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As announced in the previous article, this weekend will not only see the Amstel Gold Race taking place on Sunday, but also the Tour du Finistère on Saturday and the Tro Bro Léon on Sunday!

For the last mentioned race you can find in this article the race route on Google Maps, the time- and route schedule, the profile and the possibility to download the race route to open it in Google Earth.


The Tro Bro Léon 2012 on Google Maps

The Tro Bro Léon is a kind of a bis repetita of Paris-Roubaix. Indeed, where the second part of the race route of the Hell of the North is full of cobble stones, in the Tro Bro Léon it's the ribins which make the race particular.

The ribins? I hear you say ... yes, yes, the ribins (pronounce: reebeens) or ribinous are small paths crossing a field, either a sand path but often with gravel, which are part of the race route of this race. No less than 22 ribins are on the race route, one of which will be done 4 times in the laps on the local circuit around the finish city, over a total distance of 33.4 kilometers.

The start and finish are in Lannilis, north of Brest. From there, the riders will first go towards the coast line to get to the real start of the race, in L'Aber Wrac'h. After the start they'll return to Lannilis and get to the intermediate sprint in Ploudalmézeau. They'll continue onto the ribins:
#placelengthfromtokm donekm to do
01Plouarzel1,200 mLangouloumanLes Eoliennes46160.4
02Milizac1,700 mCoatquennecRoute de Milizac-Keralan59.5146.9
03Bourg-Blanc2,100 mTy DouarKervalanoc68.8137.6
04Plabennec2,400 mLanorvenTraon Bihan78.4128
05St. Thonan1,000 mLanvelar-vihanMestallic / St. Thonan89.2117.2
06St. Thonan1,500 mDourguenCreac'h Coadic92.3114.1
07Ploudaniel3,200 mKerbilbrenKermahellan Braz100.5105.9
08Lanarvily800 mLoscoatLoscoat113.393.1
09Kernilis700 mLe VernToul-Douar116.390.1
10Kernilis1,600 mLe ClosPenmarc'h119.886.6
11Le Folgoët1,200 mQuiquelleauLannuchen122.583.9
12Plounéour-Trez1,200 mRoute de Plounéour-TrezGare de Plounéour-Trez13571.4
13Kerlouan1,200 mNeiz VranTreseny147.259.2
14Guissnény1,500 mLanveurKervaro160.845.6
15Plouguerneau1,800 mEnez InocSainte Anne163.742.7
16Plouguerneau1,000 mEnez CadecAnteren166.539.9
17Plouguerneau2,000 mKerdélantLanebeur16937.4
18Plouguerneau1,500 mLanebeurLe Cosquer171.335.1
19Plouvien700 mKerarédeauKerabo175.730.7
20Lannilis1,400 mKeradraonKerouartz180.625.8
21Lannilis900 mPoulduMesmeur183.323.1
22>25Lannilis700 mMeshuelTrouz ar c'hant188.617.8
In addition to the ribins, the riders will find on their road a climb in Coatquennec, battle for a sprint in Plabennec and climb again in Vern, get to another sprint in Lesneven, yet another climb in Kervaro and finally battle for a last intermediate sprint in Lannilis before the finish. All that ... on a 206.4 kilometer long race route.

Hereunder you'll find the race route on Google Maps, the profile and the time- and route schedule of the Tro Bro Léon 2012. Click on each of the images to open them.
The time- and route schedule of the Tro Bro Léon 2012 The profile of the Tro Bro Léon 2012 The map with the Tro Bro Léon 2012 race route on Google Maps

Tro Bro Léon 2012

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Tro Bro Léon 2012

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The Tro Bro Léon 2012 race route in Google Earth

Do you prefer to view the race route in Google Earth and do a virtual fly-over of the race route? To do so, you can download the KML file below:

> Download the Tro Bro Léon 2012 race route in Google Earth

This file not only allows you to see the whole race route in Google Earth but also to do a virtual fly-over of it. In order to do so, you can use the default configuration as suggested by Google Earth, but if you prefer to do a fly-over which gives you the idea you're riding on the roads of the Tro Bro Léon 2012, I'd recommend you the following configuration: in the menu Tools > Options choose the tab Touring and fill in the following choices on that tab:
- Camera tilt angle : 80.0 degrees
- Camera range : 150.0 meters
- Speed : 500.0 (if this makes you feel dizzy or if your computer or Internet connection don't allow you to get clear images with these settings, you can try lowering the speed)

door Thomas Vergouwen
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    | Roland TISSIER | Friday 13 April 2012 om 18h26

  2. et voila la 29e édition du tro revient quel bonheur de pouvoir les revoir passer la ligne d'arriver a lannilis pret du barbecue des jeunes agriculteurs

    | laot magalie | Saturday 14 April 2012 om 21h01

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