2012 UCI cycling calendar | 2012 Okolo Jiznich Cech

  • 2012 Okolo Jiznich Cech


    Took place from Thursday 06 September 2012 till Sunday 09 September 2012.

    Czech Republic

    In the UCI calendar ...

    Europe Tour

    Result / Final classification

    1/ Jiri Hochmann (ADP) - 9h27'02"
    2/ Jan Polanc (RAR) - +0'03"
    3/ Bjørn tore nilsen Hoem (PBC) - +0'07"
    4/ Stanislav Kozubek (WHI) - +0'10"
    5/ Joaquin Sobrino (SPT) - +0'25"

    More information ...

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    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    Thursday 06 September 2012 P/ Ceské Budejovice 1/ Martin Bina - 1'49"
    2/ Michal Kolár (DUK) - +0'03"
    3/ Michael Boros - +0'04"
    4/ Alois Kankovsky (ADP)
    5/ Emils Liepins (RBD)
    Friday 07 September 2012 1/ Trebon > Milevsko 1/ Jiri Hochmann (ADP) - 2h53'55"
    2/ Jan Polanc (RAR)
    3/ Stanislav Kozubek (WHI)
    4/ Bjørn tore nilsen Hoem (PBC)
    5/ Lukasz Wisniowski (POL) - +0'24"
    Saturday 08 September 2012 2/ Tyn nad Vltavou > Tábor 1/ Tomas Smolen (BGZ) - 3h31'00"
    2/ Pawel Bernas (POL)
    3/ Joaquin Sobrino (SPT)
    4/ Jakub Kratochvila (KTM)
    5/ Anthony Maldonado
    Sunday 09 September 2012 3/ Nová Bystrice > Jindrichuv Hradec 1/ Joaquin Sobrino (SPT) - 3h00'17"
    2/ Pawel Bernas (POL)
    3/ Geert van der Weijst (CJP)
    4/ Andris Smirnovs (RBD)
    5/ Mieszko Bulik (POL)

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