2024 UCI cycling calendar | 2024 Tour of Austria

  • 2024 Tour of Austria


    Took place from tuesday 02 July 2024 till Sunday 07 July 2024.


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    Stages/Race route and results (when available)

    tuesday 02 July 2024 P/ St. Pölten 3 km 1/ Cameron Rogers (Lidl-Trek Future Racing) - 3'38"28.
    2/ Filippo Ganna (INEOS Grenadiers) - +0'01"
    3/ Tomas Kopecký (TDT-Unibet)
    4/ Maximilian Walscheid (Team Jayco AlUla) - +0'02"
    5/ Felix Grossschartner (UAE Team Emirates)
    Wednesday 03 July 2024 1/ Bad Tatz-Mannsdorf > Bad Tatz-Mannsdorf 177.9 km 1/ Davide De Pretto (Team Jayco AlUla) - 3h38'52"
    2/ Rui Filipe Alves Oliveira (UAE Team Emirates)
    3/ Niklas Behrens (Lidl-Trek Future Racing)
    4/ Diego Ulissi (UAE Team Emirates)
    5/ Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF-Faizanè)
    Thursday 04 July 2024 2/ Maria Taferl > Steyr 184.5 km
    Friday 05 July 2024 3/ Schladming > St. Johann Alpendorf 153.1 km
    Saturday 06 July 2024 4/ St. Johann Alpendorf > Kals 151.7 km
    Sunday 07 July 2024 5/ Kufstein > Kühtai 143.8 km
    total distance 814 km

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