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Photographs > Six Days of Rotterdam 2015: opening night

  • Below you can find an overview of the 81 photographs from the category Six Days of Rotterdam 2015: opening night. On this page every photograph is already depicted as a thumbnail in order to give you a preview of it. Click on the thumbnail below in order to open a new window with the large version of the photograph.

      The bus of Team Roompot (251x)The bus of Team Roompot (2) (260x)The Dutch anthem on Team Roompot's car (210x)The duos go to the start at the first of the 6 Days of Rotterdam (242x)
      Kenny de Ketele (340x)Miss and out for teams (219x)Miss and out for teams (2) (207x)David Muntaner (190x)
      Albert Torres & David Muntaner (200x)Miss and out for teams (3) (193x)Wesley Kreder (185x)Niki Terpstra & Iljo Keisse (193x)
      Vivien Brisse (194x)Michel & Raymond Kreder (420x)Miss and out for teams (4) (172x)Albert Torres & David Muntaner (2) (188x)
      Michael Morkov & Alex Rasmussen (159x)Thomas Boudat & Vivien Brisse (235x)Vivien Brisse (2) (181x)Iljo Keisse beats Jasper de Buyst on the line (184x)
      Niki Terpstra does his honour round (180x)Niki Terpstra & Iljo Keisse do their honour round (207x)Tacx Talents Cup (191x)Tacx Talents Cup (2) (192x)
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