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2013 UCI cycling calendar | 2013 La Tropicale Amissa Bongo


Currently 8 comments!
  1. i love every African race but why we do not advertise it..... So please try to give us some information & all the results every time....

    | petros tekleab | monday 14 January 2013 om 16:24:30

  2. @petros: I think the official website is actually quite complete (I've seen much worse for some European races!). It's just very slow :-(. Anyway, I published the top 5 of the first stage which took place today and links to the complete results.

    | Thomas Vergouwen | monday 14 January 2013 om 21:03:53

  3. Good job from the Eritrean team but they seem they are shy of the stage..comoon we need a stage win...

    | Tedros | thursday 17 January 2013 om 23:51:37

  4. Really I am happy and proud with what an Eritrean team doing in the cycling competion in Gabon.Keep up until the final stage . I am looking for the team result for each team .

    | Tesfu Feshatsion | saturday 19 January 2013 om 09:39:14

  5. NOW THE RACE IS OVER,yohann gene is the Winner of Latropica amisa bongo 2013 with help of teammate Europcar Natnae Brhane and the Mountain Climber winner id from Eritrea the young promising cyclist Merhawi Kdus.viva Eritrea and Europcar.

    | Daniel | sunday 20 January 2013 om 14:28:13

  6. As far as I know the last stage is still ongoing.

    | Thomas Vergouwen | sunday 20 January 2013 om 14:32:45

  7. The full stage results and the general classification results of the Sunday 20 January 2013 race do not exist even if there is the link...

    | eazrab@yahoo.com | monday 21 January 2013 om 00:14:02

  8. My mistake, this has now been corrected :-).

    | Thomas Vergouwen | monday 21 January 2013 om 00:31:38

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