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Photographs > Rabastens/Couffouleux and surroundings

  • Below you can find an overview of the 85 photographs from the category Rabastens/Couffouleux and surroundings. On this page every photograph is already depicted as a thumbnail in order to give you a preview of it. Click on the thumbnail below in order to open a new window with the large version of the photograph.

      The Saint Lieux tourist train seen from Giroussens (433x)Two sleeping dogs during the jumble sale in Rabastens (632x)The Lac des Auzerals near the camping in Rabastens (498x)
      Cordes sur Ciel (216x)
      Saint Antonin de Nobleval (191x)Sunflowers (205x)Sunflower (222x)Sunflower with a bee (202x)
      The church Notre-Dame-du-Bourg in Rabastens (246x)A typical street in Rabastens (206x)The bridge from Rabastens to Couffouleux (284x)Rabastens seen from Couffouleux (218x)
      Lotissement le Paradis - the street of my parents' second house in Couffouleux (257x)The city hall in Couffouleux (339x)The arms of Couffouleux (219x)My parents' second house in Couffouleux (237x)
      My parents' second house in Couffouleux (231x)My parents' proudly in front of their second house in Couffouleux (252x)The Basilique Sainte-Cécile in Albi (554x)A small street in Rabastens (221x)
      The tower of the city hall of Rabastens (187x)The arms of Rabastens (330x)
      A small street in Rabastens (265x)The city walls of Rabastens (306x)
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