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Since 10 years now, the operation Cadets Juniors is a big success in the Tour de France. Thanks to this operation, 4 cadets (15/16 years old) and 4 juniors (17/18 years old) can live one dream day in the most famous cycling race in the world.

This year, ASO has decided to extend this operation to the most important other stage races organised by the company from Issy-les-Moulineaux: Paris-Nice, the Critérium International, the Critérium du Dauphiné and as usual the Tour de France. Last Sunday, the 2011 season of this operation thus already started.

The principle of the Cadets Juniors operation

The Cadets Juniors operation, sponsored by Culture Vélo, allows young riders to live a day as if they were pro cyclists.

After the official welcome by someone from ASO, the young riders join -in their official racing kit provided by the sponsor of the operation- the podium where they sign in just like the pro riders, while the official speaker, Daniel Mangeas, presents them to the people who came to assist to the start.

Les Cadets JuniorsIn the Tour de France they than ride the first 30 kilometers of the stage before getting into the cars which are part of the advertising caravan. They than get back on their bike for the last 30 kilometers before they cross the finish line and climb on the podium. It's not a race and the idea is thus for them to ride together and not against each other!

During Paris-Nice the programme is slightly different: indeed, they assist to the presentation / sign-in of the professional riders and to the start of the race before riding a lap of the local circuit for the 1st and 7th stage and the last 19.5 kilometers for the 4th stage. After their finish they assist, like in the Tour, to the finish of the stage first row.

Last Sunday, the first Cadets Juniors thus rode on the roads of Paris-Nice 2011. Their routes for the 3 stages where the operation is set up during Paris-Nice 2011 (for more information about the official race route, I'd recommend you to discover my article The 2011 Paris-Nice race route on Google Maps/Google Earth) are as follows:
Les Cadets Juniors> 1st stage - Houdan > Houdan : one lap of the short circuit (24 km) between 12.00 and 12.45 from the start to the finish in Houdan
> 4th stage - Crêches-sur-Saône > Belleville : the last 19.5 kilometers from Chénas to the finish in Belleville from 2.45PM and 3.45PM
> 7th stage - Brignoles > Biot-Sophia Antipolis : one lap of the circuit around Biot (18.5 km) between 2.40PM and 3.20PM with start and finish from the finish line in Biot

The young riders who will participate are:

    1st stage - Houdan > Houdan

    Cadets :
    - Thomas Viera (ESD Houdannais)
    - Pierre Ronxain (ESD Houdannais)
    - Charles Gotchac (UC Gambaisienne)
    - Alexis Brumard (UC Gambaisienne)

    Juniors :
    - Anthony Viera (ESD Houdannais)
    - Rémi Lopez (ESD Houdannais)
    - Maxime Grasdepot (US Poigny Rambouillet)
    - Loïc Le Guyader (US Poigny Rambouillet)
  • Les Cadets Juniors avec Culture Vélo

    4th stage - Crêches-sur-Saône > Belleville

    (all Union Cycliste Bellevilloise)
    Cadets :
    - Maxence Colvray
    - Antoine Ponsard
    - Rémy Serrurier
    - Camille Vincent

    Juniors :
    - Damien Charreyron
    - Amandin Colvray
    - Cédric Depardon
    - Anthony Laubal

    7th stage - Brignoles > Biot-Sophia Antipolis

    - Quentin Charme (ACAM Team)
    - Mathilde Seguin (ACAM Team)
    - Florian Seguin (ACAM Team)

    - Jérémy Cuanon (ACAM Team)
    - Enzo Orlando (ACAM Team)
    - Thomas Poli (ACAM Team)
    - Rodolphe Von Berg (OCC Antibes)

>> You can also join the Cadets Juniors on Facebook !

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