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The selected riders for the different teams of the Giro d'Italia 2009 - with the numbers

Added: wednesday 06 May 2009 at 1:12:00
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    The selected riders for the different teams of the Giro d'Italia 2009 - with the numbers

    update 8 May: riders' numbers have been added and some last minute changes
    With only a few days to go before the start of the Giro d'Italia 2009, the 100-year edition of the Tour of Italy, from Venice, the selections of riders for the different teams are being announced one by one.

    In this article you'll find the full selections of all teams and as soon as they will be available their numbers will be added as well.

    The participating riders are shown below per team in the full list of teams which are organised by country.


    Acqua e Sapone
    This team will be at the start of the Italian race with a team which is fully composed of Italian riders. Their leader will be Stefano Garzelli, the rider who won the race in 2000 and who's seen as a serious candidate for a new victory.

    The riders are:
    > 1/ Stefano Garzelli
    > 2/ Dario Andriotto
    > 3/ Massimo Codol
    > 4/ Alessandro Donati
    > 5/ Francesco Failli
    > 6/ Ruggero Marzoli
    > 7/ Andrea Masciarelli
    > 8/ Francesco Masciarelli
    > 9/ Luca Paolini Giuseppe Palumbo

    Dario CioniThe selection of this pro continental team is as follows:

    > 91/ Giovanni Visconti
    > 92/ Oscar Gatto
    > 93/ Dario David Cioni (photo)
    > 94/ Ian Dexter Stannard
    > 95/ Andrey Grivko
    > 96/ Dmytro Grabovskyy
    > 97/ Bartosz Huzarski
    > 98/ Leonardo Scarselli
    > 99/ Ruslan Pidgornyy

    directeurs sportifs: Luca Scinto and Yuri Zayats

    Lampre NGCLampre NGC
    For the Giro d'Italia this Italian team has announced its selection of riders (exclusively Italians) in numbers: 9 riders, 2 directeurs sportifs, 3 mechanics, 5 masseurs, 2 doctors, 1 driver, 2 press officers and 1 manager.

    And the list of numbers continues with:
    - 34: the age of the oldest rider of the team (Bruseghin)
    - 9: the number of participations of the rider who has the biggest number of participations in the Tour of Italy (Bruseghin as well)
    - 25: the age of the youngest rider (Bono)
    - 29: the average age of the team
    - 1: there's only one rider who participates in the Giro for the first time: Da Dalto
    - and concerning the physical aspects of the riders: the biggest rider of the team is Bruseghin with his 182 cm while the smallest rider is Tiralongo with 168 cm (for an average length of 173,6 cm); Bruseghin and Da Dalto are the heaviest riders (70 kg) and Tiralongo the lightest (56 kg) (for an average weight of 62,7 kg)

    Damiano CuneoThis is the list of selected riders:
    > 101/ Damiano Cunego (photo)
    > 102/ Matteo Bono
    > 103/ Marzio Bruseghin
    > 104/ Mauro Da Dalto
    > 105/ Enrico Gasparotto
    > 106/ Pietro Caucchioli Francesco Gavazzi
    > 107/ Marco Marzano
    > 108/ Manuele Mori
    > 109/ Paolo Tiralongo

    Il Piccolo Principe or the Little Prince, Damiano Cunego (photo), is one of the favorites for this Giro. He anwsered the question whether he can win the Giro by saying: I have no idea, I know that I'm one of the favorites but I'll only know what I'm capable of once the Giro has started.

    directeurs sportifs: Brent Copeland and Fabrizio Bontempi
    doctors: Guardascione and Andreazzoli
    mechanics: Biron, Cambiè and Pengo
    masseurs: Bertolone, Borgognoni, Capelli, Della Torre and Inselvini
    driver: Bozzolo
    press officers: Andrea Appiani and Carlo Saronni

    Francesco Gavazzi and Massimiliano Mori are on the list of potential replacement riders.

    This Italian team has a solid and balanced selection which can make the difference both in the flat and mountain stages according to manager Roberto Amadio.
    The team has two leaders: Ivan Basso (who according to Lance Armstrong is the biggest favorite for the Giro 2009) and Franco Pellizotti.

