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Photographs > Varese 2008 - World Championships - men under 23

  • Below you can find an overview of the 29 photographs from the category Varese 2008 - World Championships - men under 23. On this page every photograph is already depicted as a thumbnail in order to give you a preview of it. Click on the thumbnail below in order to open a new window with the large version of the photograph.

      Just in time for a quick pee before the start of the race (473x)Johann Rabie & Jay Robert Thomson (Zuid-Afrika) (415x)Jonas Aaen Jörgensen - a little bit of stretching on his bike (511x)Rob Ruijgh (NLD) wanted to go back to the team tent but was not allowed to cross the line (802x)
      Dominik Nerz (Germany) (553x)John-Lee Augustyn (Barloworld / South-Africa) (453x)Paul Voss (Germany) & Andrei Nechita (Romania) (695x)The Portugese and Italian team ready for the start (310x)
      The start with the Portugese and French teams (293x)The French team at the start (295x)The English team and two Costa Rica riders (G. Obando Brenes & Jose Vega Solano) (367x)The Belgian team (Romain Zingle, Thomas de Gendt, Nikolas Maes, Jan Bakelandts & Ben Hermans) and one Irish rider (Dan Martin) (454x)
      Yet another round ... with Ricardo van der Velde (NLD) leading (310x)Alexei Kunshin (Russia), Martin Reimer (Germany), Tony Gallopin (France) & Michel Kreder (The Netherlands) (382x)Michel Kreder (Netherlands) & Tony Gallopin (France) (584x)Hossein Nateghi (Iran) (448x)
      A small echelon (389x)A group led by the later winner, Fabio Andres Duarte Arevalo (Col) (348x)Ben Swift (England) & Cyril Gautier (France) (674x)Fabio Andres Duarte Arevalo (Col) sprints to victory (378x)
      Number two, Simone Ponzi (Italy) is disappointed (338x)Dennis van Winden, best Dutch rider (9th) (779x)
      World Champion Fabio Andres Duarte Arevalo, on his way to the cérémonie protocolaire (410x)Number two, Simone Ponzi (Italy) (341x)
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