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Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012: its race route on Google Maps and its list of participating riders (and the bib numbers)

Added: friday 16 March 2012 at 21:38:00
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    Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012: its race route on Google Maps and its list of participating riders (and the bib numbers)After Paris-Nice last week, this weekend will see two one-day races in France: the Classic Loire Atlantique on Saturday and Cholet-Pays de Loire on Sunday.

    After the article about the Classic Loire Atlantique 2012, you can find in this article all details about Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012, organised around Cholet.

    This weekend, www.velowire.com will be present in both races and you'll thus be able to discover all details, photos and the results as soon as possible after the finish on this website!

    The race route of Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012 on Google Maps/Google Earth

    The race route of the third race of the Coupe de France PMU 2012 is very similar to last year's route but takes some slightly different routes at some places (for a total distance of 199 km this year) and the referenced climbs for the Challenge des 10 bosses have also been modified for some of them. The most important climbs remain climb number 1, the Côte du Cimetière, and the forelast climb (number 9), the Côte de la Tessoualle. The feeding zone will be in Saint Pierre Montlimart.

    Hereunder you'll find the time- and route schedule, the race profile and a Google Maps of the route of this race. Click on each of the images to open them.
    The time- and route schedule of Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012 The profile of Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012 The map with the race route of Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012 on Google Maps

    Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012

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    Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012

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    >> Download the KML file with the Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012 race route to see it in Google Earth

    The list of participating riders and their numbers

    Last year's winner, Thomas Voeckler (Team Europcar) will again be present in this race, after having finished in 30th position in Paris-Nice 2012.

    Hereunder you'll find the list of participating riders and their numbers. For now, this is a non-definitive list of riders and it is thus subject to modification. If it gets modified it will, as far as possible, be updated here before the start of the race on Sunday.

    Team Europcar

    Thomas VoecklerNext to the winner of the 2011 edition of the race, Thomas Voeckler, the French team will start with a completely French delegation. Strangely, Voeckler is not mentioned on the list of participating riders with number 1:

    1/ Franck Bouyer
    2/ Anthony Charteau
    3/ Sébastien Chavanel
    4/ Damien Gaudin
    5/ Cyril Gautier
    6/ Yohann Gène
    7/ Alexandre Pichot
    8/ Thomas Voeckler

    Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team

    Sergey LagutinThe Vacansoleil-DCM team will come to Cholet-Pays de Loire with a team which is quite similar to the Classic Loire Atlantique the day before.

    11/ Martijn Keizer Romain Feillu
    12/ Sergey Lagutin Mirko Selvaggi
    13/ Pim Ligthart
    14/ Wouter Mol
    15/ Martin Mortensen
    16/ Marcello Pavarin
    17/ Kenny van Hummel
    18/ Lieuwe Westra

    FDJ BigMat

    Pierrick FédrigoThe French team FDJ BigMat will come to Cholet-Pays de Loire with almost the same team as for the Classic Loire Atlantique. However, in this race it will come to the start with a neo-pro who already showed to be a big sprinter and who actually also is the current U23 World Champion, Arnaud Démare.

    21/ Nacer Bouhanni
    22/ Arnaud Courteille
    23/ Mickaël Delage
    24/ Arnaud Démare
    25/ Pierrick Fédrigo
    26/ Frédéric Guesdon
    27/ Anthony Roux
    28/ Geoffrey Soupe

    AG2R La Mondiale

    Julien BérardFor AG2R La Mondiale, Jimmy Casper is the rider to watch for in case the race finishes with a sprint. Indeed, in contrast to the Classic Loire Atlantique, Anthony Ravard will not be at the start of Cholet-Pays de Loire.

    31/ Julien Bérard
    32/ Jimmy Casper
    33/ John Gadret
    34/ Gregor Gazvoda
    35/ Sylvain Georges
    36/ Steve Houanard
    37/ Romain Lemarchand
    38/ Boris Shpilevsky

    Cofidis, le crédit en ligne

    Jean-Eudes DemaretThe Cofidis team in Cholet will be completely different than the day before. However, in this race it will also, except for the Columbian Leonard Duqué, be completely French:

    41/ Jean-Eudes Demaret
    42/ Leonardo Duqué
    43/ Nicolas Edet Mickaël Buffaz
    44/ Nicolas Vogondy
    45/ Arnaud Labbe
    46/ Rudy Molard
    47/ Adrien Petit
    48/ Julien Fouchard Damien Monier


    Jonathan HivertThe Saur-Sojasun team planned to start the 3rd race of the Coupe de France PMU with Jimmy Engoulvent as its leader. However, the rider indicated this morning on Twitter not to be able to participate in this race, since he's still sick.

    51/ Jimmy Engoulvent
    51/ Jérémie Galland
    52/ Jonathan Hivert
    53/ Christophe Laborie
    54/ David Le Lay
    55/ Guillaume Levarlet
    56/ Laurent Mangel
    57/ Rony Martias
    58/ Yannick Talabardon


    LandbouwkredietThe Belgian team will come to Cholet-Pays de Loire with the same half Belgian/half Dutch delegation as in the Classic Loire Atlantique ... For now however, Bobbie Traksel is still on the list of participating riders but as far as I know he hasn't been able to get over a bronchitis in time and will thus not participate in this race on Sunday.

