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Tour de France news: Sagem official partner and the Tour in HD on TV

Added: sunday 10 June 2007 at 1:09:00
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    Tour de France news: Sagem official partner and the Tour in HD on TVWith less than a month to go before the Tour de France start in London, news about this year's Tour arrives each day ... I picked two interesting things which officially became public this week.

    Sagem official partner of the Tour de France 2007

    • For the first time in the Tour's history, Sagem (part of the Safran Group) will be an official partner of the Tour de France this year.
      The partnership between Sagem and the Tour de France will be visible in three ways:
      - the Sagem logo will be printed under the numbers on the riders' back
      - a combined Sagem / Tour de France logo will be printed on the back of the coats and smocks of the official photographers
      - Sagem is the brand which sponsors the team ranking this year: every morning the leading team will be honoured in the village de départ and the riders of that team will have a yellow number

      One could expect Sagem's website to be adapted and talk about the Tour de France after such an announcement, but that's not (yet) the case ...

      Source: Safran Group press release

      Strangely, Sagem is not yet being mentioned at the Tour de France partners page at letour.fr. However, when you take a look at the source code of that page, you can see that they ARE in there, but they're hidden for the time being. This is by the way also the case for Intersport and Motrio (two partners of the Tour de France 2006) ... will they be back in this year's Tour?!?!

    The Tour de France in High Definition on TV

    • Also for the first time in history: the Tour de France will this year be filmed and produced in High Definition by France Télévisions. A race like the Tour with different stages filmed in HD has never been done before and this means that all material needs to be adapted, including the cameras being used on motorcycles and helicopters.
      Based on these High Definition images, France Télévisions produces a specific channel on which the Tour de France will be broadcasted 24 hours a day during the whole period from July 7th till 29th: all stages will be broadcasted fully and live and will be commented by France Télévisions journalists (the comments for the normal TV channels France 2 and France 3 and this channel will not be the same). In the evening, at night and on rest days the stages will be repeated to come to a 24 hour programme which totals about 500 broadcasting hours of which 100 live.

      In France the HD channel can be received in two ways:
      - through DVB-T (digitale television over the air) for people who are equiped with an HD DVB-T receiver and an HD ready or Full HD TV and live in the areas around the TV towers on the Eiffel tower in Paris, on Fourvière in Lyon and in the Etoile area in Marseille (see coverage maps below)
      - via TV over ADSL from Orange: all cable-, satellite- and ADSL-operators were proposed to broadcast this channel but -as the press release mentions- only Orange took this chance and will thus have an exclusivity by being able to offer this channel to its customers through La TV d'Orange via ADSL or optical fiber in the cities where HD TV is available

      Source: press release France Télévisions; unfortunately this cannot be found on France Télévisions' website, but it is available at Jean-Marc Morandini's website

      Coverage images of the 3 HD TV towers for DVB-T: Paris, Lyon and Marseille
      Paris Lyon Marseille

      Source: erenumerique.fr

    by Thomas Vergouwen
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Currently 1 comments!
  1. Inmiddels wordt Sagem wel genoemd en is deze sponsor ook zichtbaar gemaakt in het overzicht van partners van de Tour de France op letour.fr.

    | Meggie | wednesday 13 June 2007 at 22:53:16

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