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Will Marly-Gomont become a well-known town?

Added: sunday 22 October 2006 at 17:28:00
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    Will Marly-Gomont become a well-known town?and Kamini as well?

    Kamini, an unknown young French rapper (26 years old) from a small town named Marly-Gomont in the Aisne département in the Picardie region has managed to put himself and his small hometown in the picture.

    His song, only available - accompanied of a clip which clearly shows the elements of his life he sings about - on the Internet, has become a big success in France and is being spread in a viral way by people (Kamini already has about 2600 friends on MySpace) who send an e-mail to their friends after having watched the clip with titles such as 'Fantastic', 'Amazing', 'Great', et cetera and in their message the link to his website with the clip.


    Kamini sings about his live in Marly-Gomont, a town with more cows than people and mainly composed of pasture and agriculture land (the Aisne département is the first most important French producer of beets, the second most important French producer of wheat and the fourth most important French producer of cereals); he also sings about the fact that the average age in his town is about 65 years, that only one 'black' family lives in the town and that that happens to be his family ... His song starts with the words Je viens pas de la cité mais le beat est bon, je viens pas de Paname mais de Marly Gomont and the meaning of the songtext is clearly shown through the images of the clip.

    Curious about this clip? Good news ... you can have a look at it here!

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 1 comments!
  1. Lachen hoor! Wanneer doet Ali B of zijn neefje dat voor Breda of nog beter voor Heusdenhout ;-)

    | Meggie | sunday 22 October 2006 at 18:33:05

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