschaux of the 3rd category at km 17.5 (3.6 km @ 6.1%), the Côte d'Aillon-le-Vieux of the 3rd category at km 43 (6 km @ 4%), the Col des Prés of the 3rd category at km 51 (3.4 km @ 6.9%), the Mont Revard of the 1st category at km 78.5 (15.9 km @ 5.6%), before they start the hors catégory Mont Semnoz climb which will have its summit at the finish at km 125 (10.7 km @ 8.5%).

Due to a strike at the occasion of the only other climb of this mountain in 1998, this will be the first time it will be climbed in the race and award points for the King of the Mountains classification. And these points, like the others awarded on the other climbs of the day, will be important, because the top 5 of this classification is seperated by only 11 points, knowing that the points on the Semnoz will be doubled since it's a hors category mountain top finish.

Hereunder you can watch the video of the climb of the Mont Semnoz (you can let the video start at a specific point by moving the bike on the map to the place where you'd like to start it):

Please note that the road of the Tour (click to see it on Google Maps) starts at 3'40" in this video or, if you move the bike icon on the map, at the crossing of the D31 with the D5.

door Thomas Vergouwen
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There are 5 comments!
  1. waouhhhhhhhhhhhhh la descente :D On dirait une mobylette , quant a la montée du Semnoz ce serait avec plaisir mais en voiture , je n ai pas les jambes ni le souffle :( sympa la vidéo , parcourt que je connais tres tres bien ....dommage que c était brumeux , car il y a une superbe vue sur le mont blanc ;)

    | Nathalie Vaucaire | Friday 19 July 2013 om 23h56

  2. bonjour et un grand merci pour le partage de tes video j adore

    | philou | Saturday 20 July 2013 om 09h05

  3. quel dommage qu'il a plue hier ,c'était pourtant une très belle occasion pour le français pierre,de pouvoir la remportée...m'enfain c'est comme ça se jours-la était destiné au portuguais....pas de rencune ......tant que ça reste entres européens ne dit pas que les autres courreurs étrangers ne sont pas forts.....mais je reste en france et en europe....laurent de sarrians,le:20.07.2013....a:09h.05.06.

    | bauso.laurent. | Saturday 20 July 2013 om 09h05

  4. Merci , pour ces superbes vidéos , on comprend mieux la difficulté du Tour et cela donne envié de filmer ses propres randonnées

    | Rougé Michèle | Saturday 20 July 2013 om 14h48

  5. Belle initiative que cette étape du Semnoz le samedi...

    | Dom | Sunday 21 July 2013 om 02h05

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