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UCI Wielerkalender 2011 | Tour Eritrea 2011

  • Tour Eritrea 2011


    Vond plaats van woensdag 20 juli 2011 tot en met zondag 24 juli 2011.


    In de UCI kalender ...

    Africa Tour

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Er zijn 16 reacties!
  1. Eritrea a small country with a big unique cycling tradition.Tour de Eritrea with unique landscape from mountains to tropical and desserts of this beautiful country welcome to all of african and other riders hope to participate in this beautiful country.

    | Abel | zondag 26 juni 2011 om 04:02:33

  2. i'm going 2 see dis tour live i can wait big 2 our cyclist

    | danny | zaterdag 02 juli 2011 om 14:39:45

  3. Hi Danny will they broadcat it ? or you mean u r in asmara ?
    I wish i can see it ! as i am big fun of korso in Eritrea.

    | yoni | maandag 04 juli 2011 om 09:55:45

  4. Tour Eritrea will start on Wednesday.The race will cover the road Keren - Asmera on first stage.
    Eritrea will have three teams (A,B$C). The two stars Daniel and Natnael will not be on the Tour. But remember the Eritrean cyclists are all unstoppable on their soil.
    Already the Egyptian and Algerian teams has arrived Asmara.
    I hope all the contenders will make the Tour a classic....

    | Tedros | maandag 18 juli 2011 om 15:14:38

  5. Only an Algerian could gain some points finishing 7th on stage 1(Asmara - Keren), the remaining are all Eritrean...
    But why the Moroccans did not participate ????

    | Tedros | woensdag 20 juli 2011 om 16:20:43

  6. Cycling is a traditional ride for the Eritrean people as our country grows well with in self reliance in every thing.just the cyclists are going to love Eritreas climate.but Eritreans are untouchable in their home land.all the stage winners are going be Eritreans .

    | Kibrom | woensdag 20 juli 2011 om 19:26:59

  7. i am happy to hear that eritrean cyclist won the first stage . i wish if morocceans were participated this tour then we will show them our dominant role in this tour. i am confident enough of the eritrean cyclist to win the overall race.

    | wedi asmera | donderdag 21 juli 2011 om 06:54:47

  8. good luck eritrean cycling three tIeams AB&C I know the winers eritrean grup

    | dawit kidane | vrijdag 22 juli 2011 om 00:57:27

  9. stage 2 was from Keren to Akurdat and back to Keren. The eritrean cyclists were unreachable, only the Algerian champion Uzedin Lagab (finishing 7th) could make it with the first 10.
    Meron rusom finish 1st but the yellow jersey is with Bereket Yemane.
    Today (stage 3)will cover Keren to Mendefera.

    | Tedros | vrijdag 22 juli 2011 om 10:00:19

  10. Stage 3 was Keren - asmera - Mendefera. Janni tewelde took the yellow jersey from Bereket. Good job from the Algerian Uzedin Legab, he finished 7th. Uzedin said he has never expected to face a such Eritrean team with out daniel, but they are all incredible.

    | Tedros | zaterdag 23 juli 2011 om 12:02:42

  11. Stage 4 was today covering a road Massawa - asmara. This time the Algeria could not make it with the top 10. They were all Eritreans. What a race ...wow

    Tomorrow Sunday, will be the last stage and it will took place in Asmara.

    | Tedros | zaterdag 23 juli 2011 om 12:21:50

  12. Finally Meron Resom was the winner of tour Eritrea, unexpected man and he was awarded a training to South Africa. After four months the champion of Africa will be on Eritrea

    | Tedros | maandag 25 juli 2011 om 10:16:15

  13. Great tour, cant wait for the champion of Africa in Eritrea.

    | Kidane | donderdag 28 juli 2011 om 03:56:28

  14. Owwwww Brother Teddy tanx for the follow up report...really nice I can see you are one of the most fans of Corso....
    I've seen all stages as you have mentioned. Really awesome and good job for Algerians Uzedin and his team...even the sudanes, Egyptians and else should be encouraged for their trial.
    you know What makes me anger, I was eager enough to see the Morocans, but they didn't make it. Whyyyyy???...I don't konw...

    Keep puting such good news Tedi wedi and otherssss for the coming African champion in Eritrea after a few clickssssss...Nov-2011
    Misss you deki Erey

    | Awet G.medhin | dinsdag 01 november 2011 om 17:47:37

  15. Eritrea win the 3rd day 1.natnael berhane 2. Jani tewelde bemkan teawetom

    | Mediko | zondag 13 november 2011 om 12:22:23

  16. hiii natu how r u ? i hope to says fine when i will see to tour algeria 2012 i will happy because become a champion of the tour thanks .

    | wahab | donderdag 15 maart 2012 om 09:04:02

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