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This Sunday already it's time for the Primavera! The 104th edition of Milan-Sanremo (or Milano-Sanremo in Italian of course) will take place on Sunday this year and not on Saturday as was the case before.

When you translate "primavera" from Italian, you get the English equivalent "spring". However, the weather promises a pretty hard classic this year because even though the sun might come out from time to time, it's quite probable that the riders who will do the almost 300 kilometers of this race will have some raindrops falling on them or on the roads before they get there!

So, sprint or not sprint? Sagan or not Sagan? We'll see this Sunday who will be the winner of the 2013 edition of Milan-Sanremo!

In this article you'll discover the Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route on Google Maps, the time- and route schedule of the race and its profile showing the different climbs especially in the second part of the race. Finally, you'll find a KML file which allows you to explore the Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route in Google Earth and thus discover this race route for example in a virtual fly-over!


The Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route in Google Maps

The fictive start of the most prestigious Italian classic will be on the Piazza Castello in Milan. Following a neutralised course in the center of the city on the Via Giosué Carducci, the Via Edmondo de Amicis, the Via Molino delle Armi, the Corso Italia, the Via Pietro Teuliè, the Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco, followed by the Via Carlo Bazzi, the Via Lampedusa, the Via Lorenzo Valla, the Via Medeghino and the Via del Missaglia and finally via the Via Pietro Boifava to the Via della Chiesa Rossa, the riders will get to the real start at 7.5 kilometers of the start place.

From there, the race will go towards Binasco where it will turn towards Pavia and Casteggio. Direction Voghera and Tortona followed by Nova Ligure from there. Via Basaluzzo the riders will descend south to get via Ovada to the feeding zone in Campo Ligure.

The race will then start to get a bit harder, with the climb of the Passo del Turchino. They'll then get on a flatter part on the coast, to get to Savona and the following climb in Le Mànie. A bit further, in Ceriale, the riders can get some further energy in the second feeding zone before they start the final part of the race, usually a bit more animated.

On their road, the peloton will then find three capi following up on each other, the Capo Mele, Capo Cervo and Capo Berta, before they get on the more famous climbs of the Cipressa and Poggio. On top of the last climb only 6.2 kilometers remain towards the finish in Sanremo where we'll either see a sprint finish from a reduced peloton, a battle between a few riders in a breakaway or a solo breakaway ... At this game, who will succeed Oscar Freire (2010), Matthew Goss (2011) and Simon Gerrans (2012)? We'll see that on Sunday around 5.15PM.

Hereunder you'll find the time- and route schedule, the race route on Google Maps and the profile of Milan-Sanremo 2013. Click on each of the images to open them.
The time- and route schedule of Milan-Sanremo 2013 The profile of Milan-Sanremo 2013 The Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route on Google Maps

Milan-Sanremo 2013

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Milan-Sanremo 2013

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The Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route in Google Earth

If you prefer to see the Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route in Google Earth and thus for example do a virtual fly-over of the race route, you can download the corresponding KML file in Google Earth by clicking on the link below:

>> Download the Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route in Google Earth (KML file)
A map of the Milan-Sanremo 2013 race route

door Thomas Vergouwen
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There are 5 comments!
  1. Who would bet against Peter Sagan?

    | curleyman | Friday 15 March 2013 om 20h57

  2. Laten we hopen dat Team Sky niet de hele wedstrijd domineert.

    | Antonetta | Saturday 16 March 2013 om 20h33

  3. Rather interesting new twist on Cipressa on the Google Earth track... Hopefully, they will go by the traditional roads tomorrow. If they go by the highly inovative path that the kml suggests, a moutainbike or at least a cyclocross bike would be recommended.

    | Gunnar Steinhard | Saturday 16 March 2013 om 23h57

  4. Un favori Sagan, un outsider français Chavanel qui a montré sa forme sur Paris-Nice, un coureur qui va faire exploser le peloton dans la Cipressa, Nibali pour éliminer des spinters, attention à Degenkolb et à Boasson Haagen qui ont le profil.

    | david | Sunday 17 March 2013 om 12h13

  5. Ik hoopte Chavanel, maar dit was wel een speciale rit.

    | albertozi | Sunday 17 March 2013 om 18h41

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