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Tomorrow, the Grand Prix Cycliste La Marseillaise 2012 will as usual be the opening race of the French and even the European cycling season! The day before the race seemed to be a good time to have a look at the list of participating riders, after the meeting of the directeurs sportifs which took place at the end of the afternoon today.

Jérémy Roy who won the race last year will not be at the start. Who will follow-up on him for the title of this race which starts and finishes in Marseille?

The participating riders in the Grand Prix La Marseillaise: 17 teams

The 17 teams which participate in La Marseillaise can each come to the start with 8 riders and the peloton will thus contain 136 riders.

Most of them come from France (82 riders or 60.29%), followed by Belgium with 28 riders (20.59%), The Netherlands with 8 riders (5.88%) and Italy and Lithuania with 3 riders each (2.38%). The other riders come from Ireland (2), Luxembourg, Poland, Austria (1), Spain, Estonia, the UK, Latvia and Slovenia.


FDJ BigMat

Kenny ElissondeThe FDJ BigMat team will wear the first numbers in this race because its previous winner, Jérémy Roy, rides for this team. However, the rider from Tours will not be at the start, his directeur sportif most probably was afraid he wanted to win it again! (see the whole story in the article Opening race of the European cycling season: the Grand Prix Cycliste La Marseillaise 2012, its race route on Google Maps/Google Earth and the participating teams)

Therefore, his brand new team mate Kenny Elissonde, who presented the new jersey of the team at the FDJ BigMat team presentation in December, will wear number 1 in this race!

001/ Kenny ElissondeFRA
002/ Arnaud GérardFRA
003/ Anthony GeslinFRA
004/ Arnold JeannessonFRA
005/ Rémi PauriolFRA
006/ Cédric PineauFRA
007/ Thibaut PinotFRA
008/ Arthur VichotFRA

Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team

Lieuwe WestraFor the Dutch Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team, Romain Feillu won the sprint of the peloton for the 3rd place today and continued a good start of the season a few weeks later in the Tour Med. Would the French sprinter have better chances of winning the first race of the season tomorrow?

011/ Kris BoeckmansBEL
012/ Romain FeilluFRA
013/ Martijn KeizerNLD
014/ Björn LeukemansBEL
015/ Bert Jan LindemanNLD
016/ Marco MarcatoITA
017/ Frederik VeuchelenBEL
018/ Lieuwe WestraNLD

Cofidis, Le Crédit en Ligne

Samuel DumoulinThe team from the north of France which chose to have an even more red jersey will be at the start of La Marseillaise with a team which was part of the 2012 team presentation yesterday. After a trip by TGV and a good night of rest, the team went for a recognition ride this morning ...

Samuel Dumoulin indicated on Twitter that the weather conditions weren't very good: Recognition ride this morning between fog, wet roads, dangerous descents and repeated climbs. I hope there will be less clouds tomorrow. The sky was indeed quite grey this morning but the weather got a little bit better in Marseille this afternoon. The weather forecast for tomorrow is quite similar so after maybe a fresh start it can only get better during the day.

Here are the 8 riders of the Cofidis team:

021/ Yoann BagotFRA
022/ Rein TaaramaeEST
023/ Samuel DumoulinFRA
024/ Rémy di GregorioFRA
025/ Nicolas EdetFRA
026/ Arnaud LabbeFRA
027/ Jean-Eudes DemaretFRA
028/ Romain ZingleBEL

Project 1t4i

Thierry HupondThe Skil-Shimano got a name change during the interseason and will temporarily be known as Project 1t4i, for team spirit - inspiration - integrity - improvement - innovation. You will however not have much time to get used to this name and to the new shirt of the Dutch team because their future sponsor, a big European multinational, will soon be announced and will than take over on the cryptic code name they're using in the mean time.

