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2013 UCI cycling calendar | 2013 Fenkel northern Redsea

  • 2013 Fenkel northern Redsea


    Took place from saturday 16 February 2013 till sunday 17 February 2013.


    In the UCI calendar ...

    Africa Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Tesfay Abraha Habtemariam - 5h00'11"
    2/ Awet Ghebremedhin
    3/ Mekseb Debesay (ERI)
    4/ Elias Afewerki - +0'38"
    5/ Azzedine Lagab (GSP)

    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    saturday 16 February 2013 1/ Massawa > Ginda' 1/ Mekseb Debesay - 2h18'03"
    2/ Tesfay Abraha Habtemariam
    3/ Awet Ghebremedhin
    4/ Issak Tesfom Okubamariam - +0'38"
    5/ Elias Afewerki
    sunday 17 February 2013 2/ Massawa > Massawa 1/ Abdelbaset Hannachi (GSP) - 2h42'08"
    2/ Meron Amanuel (ERI)
    3/ Faycal Hamz (VCS)
    4/ Azzedine Lagab (GSP)
    5/ Abdellah Ben Youcef (GSP)

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Currently 4 comments!
  1. today race result
    1.mekseb debesay
    2.tesfay abrha
    3.awet gebremdhn
    4.tesfom okubamariam
    all from Eritrea

    | Daniel | saturday 16 February 2013 om 11:47:16

  2. The Eri boys dominates the tour and took all the jersey's on day one of the tour. The first 9 riders were from the eri boys...

    | Tedros | saturday 16 February 2013 om 18:09:37

  3. Here is the Eritrean Cyclism Facebook page, if you need updates.

    | ENCT | sunday 17 February 2013 om 01:09:03

  4. Tour of Fenkel Northern Redsea finished with a great finish from the Algerians...
    taking the first and third while Meron finishes second....

    | Tedros | sunday 17 February 2013 om 17:21:34

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