2013 UCI cycling calendar | 2013 Circuit of Asmara

  • 2013 Circuit of Asmara


    Took place on Sunday 24 February 2013.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Africa Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Abdellah Ben Youcef (GSP) - 2h21'22"
    2/ Daniel Teklay
    3/ Nahom Desale
    4/ Elias Afewerki
    5/ Azzedine Lagab (GSP)
    6/ Kudus Merhawi (ERI)
    7/ Issak Tesfom Okubamariam (ERI)
    8/ Add Alla Mohamed Mohamed Sherif (EGY)
    9/ Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)
    10/ Abdenour Yahmi (GSP)


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Currently 1 comments!
  1. 1. BEN YOUCEF Abdellah 00:00:00
    2. TEKLAY Daniel 00:00:00
    3. DESALE Nahom 00:00:00

    But the real result is Meron Teshome was the the satge winner who disqualified later by the commusioner of the Asmara Ciruit by unknown reason.
    It is a ridicilous how the commusioner change the real rank result with a fake and an unacceptable reason of only her two eyes compared with those who were there of thousands eyes of cycling lover,and the most important thing is how can she forget that meron ride to win the race for about 106km that disqualified him to 0km.it is nonsense.wow,I can't believe till now,may be she is the Enemey of Eritrean.that is it.

    | Daniel | Sunday 24 February 2013 om 19h30

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