Saturday 16 June 2007 at 02h48

Only 3 more weeks before the start of the Tour de France 2007 in London! For ASO (the company which organises the Tour de France) this is the perfect moment to launch a new version of the Tour website, .

CBNews already announced on March 19th that ASO had chosen Nurun (I still didn't find any confirmation about this anywhere else, not even on Nurun's own website) to completely redevelop the website and to use the most recent technologies available on the web (Flash, web 2.0 [isn't that that overhyped 2006/2007 word?! ;-)] and AJAX) in order to improve the design and the performance of the website and to allow providing more detailed information through this site.

ASO even goes a step further in the press release it published concerning the launch of the new website by saying that the Tour de France 2007 "can be seen on television, can be read about in the press, can be listened to on the radio and now may be discovered in detail on the Internet".

the new version of

The design and accessibility of the information have definitely been improved (even though it still contains some bugs and though I would have made the menus collapse as soon as you roll your mouse over them) and some new elements have been added, such as a tourist guide containing all Tour stages, but also some information on how Tour arrival or departure cities are selected. Of course you can still find all information about the different stages and so on, but these elements have also been redesigned and the way they're presented seems to be much easier to use (even though I don't like the use of the drop-down list for stage selection).
The website is available in French, English, German and Spanish.

From July 7th, the website goes to its "live" version on which it will be possible to follow the different stages live (rider intervals, news about the riders, interviews, and so on) and after the finish of the stage of course with the result of the stage, the different rankings and quotes of the riders who contributed most to the stage of the day.

Another new thing is that the Tour de France has decided to integrate more videos in its website and ASO has decided to work together with ... YouTube for that! According to the press release there will be a dedicated Tour de France channel on YouTube, but if you take a look at YouTube right now you can't find it yet ... The launch of this "channel" is probably related to the rumours about the launch of YouTube in Europe, starting with France on June 19th (confirmed by the domain name registration) ...

The old website is still accessible at the time of writing (as long as you know the exact address ;-).

What do you think of the new version of Please let me know by using the comment form below!!

door Thomas Vergouwen
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There are 4 comments!
  1. Salut Thomas,

    J'ai découvert celà hier soir.... Même pas eu le temps de faire un article sur mon blog...Pour info le guide officiel est paru (trouvé hier en librairie)...

    | Pascal ORSINI | Saturday 16 June 2007 om 10h36

  2. A noter aussi le supplément de La France Cycliste spécial Tour.
    En ce qui concerne le site moi je le trouve pas mal, avec plus de choses intéressantes comme le guide touristique mais surtout l'article sur la construction et sur les médias.
    Je trouve donc ça trés bien, y'a juste un truc qui me plait pas, le déplacement des indications kilométriques dans les itinéraires horaires. Je trouve que c'était mieux avant.

    | Harry | Saturday 16 June 2007 om 12h07

  3. Ah oui, ça c'était mieux avant effectivement. Je trouve d'ailleurs aussi un peu dommage qu'il n'y a plus de version adaptée à l'impression des itinéraires horaires d'ailleurs ... bon, pour l'instant elles sont encore disponibles à l'ancien format, mais ça ne va pas durer je pense ...

    | Thomas Vergouwen | Saturday 16 June 2007 om 12h30

  4. La chaîne Tour de France sur YouTube a maintenant été ajoutée : on la trouve sur et il y a une petite bannière en haut des pages sur qui y renvoit directement ...

    | Thomas Vergouwen | tuesday 19 June 2007 om 00h10

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