    Manuel QuinziatoThe list of participants for Liquigas is as follows:

    the two leaders
    > 111/ Ivan Basso
    > 115/ Franco Pellizotti

    the experienced riders
    > 113/ Kjell Carlström
    > 116/ Manuel Quinziato (photo)
    > 117/ Gorazd Stangelj
    > 119/ Alessandro Vanotti

    the climbers
    > 112/ Valerio Agnoli
    > 114/ Vladimir Miholjevic
    > 118/ Sylwester Szmyd

    Daniele Bennati is not fully recovered of his fall in the Tirreno-Adriatico and can thus not participate in the Giro.

    directeurs sportifs: next to Roberto Amadio we'll find Stefano Zanatta and Mario Chiesa


    AG2R La MondialeAG2R La Mondiale
    In its press release the French team said the AG2R La Mondiale team will be at the start of the Giro d'Italia with as its ambition to have a rider in the top ten and to win at least one stage. Vincent Lavenu's team will be led by Tadej Valjavec (photo) who really should be able to get a good position in the general ranking.

    Tadej ValjavecHere's the list of riders:
    > 11/ Tadej Valjavec
    > 12/ Alexander Efimkin (according to the Giro website this should be Vladimir Efimkin but AG2R La Mondiale's press release and press kit say it's Alexander)
    > 13/ Sébastien Hinault
    > 14/ Yuriy Krivtsov
    > 15/ Julien Loubet
    > 16/ Renaud Dion Alexandr Pliuschin
    > 17/ Jean-Charles Sénac
    > 18/ Blaise Sonnery
    > 19/ Ludovic Turpin Guillaume Bonnafond

    with Nicolas Rousseau as reserve

    directeurs sportifs : Vincent Lavenu, Laurent Biondi and Arturas Kasputis

    BBox Bouygues TelecomBBox Bouygues Telecom
    Thomas VoecklerThe team from the French department Vendée will be led by Thomas Voeckler (photo), who's back after his double fracture of the collarbone (following a fall in the stage going to Montagne de Lure in Paris-Nice 2009) as he has already shown by winning the Trophée des Grimpeurs in Argenteuil last Sunday.

    > 41/ Julien Belgy
    > 42/ Steve Chainel
    > 43/ Yohann Gene
    > 44/ Saïd Haddou
    > 45/ Guillaume Le Floch Perrig Quemeneur
    > 46/ Evgeny Sokolov
    > 47/ Matthieu Sprick
    > 48/ Johann Tschopp
    > 49/ Thomas Voeckler

    directeurs sportifs : Christian Guiberteau and Jean-François Rodriguez


    Levi LeipheimerLance Armstrong's initial goal was to win the Giro d'Italia, but after his fall in the Vuelta a Castilla y León and the fracture of his collarbone, his current goal is to win a stage. The leader of the team is his compatriot Levi Leipheimer (photo), winner of the Tour of California and the Vuelta a Castilla y León.

    > 21/ Lance Armstrong
    > 22/ Janez Brajkovic
    > 23/ Christopher Horner
    > 24/ Levi Leipheimer
    > 25/ Steve Morabito
    > 26/ Daniel Navarro Garcia
    > 27/ Yaroslav Popovych
    > 28/ Jose Luis Rubiera
    > 29/ Andrey Zeits


    Christopher FroomeThis English team with a South-African sponsor recently announced that from the start of the Giro, a new sponsor's logo will appear on the shirt and short of the riders: Caffitaly, an Italian provider of coffee machines.

    The two leaders of the team are Juan Mauricio Soler Hernandez, the king of the mountains in the Tour de France 2007, for the mountain stages and Robert Hunter for the sprints. Christopher Froome (photo) and John-Lee Augustyn will be there to help Soler.