    61/ Bert de Waele
    62/ Frédéric Amorison
    63/ Davy Commeyne
    64/ Gilles Devillers
    65/ Sébastien Delfosse
    66/ Reinier Honig
    67/ Dirk Bellemakers
    68/ Bobbie Traksel (replaced by Stefan Cohnen ?)

    Accent Jobs-Willems Veranda's

    Thomas DegandIn this Belgian team we'll find exactly the same riders as the day before: two Dutch riders, one Ukranian and 5 Belgian riders, including Thomas Degand who was in the breakaway in the 2011 edition of the Classic Loire Atlantique:

    71/ Steven Caethoven
    72/ Staf Scheirlinckx
    73/ Thomas Degand
    74/ Grégory Habeaux
    75/ Kévin van Melsen
    76/ Oleg Chuzhda
    77/ Arnoud van Groen
    78/ Jurgen van Goolen

    Topsport Vlaanderen-Mercator

    Preben van HeckeThe third Belgian team opted for a completely Belgian selection:

    81/ Michael van Staeyen
    82/ Steven van Vooren Eliot Lietaer
    83/ Preben van Hecke
    84/ Pieter Vanspeybrouck
    85/ Zico Waeytens
    86/ Stijn Neirynck Tom van Asbroeck
    87/ Pieter Jacobs
    88/ Laurens de Vreese


    Dimitri ChampionThe Bretagne-Schuller team will be 100% French and will include the participation of Dimitri Champion and Geoffroy Lequatre:

    91/ Geoffroy Lequatre
    92/ Dimitri Champion Armindo Fonseca
    93/ Guillaume Blot
    94/ Jean-Luc Delpech
    95/ Sébastien Duret
    97/ Eric Berthou
    98/ Florian Vachon
    98/ Romain Hardy

    Team Type 1-Sanofi

    Team Type 1-SanofiTeam Type 1-Sanofi, which set itself the goal to communicate around diabetes at the races to which it participates, will come to the start of the race with 2 of its 4 French riders: the Marseillais Julien Antomarchi and the Hungarian rider who's been in France for a long time and adopted the French nationality, Laszlo Bodrogi. It will be the same team as the day before. The directeur sportif will also be French because the team will be supervised by Frédéric Moncassin.

    101/ Julien Antomarchi
    102/ Lazlo Bodrogi
    103/ Rubens Bertogliati
    104/ Alexander Efimkin
    105/ Filippo Fortin
    106/ Javier Megias
    107/ Joey Rosskopf
    108/ Alexander Serebryakov

    Caja Rural

    Caja RuralThe Spanish continental pro team will be at the start of the two races of the weekend with exactly the same team:

    111/ Francesco Lasca
    112/ Danail Petrov
    113/ Garikoitz Bravo
    114/ Hernani Broco
    115/ Alexander Ryabkin
    116/ Fabricio Ferrari
    117/ Karol Domagalski

    BigMat-Auber 93

    Fabien BacquetThe last rider who won a race for the BigMat-Auber 93 team and who's still present in the team (Sylvain Georges left for AG2R La Mondiale this year and Maxime Médérel left for Saur-Sojasun) is Fabien Bacquet (in March 2010 in the Tour de Normandie) and he'll be the leader of the team at the start of Cholet-Pays de Loire 2012:

    121/ Fabien Bacquet
    122/ Mathieu Drujon
    123/ Dimitri Le Boulch
    124/ Johan Mombaerts
    125/ Ronan Racault
    126/ Nicolas Rousseau
    127/ Jonathan Thiré
    128/ Steven Tronet

    Team La Pomme Marseille

    Yohan CauquilAmong the riders of the Team La Pomme Marseille we'll find Yohan Cauquil and Clément Koretzky who showed off his qualities in the first stage of the Tour du Haut Var-Matin.

    131/ Yohan Cauquil
    132/ Mathieu Delarozière
    133/ Thomas Vaubourzeix Yannick Martinez
    134/ Toms Skujins
    135/ Evaldas Siskevicius
    136/ Benjamin Giraud
    137/ Pierre-Luc Périchon
    138/ Clément Koretzky

    Roubaix-Lille Métropole

    Roubaix-Lille MétropoleThe forelast French team is Roubaix-Lille Métropole:

    141/ Kevin Lalouette
    142/ Fabien Schmidt
    143/ Anthony Colin
    144/ Loïc Desriac
    145/ Pierre Drancourt
    146/ Denis Flahaut
    147/ Julien Guay
    148/ Morgan Kneisky

    Véranda Rideau-Super U

    Tomasz OlejnikThis new French continental team will come to the start with 6 French riders and the Olejnik brothers:

    151/ Gaylord Cumont
    152/ Kévin Denis
    153/ Benoît Jarrier
    154/ Justin Jules
    155/ Maxime Le Montagner
    156/ Michael Olejnik
    157/ Tomasz Olejnik
    158/ Franck Vermeulen

    Relive the 2011 edition of Cholet-Pays de Loire

    Awaiting the 2012 edition on Sunday, you can relive the 2011 edition of Cholet-Pays de Loire, by watching the photos and reading the summary article of the race: Thomas Voeckler (Team Europcar) wins Cholet-Pays de Loire 2011 in his own way as a finisher.

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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    | Roland TISSIER | saturday 17 March 2012 at 9:32:29

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