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The queen of the classics, Paris-Roubaix 2017, will take place this Sunday. For the 115th edition of the race, the organisor decided to change the race route slightly compared to last year: the start is slightly different and two cobble stones sections which were not part of the race route since 1987 make their comeback. These additional sections, Briastre and Solesmes, make the total number of cobble stones sections grow to 29 and the number of cobbled kilometers to 55. However, since they are located quite early in the cobble stones programme of the race, this change should however not have any impact on the result of the race.

In the Hell of the North, any small detail can however come disturb the race for one of the riders or maybe the contrary, help another rider. So, nothing's sure beforehand: Sunday, everything will be decided on the cobbles ...


The 29 cobble stones sections of Paris-Roubaix 2017

With a slightly different race route compared to 2016, the cobble stones sections which are part of the race are pretty much the same though, but two additional sections have been added early in the race (sections 26 and 25). The difficulty evaluations awarded to these cobble stones sections after the visit by the organisor this Monday have been announced in a press release which could almost be qualified as pompous because these evaluations are almost exactly the same as in 2015 and 2016, except for section 2 which now has an additional note! Together with the names of two locations which were incorrectly spelled in this press release, it's a pitty...

However, with the change in the race route at the start of the race, between Compiègne and Noyon, the riders will arrive on the cobble stones 1.5 kilometers earlier, will thus have two additional cobble stones sections and will do 55 kilometers on the cobble stones, instead of the 52.8 km last year.

29Troisvilles à Inchy2.200 m97+++
28Viesly à Quiévy1.800 m103,5+++
27Quiévy à Saint-Python3.700 m106++++
26Viesly à Briastre3.000 m112,5+++
25Briastre à Solesmes800 m116++
24Vertain à Saint-Martin-sur-Ecaillon2.300 m124,5+++
23Verchain-Maugré à Quérénaing1.600 m134,5+++
22Quérénaing à Maing2.500 m137,5+++
21Maing à Monchaux-sur-Écaillon1.600 m140,5+++
20Haveluy à Wallers2.500 m153,5++++
19Trouée d'Arenberg2.400 m161,5+++++
18Wallers à Hélesmes, dit "Pont Gibus"1.600 m168+++
17Hornaing à Wandignies3.700 m174,5++++
16Warlaing à Brillon2.400 m182+++
15Tilloy à Sars-et-Rosières2.400 m185,5++++
14Beuvry-la-Forêt à Orchies1.400 m192+++
13Orchies1.700 m197+++
12Auchy-lez-Orchies à Bersée2.700 m203++++
11Mons-en-Pévèle3.000 m208,5+++++
10Mérignies à Avelin700 m214,5++
9Pont-Thibaut à Ennevelin1.400 m218+++
8Templeuve (Moulin-de-Vertain)500 m224++
7Cysoing à Bourghelles1.300 m230,5+++
6Bourghelles à Wannehain1.100 m233+++
5Camphin-en-Pévèle1.800 m237,5++++
4Carrefour de l'Arbre2.100 m240+++++
3Gruson1.100 m242,5++
2Willems à Hem1.400 m249+++
1Charles Crupelandt, Roubaix300 m256+

The total distance on cobble stones thus went up from 52.8 to 55 kilometers.

The Paris-Roubaix 2017 race route on Google Maps

The start in Compiègne on the Place du Général de Gaulle will be, according to the time- and route schedule, at 10.55AM.