    > 31/ Juan Mauricio Soler Hernandez
    > 32/ John Lee Augustyn
    > 33/ Francesco Bellotti
    > 34/ Diego Caccia
    > 35/ Felix Rafael Cardenas Ravalo
    > 36/ Giampaolo Cheula
    > 37/ Christopher Froome (foto)
    > 38/ Robert Hunter
    > 39/ Paolo Longo Borghini

    reserve: Geraint Thomas


    Caisse d'EpargneJoaquim RodriguezCaisse d'Epargne
    3 French, 5 Spanish and one Belorussian rider for this Spanish team with a French sponsor:

    > 51/ David Arroyo
    > 52/ Arnold Jeannesson
    > 53/ Vasil Kiryienka
    > 54/ Pablo Lastras Garcia
    > 55/ David Lopez Garcia
    > 56/ Francisco Perez Sanchez
    > 57/ Mathieu Perget
    > 58/ Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (photo)
    > 59/ Anthony Charteau

    Fuji ServettoFuji Servetto
    This team was initially not invited to participate in the Giro because of its doping history when the team was still known as Saunier Duval-Scott, but it finally managed to get its invitation anyway. This team also recently announced a new logo will appear on the rider's shirts: Bauli Globo, an Italian provider of suitcases.

    Jesus del NeroThe team's leaders will be Eros Capecchi and the Swedish rider Fredrik Kessiakoff who recently showed his good shape in the Tour de Romandie where he took the 4th place in the mountain stage and the 9th place in the general ranking.

    > 71/ Iker Camaño Ortuzar
    > 72/ Eros Capecchi
    > 73/ Davide Vigano
    > 74/ Ángel Gomez Gomez
    > 75/ Jesús del Nero Montes (photo)
    > 76/ Héctor González Baeza
    > 77/ Alberto Fernández de la Puebla
    > 78/ Fredrik Kessiakoff
    > 79/ Ricardo Serrano Gonzalez

    reserve: Josep Jufre

    directeurs sportifs: Stefano Zanini, Sabino Angoitia and Daniele Nardello

    Xacobeo GaliciaXacobeo-Galicia
    This team's selection is as follows:
    > 211/ Carlos Castaño Panadero Serafin Martinez Acevedo
    > 212/ Gustavo César Veloso
    > 213/ David García Dapena
    > 214/ Vladimir Isaychev
    > 215/ Gonzalo Rabuñal Ríos
    > 216/ Delio Fernández Cruz
    > 217/ Iban Mayoz Etxeberría
    > 218/ Marcos García Fernández
    > 219/ Eduard Vorganov


    Cervélo TestTeamCervélo TestTeam
    Jean-Paul van Poppel, the Dutch directeur sportif of this Swiss team with a Canadian sponsor declared on 28 April: We are going for a top result in the GC (General Classification) with the leader and Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre (photo). We will get support from the entire team to reach a top three place in the GC. Another target is a stage win during the 100 anniversary edition of the Giro. With Simon Gerrans, who won a stage last year in the Tour de France and who has shown great performances this spring, the team has a good candidate to win a stage, though we also have Philip Deignan and Hayden Roulston as potential stage winners.

    Carlos Sastre
    The Norvegian sprinter Thor Hushovd finally decided not to participate in the Giro and to focus on the Tour de France by saying: I had a hard classic season and need a good break. After that, I will start building up my shape slowly for my next big goal, the Tour de France. For the Giro, I would have had to be ready right from the beginning of the race, but I haven't had enough time to prepare.

    Here's the list of selected riders:
    > 61/ Carlos Sastre (photo)
    > 62/ Philip Deignan
    > 63/ Simon Gerrans
    > 64/ Volodymir Gustov
    > 65/ Jeremy Hunt
    > 66/ Edward - Ted - King
    > 67/ Ignatas Konovalovas
    > 68/ Hayden Roulston Daniel Lloyd (due to ankle problems Hayden Roulston can not participate)
    > 69/ Serge Pauwels

    directeurs sportifs : Jean-Paul van Poppel, Jens Zemke and Marcello Albasini

    United States

    Garmin SlipstreamGarmin Slipstream
    Christian Vande Velde (photo), who was last year (after the team time trial) the first American rider since 1988 to wear the pink jersey, will of course be at the start to defend with his team mates the victory in the team time trial they got last year.

