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After A travers la Flandre/Dwars door Vlaanderen on Wednesday, marked by the crash of several riders including Wout van Aert (Team Visma | Lease a Bike), Jasper Stuyven (Lidl-Trek), Mads Pedersen (Lidl-Trek), Biniam Girmay (Intermarché-Wanty) and Anthony Turgis (TotalEnergies), it's already time for the next Belgian classic, the highlight of the Belgian classics season, the great mass (Hoogmis), the Tour of Flanders 2024 (Ronde van Vlaanderen).

And on this Easter weekend, the high mass once again promises to be a spectacle, even if Wout van Aert has once again seen his dream of winning this race (or Paris-Roubaix) dashed 😥.

The Tour of Flanders 2024 features a 270.8-kilometer course, with 17 climbs and several cobbled sectors, between Antwerp and Oudenaarde. In this article, you'll find details of the route of the Tour of Flanders 2024, on an Open Street Maps map which is also available for download in Google Earth, the race profile, the time- and route schedule, and the list of starters in the Belgian race.


The route of the Tour of Flanders 2024 on Open Street Maps

The start of the Tour of Flanders 2024 will be given from the Steenplein square in Antwerp (Antwerpen), and after a short loop through the city, the riders will cross the Scheldt (Schelde) to take the actual start of the race.

After passing through Sint-Niklaas and Dendermonde, Aalst and Zottegem, the first cobbled streets come into view. These are Lippenhovestraat (1300 m) and Paddestraat (1500 m), and shortly afterwards the riders reach the feed zone before crossing Oudenaarde, close to the finish line.

They then head straight ahead on the N8, before turning left to head for Kwaremont and the first of the race's 17 mountains, Old Kwaremont (Oude Kwaremont), which they will find twice more. They then head north up through Nukerke and turn east to pass Etikhove and pick up the second mountain, Kappelleberg. A succession of climbs and cobbles follows, including the Wolvenberg, the cobbles of Kerkgate (1400 m), Jagerij (800 m), then the Molenberg, which is partly cobbled. A little further on, they find the Marlboroughstraat, Berendries and Valkenberg climbs, before continuing on the purple section of the race as shown on the map below.

Here they find the cobbled Berg Ten Houte climb (1100 m), and the Nieuwe Kruisberg/Hotond climb (which is at the same location as the classic version they'll find on the orange part of the course, but takes in the Cross Street (Kruisstraat) instead of the Old Road (Oudestraat)).

They then head for another climb up Old Kwaremont (Oude Kwaremont), as the 10th climb of the race, and this time turn left more quickly, to go for the Paterberg and Koppenberg link-up of climbs, both of which are all cobbles. Crossing the blue part of the race, they enter an all-cobble zone with the Mariaborrestraat (400 m), the Steenbeekdries climb (1100 m) and the Stationsberg sector (700 m). The Taaienberg climb is also largely cobbled.

The final section is the orange drawn one and this is what brings the final spectacle of the race. This time, they find the Kruisberg via its classic climb, the Oude Kruisberg/Hotond, and head back towards the Old Kwaremont (Oude Kwaremont) and Paterberg duo. The latter will be the last climb of the day, as from here the race heads back to Oudenaarde, where the finish will take place in the Minderbroedersstraat.

Below you'll find the time- and route schedule, the map of the race on Open Street Maps and the profile of the Tour of Flanders 2024. Click on the images to open them.
The profile of the Tour of Flanders 2024 The time- and route schedule of the Tour of Flanders 2024 The Tour of Flanders 2024 race route

The Tour of Flanders 2024 route in Google Earth

If you'd prefer to see the Tour of Flanders 2024 route in Google Earth, so that you can take a virtual flyover of the route for example, I invite you to download it in Google Earth by clicking on the following link:

>> Download the Tour of Flanders 2024 route in Google Earth (KML file)


The list of starters for the Tour of Flanders 2024

With the absence of Wout van Aert (Team Visma | Lease a Bike), it's Matteo Jorgenson who is the leader of the Dutch team, and after his victory in A travers la Flandre he deserves this role. Jasper Philipsen is also absent, so Alpecin-Deceuninck's sole leader is Mathieu van der Poel. Mads Pedersen will be there for the Lidl-Trek team, but Van der Poel will still be the upmost favorite in these conditions.

>> The Tour of Flanders 2024 start list

The result of the Tour of Flanders 2024

>> Go to the Tour of Flanders 2024 entry in the UCI cycling calendar to find the race result!

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