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Tomorrow the Col de Manse will be climbed in the final part of the Tour stage - discover it in our video!

Added: monday 15 July 2013 at 12:09:00
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    Tomorrow the Col de Manse will be climbed in the final part of the Tour stage - discover it in our video!Early June, as every year, the Critérium du Dauphiné was organised by Amaury Sport Organisation, the same organisor as for the Tour. This race, which is a sort of miniature Tour de France, takes place in the Alps and for velowire.com this was thus the perfect occasion to cover the Critérium du Dauphiné 2013 and at the same time, in collaboration with Kinomap, go discover the main climbs of the Tour de France 2013 in the Alps.

    Now the 100th edition of the Grande Boucle enters the Alps, you'll discover day after day a video of the climb of these mountains.

    We'll start this series of course with the Col de Manse, from Gap via the N85 since that's the direction in which the riders of the Tour de France will climb the Col de Manse during tomorrow's Vaison-la-Romaine > Gap stage!

    Indeed, when they enter the city of Gap, the stage hasn't ended yet since an almost complete loop around the finish city will bring them to the climb of the Col de Manse.

    The climb actually already starts as soon as the riders leave the city of Gap on the N85 with parts going up to 12%, but officially the climb of the Col de Manse only starts when they turn right to the D944.
    This mountain is a 2nd category climb which is 9.5 km long and has an average slope of 5.2%.

    In order to discover the climb which might dynamite the race in the loop around the finish city Gap, velowire.com invites you to watch the video below (you can move the video to a specific location by moving the bike on the map):

    After this climb, the riders will descend the Col de Manse down to La Rochette where they'll turn right on the D314. In the video below this is the part until 3'54" where we see the road which turns right:

    If you'd like to see the complete race route of this stage, you can check it out on Google Maps!

    In the stage which starts in Gap and goes to the Alpe d'Huez, the riders will again climb the Col de Manse only a few kilometers after the start, but in the other direction. velowire.com will of course also allow you to discover that climb, which is much nicer to see, with a similar video!

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 4 comments!
  1. je vous souhaites une très bonne journée de récupérations et de bons repos bien mérrités a toute l'équipe de courreurs ciclistes du tours de france 2013...........et bonne fortune a ceulluie qui gagnera l'étape de demains ....... toujours prudances et bons réflex a toute l'équipe de france......et tout le reste du pelletons et la caravane du tours de france.....laurent de sarrians,le:15.07.2013.a:14h.46.36.

    | bauso.laurent. | monday 15 July 2013 at 14:46:54

  2. Bravo pour le sujet sur l'Equipe 21

    demain, une échappée au long cours où la grande bagarre

    Est-ce que Rolland peut partir de loin pour marquer des points au maillot à pois..

    | david G | monday 15 July 2013 at 17:16:14

  3. Laurent Fignon une nouvelle fois ... enterré !
    voir sur mon site..

    | HONORÉ BONNET | monday 15 July 2013 at 17:44:05

  4. voila une bonne chose de faite <<je suis très content que ce tours de france2013. soit terminé.....et je suis fiert de ce courreur de l'équipe de france qui a remporter l'étape de col des alpes .....vivement l'année prochaine pour la 101....èmes .....je remercie toute l'équipe de vélo wire....de m'avoir aqueillie dans son blog.....bonne vaccances et a l'année prochaine.......laurent,de sarrians....le:03.08.2013.a:18h.58.36.

    | bauso.laurent. | saturday 03 August 2013 at 19:01:16

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