After the start, the riders will follow in Compiègne the Rue du Dahomey, the Place Saint-Jacques, the Rue Magenta, the Rue Jean Legendre, the Rue Solférino, the Cours Guynemer, the Rue de Soissons, the Rue du Bataillon de France, the Route de Choisy, the Rue du Président Roosevelt and the D66. Once they get in Choisy-au-Bac, they'll follow the Rue des Vineux, the Rue du Maréchal Foch, the Rue du Général Leclerc and the Rue Raymond Poincaré. The real start will be in Choisy-au-Bac on this Rue Raymond Poincaré. The riders will then follow the D130 before they go on to Saint-Léger-aux-Bois and Pont-l'Evêque towards Noyon where they'll get back on the usual race route which brings them, via Ham and Saint-Quentin, to the first cobble stones section, the usual first section from Troisville to Inchy. The cobble stones sections will then follow up on each other up to the new section from Briastre to Solesmes and in Solesmes they'll find the usual first feeding zone. After this feeding zone they'll get onto 4 cobble stones sections which are close to each other, up to the Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon section followed by a short road only portion via Thiant and Denain, after which they'll get back on several cobble stones sections starting in Haveluy.
In total, the riders will do 55 kilometers on cobble stones and they can get some food and drinks in the feeding zones in Solesmes and in Beuvry-la-Forêt. The finish is, as usual, on the Vélodrome in Roubaix after a complete lap on the track.

Hereunder you'll find the time- and route schedule and the map with the race route on Google Maps for Paris-Roubaix 2017:
The time- and route schedule of Paris-Roubaix 2017 The map with the race route of Paris-Roubaix 2017 on Google Maps

Paris-Roubaix 2017

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Paris-Roubaix 2017

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You can use this map to plan your visit of Paris-Roubaix 2017 in detail. No excuses about not having enough information provided by the organisor, velowire provides you all you need!


The Paris-Roubaix 2017 race route in Google Earth

Do you prefer to see the Paris-Roubaix 2017 race route in Google Earth? Or would you like to do a virtual fly-over of Paris-Roubaix 2017 as if you were riding on the cobbles yourself? Download to the KML file below to do so and open it in Google Earth:

>> Download the Paris-Roubaix 2017 race route in Google Earth

The Paris-Roubaix 2017 race route

Don't forget that you can use the Streetview function to take an even closer look! Numerous cobble stones sections have been visited by the Google car and can thus be "visited" directly from Google Earth! If the car didn't dare to go on a cobble stones section, you can still see the start and the end of the section in most cases ...

The 25 participating teams in Paris-Roubaix 2017

25 teams will come to the start of Paris-Roubaix 2017: you can find the full list of participating teams in Paris-Roubaix 2017 in the article dedicated to the teams selections for the French and Italian races.

The race will, just like last year, be broadcast from start till finish on Eurosport 1 (from 11AM till 5PM)!

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There are 3 comments!
  1. Bonjour à tous!
    Je serais au Carrefour de l'arbre dimanche.
    Je réside à BAISIEUX (59780) , à 2 Km de ce point stratégique.
    En espérant le beau temps...
    Bon dimanche à tous !

    | Honor BONNET | Wednesday 05 April 2017 om 09h13

  2. Merci d'avoir publié ce parcours, et ceux d'autres courses ! Si je peux me permettre, j'ai quelques petites précisions à apporter, ayant repéré l'itinéraire il y a quelques semaines.

    - Hornaing, les coureurs empruntent bien la rue Georges Dhenaut (D343A) sur toute sa longueur et non le petit chemin entre celle-ci et la rue Jean Duez (D81).
    - Le Pavé de l'Épinette à Templeuve n'a pas été utilisé depuis 2013. Il est actuellement en train d'être renové et porte bien une borne «Pavés du Paris-Roubaix», un retour dans le futur n'est donc pas exclu. Entretemps, les coureurs prennent la rue Lesrues puis rue de Péronne.
    - Depuis 2014 la course emprunte un nouvel itinéraire à Hem : avenue Antoine Pinay puis avenue d'Aljustrel où ils passent devant la stèle Hennie Kuiper.

    Bon dimanche !

    | Stefan Schwoon | Sunday 09 April 2017 om 00h14

  3. As a matter of fact, it is NOT 'cobblestones', but 'setts'. ;) Setts are often referred to as "cobbles", although a sett is distinct from a cobblestone in that it is quarried or worked to a regular shape, whereas the latter is generally a small, naturally-rounded rock. Setts are usually made of granite. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sett_(paving)

    | henke | Thursday 20 September 2018 om 16h38

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