    Matt White, director of the team said about his Giro selection: we have put together an impressive selection of riders for the Giro d'Italia and we have some important goals. The team has trained a lot for this race and we would of course like to get the pink jersey again, even though our main goal is simply to have some good results.
    Christian Vandevelde
    The selection of riders was very difficult, as usual for the Grand Tours: when you see a rider like Ryder Hesjedal who had a perfect start of the season, we of course wanted him to be on the team but we have to keep in mind our number one goal to help Christian in the Tour de France and thus make sure Ryder is fresh in July because he will be an important element at that time

    Here's the selection:
    > 81/ Tom Danielson
    > 82/ Julian Dean
    > 83/ Tyler Farrar
    > 84/ Cameron Meyer
    > 85/ David Millar
    > 86/ Danny Pate
    > 87/ Christian Vande Velde (photo)
    > 88/ Bradley Wiggins
    > 89/ David Zabriskie

    ColumbiaColumbia Highroad
    Mark Cavendish (photo), winner of two stages in the Giro d'Italia last year, will again be this team's leader. To be able to win one or more stages in a sprint Cavendish can count on Mark Renshaw and Edvald Boasson Hagen to put him in a perfect spot for the sprint.
    Mark CavendishTwo riders will try to get a good position in the general ranking: the time trial specialist who wore the pink jersey for four days in 2007, Marco Pinotti, and the Swedish rider Thomas Lökvist.

    > 171/ Michael Barry
    > 172/ Edvald Boasson Hagen
    > 173/ Mark Cavendish (photo)
    > 174/ Thomas Lövkvist
    > 175/ Marco Pinotti
    > 176/ Morris Possoni
    > 177/ Mark Renshaw
    > 178/ Michael Rogers
    > 179/ Kanstantsin Siutsou


    LPR Brakes - Farnese Vini
    This team's leaders for the Italian race will be Italian: the sprinter Alessandro Petacchi and the Giro 2007 winner Danilo di Luca.

    > 121/ Danilo di Luca
    > 122/ Gabriele Bosisio
    > 123/ Riccardo Chiarini
    > 124/ Giairo Ermeti
    > 125/ Jure Golcer
    > 126/ Matteo Montaguti
    > 127/ Alessandro Petacchi
    > 128/ Daniele Pietropolli
    > 129/ Alessandro Spezialetti


    Quick StepQuick Step
    The Belgian team will go to the start of the Giro with three Belgian riders: Kevin Seeldraeyers (2nd participation) who wants to get some good results in the mountains, Dries Devenyns and Kevin Hulsmans (1st participation).
    Allan Davis
    A Dutch rider, Addy Engels, will also be at the start and thus break the record of the highest number of participations for a Dutch rider: 7 since the start of his career.

    The Italian race will also see four Italian riders in this Belgian team: Dario Cataldo who won the Baby Giro in 2006, Mauro Facci, Francesco Reda (1st participation) and the neo-pro Davide Malacarne.

    The Australian Allan Davis (photo), winner of the Tour Down Under, completes the team.

    Luca Guercilena, the team's directeur sportif together with Davide Bramati, said: we have a young team in this Giro, ready to attack. The average age of our team is 26. It's a good selection with some high potential riders such as Kevin Seeldraeyers, white jersey winner in Paris-Nice. Our goal is to attack as often as possible.

    > 131/ Allan Davis (photo)
    > 132/ Dario Cataldo
    > 133/ Dries Devenyns
    > 134/ Addy Engels
    > 135/ Mauro Facci
    > 136/ Francesco Reda
    > 137/ Kevin Hulsmans
    > 138/ Kevin Seeldrayers
    > 139/ Davide Malacarne

    Silence LottoSilence Lotto
    This second Belgian team, with Marc Sergeant as its manager, has selected the following riders:
    Christophe Brandt> 161/ Christophe Brandt (foto)
    > 162/ Francis de Greef
    > 163/ Bart Dockx
    > 164/ Philippe Gilbert
    > 165/ Pieter Jacobs
    > 166/ Jonas Ljungblad
    > 167/ Olivier Kaisen
    > 168/ Jelle Vanendert
    > 169/ Charles Wegelius

    directeurs sportifs: Dirk De Wolf and Roberto Damiani

    The Netherlands

    The only Dutch team at the start of the Giro d'Italia 2009 will go to Italy with the Russian Denis Menchov (photo) as its leader.
    Denis Menchov
    Adri van Houwelingen, directeur sportif, said: we have never before won a stage in the Giro. A stage win thus is one of our goals but the main goal is to get Denis Menchov a good ranking.

    Next to Menchov, the team is composed of five Dutch riders, a second Russian rider, one Spanish and one Columbian rider. In the mountain stage Denis Menchov can count on Laurens ten Dam but also on Mauricio Ardila, Pieter Weening and Dmitriy Kozontchuk.