Tomorrow, the team will however get to the start with this name and shirt with 5 French riders, one Belgian rider and 2 Dutch riders:

031/ Thomas DamuseauFRA
032/ Yann HuguetFRA
033/ Thomas BonninFRA
034/ Matthieu SprickFRA
035/ Thierry HupondFRA
036/ Bert de BackerBEL
037/ Tom StamsnijderNLD
038/ Ronan van ZandbeekNLD


Team Europcar

Anthony CharteauThe French team from Vendée will be at the start of La Marseillaise with 7 French riders. Will they all be there to help the Italian Davide Malacarne who will do his first race for the Europcar Team tomorrow and who's the big hope for this race for the team?

041/ Giovanni BernaudeauFRA
042/ Anthony CharteauFRA
043/ Angelo TulikFRA
044/ Alexandre PichotFRA
045/ Jérôme CousinFRA
046/ Tony HurelFRA
047/ Vincent JérômeFRA
048/ Davide MalacarneITA


Bobbie TrakselThe Belgian Landbouwkrediet team loves to participate in French races. This will again be the case tomorrow in La Marseillaise with a team made up of 5 Belgian riders, two Dutch and one Lithuanian:

051/ Bert De WaeleBEL
052/ Frédéric AmorisonBEL
053/ Koen BarbéBEL
054/ Dirk BellemakersNLD
055/ Egidijus JuodvalkisLIT
056/ Bobbie TrakselNLD
057/ Davy CommeyneBEL
058/ Kurt HovelijnckBEL

AG2R La Mondiale

Anthony RavardThe French team from Chambéry will come to the start with their sprinter, Anthony Ravard. Around him there will be a team of 6 French riders and one guy from Luxembourg, Ben Gastauer:

061/ Anthony RavardFRA
062/ Romain BardetFRA
063/ Guillaume BonnafondFRA
064/ Maxime BouetFRA
065/ Mikael CherelFRA
066/ Ben GastauerLUX
067/ Lloyd MondoryFRA
068/ Hubert DupontFRA


Nicolas RousseauLast year in La Marseillaise, Sylvain Georges (than riding for BigMat-Auber 93, now for AG2R La Mondiale) got in the breakaway and ended the race second, behind Jérémy Roy and just ahead of the peloton.

Will one of these 8 riders (be able to) do the same tomorrow?

071/ Romain BaconFRA
072/ Nicolas RousseauFRA
073/ Guillaume FauconFRA
074/ Johan MombaertsFRA
075/ Ronan RacaultFRA
076/ Benoit DrujonFRA
077/ Jonathan ThiréFRA
078/ Steven TronetFRA


Topsport Vlaanderen-Mercator

Preben van HeckeThe Belgian Topsport Vlaanderen-Mercator team again recruited quite a lot of new riders for the 2012 season and some of these new names will thus be at the start in Marseille tomorrow:

081/ Pieter SerryBEL
082/ Sander ArméeBEL
083/ Dominique CornuBEL
084/ Jelle WallaysBEL
085/ Laurens de VreeseBEL
086/ Pieter VanspeybrouckBEL
087/ Preben Van HeckeBEL
088/ Steven Van VoorenBEL


Dimitri ChampionDimitri Champion, champion of France in 2009 wearing the jersey of this team, makes his comeback in the Bretagne-Schuller team after having spent 2 years with AG2R La Mondiale. He'll be at the start of La Marseillaise tomorrow with the jersey of the team from Brittany which bleached in the interseason! The team will also have the second rider with the name Malacarne in the peloton, this time he's French and has Gaël as his first name.

091/ Florian VachonFRA
092/ Romain HardyFRA
093/ Jean-Marc BideauFRA
094/ Jean-Luc DelpechFRA
095/ Laurent PichonFRA
096/ Dimitri ChampionFRA
097/ Armindo FonsecaFRA
098/ Gaël MalacarneFRA

Team Type 1-Sanofi

Laszlo BodrogiThe American team which tries to inform the public about diabetes and the fact that you can do sports even if you have this disease, hired quite a lot of French people for this season, both for its riders (Rémi Cusin, Julien El Farès from Cofidis and Julien Antomarchi from VC La Pomme Marseille) but also for its staff with Frédéric Moncassin becoming one of their directeurs sportifs.

Tomorrow the team will also have some faces which were already part of the team last year with for example Bodrogi and Kocjan:

101/ Laszlo BodrogiFRA
102/ Rémi CusinFRA
103/ Julien El FarèsITA
104/ Julien AntomarchiFRA
105/ Javier Megias LealESP
106/ Jure KocjanSLO
107/ Daniele ColliITA
108/ Georg PreidlerAUT


Jérémie GallandAnother nice French team at the start of La Marseillaise tomorrow will be Saur-Sojasun:

111/ Anthony DelaplaceFRA
112/ Jérémie GallandFRA
113/ Jonathan HivertFRA
114/ David Le LayFRA
115/ Cyril LemoineFRA
116/ Stéphane PoulhièsFRA
117/ Julien SimonFRA
118/ Yannick TalabardonFRA


Stefan van DijkThe Belgian team slightly changed its name to better show off the activity of its sponsor Accent. Leif Hoste is one of the riders who joined the Belgian team (coming from Katusha Team), just like Kevyn Ista, coming from Cofidis.

121/ Stefan van DijkNLD
122/ Leif HosteBEL
123/ Kevyn IstaBEL
124/ Wim de VochtBEL
125/ Andy CappelleBEL
126/ Jempy (Jean-Pierre) DruckerLUX
127/ Staf ScheirlinckxBEL
128/ Rob GorisBEL

Roubaix-Lille Métropole

Julien GuayThe other team from the north of France, Roubaix-Lille Métropole, will be at the start with 8 French riders:

131/ Anthony ColinFRA
132/ Loic DesriacFRA
133/ Pierre DrancourtFRA
134/ Denis FlahautFRA
135/ Julien GuayFRA
136/ Morgan KneiskyFRA
137/ Kevin LalouetteFRA
138/ Fabien SchmidtFRA

La Pomme Marseille

Yohan CauquilThe local team will be at the start with some well known names for this team and will without any doubt want to show off its colours in this race which has a name quite similar to its own name:

141/ Yohan CauquilFRA
142/ Mathieu DelarozièreFRA
143/ Yannick MartinezFRA
144/ Toms SkujinsLET
145/ Evaldas SiskeviciusLIT
146/ Benjamin GiraudFRA
147/ Grégoire TarrideFRA
148/ Clément KoretzkyFRA

An Post-Sean Kelly

The An Post-Sean Kelly team should be very happy to again be at the start of La Marseillaise. Indeed, last year, the whole team arrived after the time limit! One thing is for sure, the team can only do better this year!

151/ Niko EeckhoutBEL
152/ Kenneth van BilsenBEL
153/ Pieter GhyllebertBEL
154/ Gediminas BagdonasLTU
155/ Sean DowneyIRL
156/ Mark McNallyUK
157/ Stijn EnnekensBEL
158/ Ronan McLaughlinIRL


Véranda Rideau-Super U

Freddy BichotThis French team is the result of a collaboration of two amateur teams: Véranda Rideau-Sarthe which was a DN1 team and which provides 6 riders to the new team and USSA Pavilly-Barentin which was DN2 and provides 3 riders. In addition to those riders, Justin Jules (coming from VC La Pomme-Marseille) and Arnaud Molmy (last year riding for BigMat-Auber 93) are two of the three riders who joined the team and who will be at the start of La Marseillaise tomorrow.

161/ Freddy BichotFRA
162/ Justin JulesFRA
163/ Arnaud MolmyFRA
164/ Frank VermeulenFRA
165/ Benoît JarrierFRA
166/ Guillaume MalleFRA
167/ Tomasz OlejnikPOL
168/ Michael OlejnikPOL

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