    > 141/ Denis Menchov (photo)
    > 142/ Mauricio Alberto Ardila Cano
    > 143/ Laurens ten Dam
    > 144/ Jos van Emden
    > 145/ Bram de Groot
    > 146/ Pedro Horrillo Munoz
    > 147/ Dmitriy Kozontchuk
    > 148/ Tom Stamsnijder
    > 149/ Pieter Weening Maarten Tjallingii (not in the list on the Giro website)

    directeurs sportifs: Adri van Houwelingen and Jan Boven for the first nine days, before Erik Breukink takes over from Jan Boven


    Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni
    Rubens BertogliatiThis team will start the Giro with its double winner (2001 and 2003), Gilberto Simoni as its leader. The Venezuelan team has hired Leonardo Bertagnolli for the Giro period. This is a temporary transfer from his original team Amica Chips.

    Here's the team as a whole:
    > 151/ Gilberto Simoni
    > 156/ Rubens Bertogliati (photo)
    > 154/ Alessandro Bertolini
    > 157/ Francesco De Bonis
    > 158/ Carlos José Ochoa
    > 159/ Jackson Rodriguez
    > 153/ Michele Scarponi
    > 152/ Leonardo Bertagnolli
    > 155/ José Rodolfo Serpa Perez


    Filippo PozzatoThe Russian team will have to miss its sprinter Robbie McEwen who's not completely recovered from his fall at the Grand Prix de l'Escaut/Grote Scheldeprijs.

    > 181/ Filippo Pozzato (photo)
    > 182/ Pavel Brutt
    > 183/ Nikita Eskov
    > 184/ Mikhail Ignatyev
    > 185/ Sergey Klimov
    > 186/ Luca Mazzanti
    > 187/ Evgeny Petrov
    > 188/ Christian Pfannberger Alexander Serov (following a positive doping test)
    > 189/ Ben Swift

    directeurs sportifs: Serge Parsani and Claudio Cozzi

    When the team's selection was announced, Serge Parsani said: we waited the end of the Tour de Romandie before choosing our riders for the Giro d'Italia because we wanted to know Robbie McEwen's situation. After a rest period Robbie will get back and prepare for the Tour de France. Concerning our team for the Giro d'Italia, I think we can do some interesting things in the first part of the Tour. We will try to win some stages and if possible wear the pink jersey for a few days.


    The only German team announced its preselection of riders for the Tour de France 2009 a few days before its selection for the Giro d'Italia.

    Markus FothenThis selection is now publicly known as well: the team will not come to Italy with high ambitions for a place on the podium at the finish but will more focus on trying to win stages, especially with its sprinter Robert Förster and Markus Fothen (photo) for the flat stages and the climber Thomas Rohregger for the mountain stages.

    Here's the full selection:
    > 191/ Luca Barla
    > 192/ Robert Förster
    > 193/ Markus Fothen (photo)
    > 194/ Thomas Fothen
    > 195/ Martin Müller
    > 196/ Thomas Rohregger
    > 197/ Matthias Russ
    > 198/ Ronny Scholz
    > 199/ Björn Schröder


    Saxo BankSaxo Bank
    Fabian CancellaraThe Danish champion Nicki Sørensen will not participate in the Giro d'Italia because he prefers to focus on the Tour de France where Bjarne Riis counts on him especially for the team time trial in Montpellier and for the mountain stages.

    In the Giro his place will be taken over by Kasper Klostergaard.

    > 201/ Fabian Cancellara (photo)
    > 202/ Jens Voigt
    > 203/ Anders Lund
    > 204/ Jason McCartney
    > 205/ Juan Jose Haedo
    > 206/ Jurgen van Goolen
    > 207/ Lars Ytting Bak
    > 208/ Matthew Harley Goss
    > 209/ Kasper Klostergaard

    The incredible story of Filippo Simeoni

    The Italian champion Filippo Simeoni, not happy that his team Ceramica Flaminia did not get selected for this 100-year Giro, has handed in his champion shirt as a protest by saying: it's unacceptable that the Italian champion can not take part in the most important cycling event of his country.

    The Giro organiser, RCS, is not really impressed by this move and qualified it as a publicity stunt.

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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